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  1. Yes soon. And I'm out of the country. Can't get back to the US without it.
  2. I called the 800 375 5283 number but the automatic machine isn't giving an option to speak with someone. I sent an online inquiry as well, it said they will reply by July 22nd.
  3. Same center as me. That's the National Benefit Center.
  4. Has it been 30 days for anyone since USCIS received your application?
  5. Has anyone been successful today in speaking with a representative at USCIS. Did you use the 800-375-5283 number?
  6. What number did you use? I was trying to get through and speak with a representative for the past 3 hours, but the robot keeps talking.
  7. May I ask how did you send your request? I sent one yesterday and got a SR number saying they will reply back by July 22nd.
  8. I filed for me and my 14 year old daughter. So that's just what that is. I forgot biometrics has to be paid for all applicants.
  9. My Lawyer office filed it for me. I just saw the $765 deduction from my card.
  10. Waiting on my letter to renew my driver's license as well.
  11. Was everyone here already in the US when you guys applied for your 2 years green card? Did you all give biometrics? Reason I ask because I did my interview through Consular Processing and want to know if they would schedule me for biometrics or use my information from the US Embassy abroad. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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