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  1. Update for everyone still following along: I received my physical Green Card on December 28, 2023, and on the same day, I went to the nearest SSA office. My information was available to the officer in the computer, and the application date reflected my POE date +2 days (so, October 24, 2023). The officer mentioned that the automatic issuance of the SSN through the DS-260 application almost never works, and I should receive my SSN within the next two weeks. Today, I received my SSN card in the mail!
  2. case status shows paid immigration fee. not worried about GC, as temporary I-551 Stamps is valid one year. I'm more concerned by the fact that I have never received any mail (like the payment notice or SSN) and that I cannot find any information about myself in the SAVE database. But thank you for the responses; I will stop by the SSA office in my town next week.
  3. Clearly, my mistake, at least regarding the physical GC. But does that also explain why the SSN hasn't been delivered yet? Or why I never received the 'payment notice with instructions on paying your fee'? Until now, I assumed that the SSN had nothing to do with the immigration fee.
  4. I entered the USA on 2023-10-22 with a CR1 visa (technically an IR1 since I am beyond the two years). Today, 8 weeks later, I still haven't received my SSN. Not only that, but some other things are also missing: - I can find nothing about my case in the SAVE database - my physical green card did not arrive yet - I paid the USCIS Immigrant Fee of $220 one month after my entry, but I never received the 'payment notice with instructions on paying your fee' as stated on the USCIS website. I have definitely provided the correct address in my I-130 with the NVC at the consulate. The CBP officer at the port of entry also verified the address with me, and it was correct. Am I missing something? I'm slowly getting nervous that something might be wrong. What should I do?
  5. Hi Nikobe, 1) Abmeldung vorab im Einwohnermeldeamt in Deutschland, geht meist online. Einwohnermeldeämter gibt es in den USA nicht, hier ist schlicht nichts zu tun. 2) Natürlich kannst Du dein deutsches Girokonto behalten so lange du willst. Wir haben Konten auf beiden Seiten des Atlantiks, da wir hin und her reisen und hüben wie drüben Arbeiten, ist dies notwendig. Kompliziert oder unmöglich wird es nur bei Investments, z.B. bestimmte Aktienfonds. 3) was genau in der Police deiner Renter's Insurance abgedeckt ist musst du nachlesen. Grundsätzlich ist meist eine Haftpflicht enthalten, falls einem Besucher auf deinem gemieteten Grundstück zum Beispiel ein Dachschindel auf den Kopf fällt. Gibt es irgendwelche Tipps für eine gute Krankenversicherung? Gibt es Besonderheiten in den USA? Ja, die USA sind besonders. Hier wird dir niemand außer dir selbst eine Antwort geben können. Es ist von deiner Lebenssituation, finanziellen Situation, Krankheitsgeschichte, Familienplanung, Alter, deinem Partner und Arbeitgeber abhängig. Um nur einige Fragen zu nennen die du dir selber stellen musst.
  6. That would be great. I'm in the same situation. German company wants to continue with me and asks me to run the US department as a one man show. I have no idea how to set this up. I am grateful for any help you can give me.
  7. Thanks Mike. If it's not the GE lane, is it the one for foreign passport holders or USC/LPR?
  8. I got global entry two years ago and don't want to miss the access to expedited entry and TSA precheck. I'm currently waiting for my interview to be scheduled. My questions are: - Can I use the global entry line at the port of entry? - can I keep my global entry membership after entry? is it possible / necessary to update it from my foreign passport to a GC? and in case the answer is yes: do I get a physical GE card and how?
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