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    Linda & Luis reacted to J&D1008 in SEPTEMBER 2021 K1 FILERS I-129F   
    This is for the September K-1 filers. Welcome! Please keep each other company while going through this process. To properly fill out your timeline USCIS goes by "Received date" and not the notice date. 
    I-129 F Sent -  September  1, 2021
    I-129 F Received - September 6, 2021
    I-129 F - Notice Date - September 10, 2021
    In this example your NOA-1 should be September 6, 2021. This will help you properly fill out your timeline.

    For those who have just filed your I-129f application with USCIS, this thread has been created for your needs and for you to be with others experiencing different aspects of this journey. This is a place to ask questions and to share experiences. All are here to learn together. Good luck because this is a lengthy process currently running 5-6 months from filing date for your NOA2 approval.
    Also, since your application will go through several background checks this is a primer on what goes on with the background process.
    I know it really sucks, but the best way to get through this is to lower your expectations and try not to compare your timeline to anyone else's. Don't forget that the people here on Visa Journey represent a tiny percentage of all the petitions the CSC (California Service Center) must work through! When someone gets to your file, you'll hear from them. Stay busy, talk a lot with your fiancé about non-visa stuff, don't forget to hang out with your friends, take up a new hobby, go to a sporting event, and your time will come! Good luck
    The explanation why is it taking so long.

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    Linda & Luis reacted to Mike E in Is it just me, or the poverty guidelines are off?   
    Part of it is https://www.irs.gov/credits-deductions/individuals/earned-income-tax-credit/earned-income-and-earned-income-tax-credit-eitc-tables#EITC Tables
    I helped someone file taxes who  earned less than   the standard deduction (which is about $13,000). Not only did he can all his income tax that he paid back as a refund he got the full earner income tax credit for a single person.  Total refund was $2000.  
    Then there is the child tax credit which is normally $2000.  
    $22000 is $423 / week before tax or $10.57 per hour in a 40 hour work week.    I can’t conceive of one person living on so little.  
    I am  always puzzled how people can afford to have significant others in foreign countries, fly back and forth, spend money there, and then not earn $22,000 to qualify under I-864. 
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    Linda & Luis reacted to lb119397 in Police Clearance   
    Thank you, and contacting the consulate is what I already did, but they said they don’t issue it there and he needs to either go to Costa Rica, or have someone there to pick it up. He cannot go and he does not have anyone there, unfortunately. 
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    Linda & Luis reacted to HRQX in LONG BIRTH CERTIFICATE RFE   
    Did you get the new one from "Consejo Supremo Electoral"? https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/Visa-Reciprocity-and-Civil-Documents-by-Country/Nicaragua.html If so, print-out the preceding link's section on Birth Certificates.
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    Linda & Luis reacted to JeanneAdil in Can you hide your travel history in the interview with the consular   
    Other documents for travel???
    u had to disclose ALL NAMES U EVER USED on your ds 260
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