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  1. No real solution yet, but we are considering options. He would need a visa to travel to CR and as far as I have heard, they have several requirements in order to enter CR. I am hopeful that everything will work out in the end. Thank you for your well wishes.
  2. Thank you, and contacting the consulate is what I already did, but they said they don’t issue it there and he needs to either go to Costa Rica, or have someone there to pick it up. He cannot go and he does not have anyone there, unfortunately.
  3. Hello - Does anyone have experience obtaining a police clearance certificate from Costa Rica while residing elsewhere? My fiancé is Nicaraguan and lived in Costa Rica for three years after age 16. I am aware that, for his K-1 interview, he will need a police clearance letter from Costa Rica in addition to the one from Nicaragua. I contacted the Costa Rican consulate in Nicaragua to find out how to obtain it. I was informed that, while he can request it from the consulate, he will need to have someone in Costa Rica pick it up for him, but the issue is that he does not have anyone in Costa Rica who can do this for him. Has anyone had a similar experience and can offer advice on what to do in this case?
  4. You also need to submit proof of intent to marry within the 90 days, which can be a signed statement from each of you. If you’ve already started to make arrangements (invitations, venue, price quotes, etc), you can submit evidence of that as well.
  5. I previously read that embassies were instructed to prioritize K1 visas (if staffing permitted) after processing was put on hold after covid. You may want to check with your specific embassy to ensure that they are currently processing them if you want to look into going this route.
  6. Is there a reason you are not filing an I-129F instead? If you are worried about the marriage bonafides then the K1 might be easier given the requirement to have met in person at least once in the two years before filing. You would then have 90 days to marry upon him immigrating to the US. The disadvantage to the K1 is the additional expense of him having to adjust status after you marry. However, the K1 is generally faster, and you would avoid the hassle of having to quickly add him to your accounts, etc to overcome the fact that you are marrying the first time that you meet. With the K1, you would be able to do all of that after you are already married and he is in the US - for bona fides for adjustment.
  7. I realized that I forgot to put N/A in the state and zip code blank in part 1, physical address 2 for myself and in the middle name box for my father. I did put N/A in all other blank boxes, though. I am not sure how I overlooked those three. Do you think it will be ok? I am so afraid of this getting rejected since it’s taking long enough at the lockbox stage already.
  8. I didn’t know about the discussion but searched and found it. Thanks so much!
  9. Hello - how long is it taking to receive the receipt notice? USCIS received my I-129F packet on 03/09/2021 but I have not received the receipt notice and my credit card has not been charged. I add a large purchase notice to my credit card every two days to be overly cautious and ensure that it will not be declined. I remember that for other cases receipt notices were received within a couple of weeks; I would have thought that my credit card would have been charged by now. I know that I am probably just freaking out over nothing, but if anyone has submitted their petition recently, particularly within the past couple of months, have you received your receipt notice yet? Thanks so much I’m advance!
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