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  1. Filed 17 May 23, it says 4 weeks on the timeline but I know it means nothing. Filed online, I believe case is in the Texas center, wife lives in Russia, I live in the US, file batch IOE9293XXX
  2. Do you think they will give Visa as tourist if we already applied for a spouse visa? 😬😬
  3. So apparently I can receive letters from her but she cannot receive mine. So weird!.. she has sent via regular mail, and I get them deliver with USPS, but mine keep getting returned.
  4. My wife, sent me a post card from Moscow via regular mail, I received it about 4 weeks later via USPS. I have not tried sending her one yet but I'll probably do that in the next few days to see how long it takes or if it even makes it.
  5. Hello, Sorry to comment on your post. My wife and I recently got married in Cyprus, she lives in Moscow she's a Russian national, I'm just applying for the I-130. My question is are they processing this Visa's in country? I read somewhere that they get sent to Poland but then it's hard to get a Visa to go to Poland. I'm curious of your experience. Thank you!
  6. To reply to your questions on my timeline:


    My wife and I got married in May, 2022, correct. We were located in Turkey together, but to make the process easier, we did an online marriage through Utah County, in the state of Utah. Following this, we immediately applied for I-130 at the end of May once we had the correct documents gathered. My wife lives in Russia, I am the US citizen and petitioner. The reason I put Warsaw as my embassy, is that currently all Russian applications are being routed to Warsaw, Poland by default, since Moscow embassy is not issuing any visas currently.


    After the I-130 filing for CR-1 type visa, I then also filed the I-129F form for the K3 visa. As you mentioned, the K3 visa is meant to 'expedite reunion' - but what I found via several posts on Visa Journey and Facebook were that many people were successful in getting their I-130 approved faster. On October 11th, my I-130 got approved (way ahead of people who didn't apply for K3), and then a few days later, USCIS sent me a note saying the I-129F application had been denied since the I-130 has been approved (this is what I expected and wanted to have happen.)


    Currently we are finishing our documents for the NVC review, and hope to have those reviewed and approved by end of December or early January.


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