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  1. I called the number for Poland via ustraveldocs and they had me submit a ticket via the ustraveldocs website while I was on the phone. She then escalated the ticket and I got a response within a day. The embassy said to bring it to the embassy or send it via courier. I sent the passport back via courier and it was sent back to us a few days later. Overall it was about a week door to door. They put a stamp on the erroneous K2 visa saying "cancelled without prejudice" and put the correct K2 on a different page of the passport.
  2. We just got the passport back from the Warsaw embassy and on the K2 visa they printed inside; The sex is listed as female when it should be male. How does one get this fixed? The only contact info I have is from the USTravelDocs website.
  3. Good to know that the dates come in batches. Thank you for the info.
  4. When scheduling an appointment, you get the option of Resident or Non-Resident. If you pick Non-Resident, you can schedule a date in March 2023. If you pick Resident, (my fiancé is a polish citizen) then I get the message "there are currently no appointments available." I have been checking almost every hour in the last 4 days. I also called in a few days ago to see if they could book it for me but they got the same message as me and told me to check once a day until it becomes available. Am I suppose to pick non-resident even if she is a resident? Has anyone been able to schedule an appointment for their K1 in Warsaw sometime recently? When can I expect appointments to become available? How far in the future will appointments be for residents?
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