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  1. In checking back periodically to find out if and when I can schedule an appointment for my wife’s passport renewal (see my previous post), I was surprised to find out their website is blocked (see screen shot). I tried using my cell phone and computer. It didn’t say they were down for maintenance either (see screen shot). Apparently I need to purchase a security plugin called wordfence for $99 annually, and then email the consulate so they can unblock me: https://www.wordfence.com/help/blocking/troubleshooting/#what-is-wordfence I tried to search for a free version of wordfence, but all I could find is what appeared to be a hacked version of it. Comments or corrections are welcome...
  2. Thanks for the advise. All of the outreach events were canceled due to covid. We did the report of marriage by mail no problem. I’ll keep trying to get an appointment in L.A. or San Francisco.
  3. My wife’s Philippine passport expires January 2021. For 6 months I tried numerous times to schedule a renewal appointment on the Philippine consulate in Los Angeles‘ website but it seems they are always booked up. Some people were commenting on Facebook that they are booked up until 2023! She is a US conditional resident and does not need to travel on an emergency document and/or try to get a renewal in the Philippines. Does anyone out there have further information about this situation or a remedy for this problem?
  4. BTW we had 1 week advance notice for this rescheduled interview.
  5. Our interview was on Sept 1 and was approved. They are conducting interviews remotely. Total time about 45 minutes. The petitioners are in one room with web cam and the interviewer is in another room with connected device. Entire interview was video recorded. Left our supporting documents in a tray when we were done. Should we try getting an I 551 stamp or just wait for the green card? I understand this requires an info pass appointment (and another 250 mile round trip to Fresno).
  6. Been checking our status online every few days for 4 months and August 18 it says our interview was scheduled. Waiting for USCIS letter to come in the mail. For the interview: 1) Check stubs - how many months should I include? 2) Do I need another verification of employment letter? (if so this will be the 3rd one, last one dated 10/19 ugh!) 3) EAD/AP expires 1/2021. Where do I download the forms to renew? Thanks...
  7. My wife and I have almost the same situation. She has her EAD/AP combo card. Our AOS interview was scheduled for 3/20/20 and was canceled due to COVID. Has not been rescheduled as of today. Her Philippine passport expires 1/2021. I spent several weeks working on and submitting our report of marriage by mail to the Philippine consulate in Los Angeles. Don’t know where you live but I suggest you find out where the Philippine consulate is for your area, and read the instructions on their website. I spent $200+ on notary, birth certificate, postage and application fees. We received the report of marriage, then the Philippine consulate opened 6/17/20. For several weeks I tried to schedule an appointment for my wife to renew her passport (must appear in person for that), but to no avail. The slots were filled and every day no appointment was available. Then this message appeared several weeks ago: So at this point we are still waiting for an AOS interview appointment and a passport renewal appointment. I’m reading in the news that the schools are supposed to open for full time in person instruction, while the rest of the “non essential” government offices and services remain closed to in person services. Totally unfair...
  8. Posted a few hours ago: https://vermontbiz.com/news/2020/july/21/projected-uscis-surplus-leahy-calls-postponement-planned-furloughs
  9. This article was posted 4 hours ago: https://fcw.com/articles/2020/07/15/russell-dhs-appropriations.aspx?m=1 Doesn’t say if it affects furloughs.
  10. Why would someone want to spend $1600 on an engagement ring so they could have a fake photo of a hand with a different ring on it?
  11. I had pictures and video of my proposal which formally occurred in a restaurant in front of many witnesses. Be careful not to have the appearance of a wedding reception. My K1 petition sailed through in record time. I would highly advise front loading your petition especially given the current situation with pending executive orders and pending USCIS layoffs.
  12. This is posted under K1 visa procedures so I’m going to assume you got engaged. Was there an engagement ring? You can submit a receipt for that along with pictures of the engagement. This is mentioned in the VisaJourney K1 guide: https://www.visajourney.com/guides/k1-fiance-visa/
  13. I checked after June 4 and all of the California field offices were still closed. However, it appears they are now open. Apparently the only field offices that are still closed are in New York. I have been reading USCIS plans to furlough 70% of their staff in July. I wonder how many USCIS field offices will remain open after that?
  14. Does anyone out there who’s marriage based AOS interview was canceled due to COVID 19 have a reschedule notice? Specifically, I’m interested in the Fresno field office.
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