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  1. I would go to the interview. To much time and money . He may change his mind . I wouldn’t be listen to these people saying give it up . Go to your interview
  2. You don’t need a social in Texas to marry . I got my marriage license in McKinney. We did proxy and they had it optional if you don’t have one . Sang doesn’t not have one either . You just need two forms of identification. My husband was allowed to send in copies of his military identification and birth certificate . I was asked to bring original. I’m sure in person you both need original copies.
  3. I was thinking about doing this to but it takes long to get approval. I had two flights canceled but I rebooked one in May . Just wait to be safe .
  4. My trip was cancel twice with Turkish Airline twice . Once last year and this month . Good luck on your journey . Not sure , if I will use them again , or if I will booked somewhere else . I paid 770 both times but they have gone up now . How much is the visa ?
  5. Well , that y’all . I did enough research to know that we will have to have as much proof as possible . We will be fine . I don’t see this stopping anything due to corona . We know we can’t file until we meet that all I ask . What experience do you guys have filing immigration or you a immigration officer taking apps . I really want to know . We just need more proof and we have it all . So we aren’t worried at all . I didn’t ask what immigration would see our case as . I asked if we can file since we been canceled to times . The rest of what your saying doesn’t matter . I will get my husband here. I’m not worried at all . As long as we meet it doesn’t matter that makes it legal to immigration period .
  6. IEverything is documented . We have phone bills , chat logs , letters from family and friends , ticket information , marriage absentee paperwork approved by a court . The only thing we need to do is meet to make it valid it’s on the website . I read this long ago as I said we don’t think we should be punished due to travel restrictions . He in the army to is why they let us do but that was court approved and sign don’t see how it can be denied . I don’t see a problem . Corona stop us from meeting so we married proxy .
  7. We never meet people . We set two wedding dates which fell through . So we married proxy . I don’t see this being a problem . We have to tickets and the cancellation and the refund for both time . Not only that, I got a letter from the pastor who married us that he heard my husband agree to the marriage . Not sure , when the marriage was her in the United States through a time with travel restrictions. I don’t see this being a problem . We married a year after we meet . I think if you married as soon as you meet via proxy but we waited almost a year . We will it’s just I want to start the process . You can easily go there and visit within the 8 to 12 months it takes . We know we have to spend time but it’s the waiting we were trying to avoid
  8. No , it won’t start of negative . I have two trips canceled for our wedding . So we married because we couldn’t in person due to corona . How is that negative ? We will just show our tickets and wedding planning and it should be no problem . People , you have so much time to go back and forth to spend time . A girl went 3 short visit and got her husband . You are not a employee of immigration. You a regular person with a opinion. I got my answer and don’t need no more .
  9. We had to wedding dates Nov 7, 2020 and March 21 , 2021 . Both flight were canceled so we suppose wait another year just to meet lol . I don’t think so we chat and video everyday for a year . We are good thanks for the advice but I don’t need it . We made the right choose for us . Which was to marry by proxy .
  10. I got the answer I needed . Thanks for all the comments but they people giving me advice about my marriage can go elsewhere with that . Not here for that . I got my answer you have to meet doesn’t matter if they canceled my trip twice . Got it.
  11. . We are to different people it’s been a year so yea we married . We video chatted and all . I don’t know what you will find out in 8 days of a visit here and there. I love my husband knew that the first day we meet . We tried to meet . If they cancel it last year and this year . We aren’t going wait no more nor pay 300 usd . That why you are you and I’m me . Different strokes for different folks
  12. I just book a trip 3 to 6 month from now long as I get there by Dec . It’s all good .
  13. I’m not doing that . If you come up negative you are to stay there for 14 days . If you somehow come up positive you can’t leave Gambia . I’m not risking get stuck but my trip was cancel regardless and money refunded .
  14. It’s not my choice . The trip was canceled rather I wanted to do it or not . Second , if I didn’t go and they let me go . I lose the ticket money . I would had to go they canceled it for March 19 and stop public gather yesterday . How is this my fault ? It’s not
  15. It’s not worth it for me . Only there for 8 days minis 2 days . It’s not worth it . I just showed you the test but I was going to it was canceled for March 19 . Doesn’t sound good to me to be away from him in a country I know nothing about in a place I have no idea if it infected in the rooms . No , thanks I will get to him when God is ready for me to get there. I have to pay for this to no thanks . It’s already high enough going and missing work for the days and I may have to quarantine for 7 to 10 days . I just wait they will open when they start losing money .
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