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  1. In not worried about the money transfer it’s a small amount money . It was the timeline I showed them since we never meet prior to marrying . He clean but I’m not worried about my criminal record. I got expunged and I ran my own background check and sent it in with the k3 . Thank you . We will see what happen at interview that up to my husband to prove his part . I don’t think it matters unless it on the list of charges that bar you from petitioning . I just made sure to tell them and I have felony drug charges . It’s getting expunged now and I had already gotten a pardon for it long ago and had all right restore but gun rights . After , the expungement I will get a gun .
  2. I just wanted to update people on my case . My case was not the normal case as we married proxy without meeting . I also sent them western Union receipts despite people saying they will think it Fraud . My case was approved . The other myth was you had to tell them about charges that you did under 18 . I didn’t tell them any charges underage and it was approve . I’m saying this just to say this . Don’t listen to no one advice on your situation even if it different because ever case is different. I will let you know how it goes at the interview when we get there.
  3. I agree with them . Doesn’t matter under 18 . I didn’t disclose my child hood charges . Only after 18 it matters unless it a sex crime or something real bad . I wouldn’t even worry about it . Reach out to attorney to be sure . It may be free or cheap just to have a over the phone meeting . I don’t think it matters . No on here is a lawyer . A assault may be different though . They want make sure
  4. Make sure she send mail or you mail her something to that address your at and makes sure she look up what to bring with her . Keep the receipt and take of picture of the mail for your petition . You at least need to know hey is this true . That alll lol . They ask me for mail . I had it .
  5. Takes lots of pictures with her and have ceremony even if small . We had a tribal ceremony with the family . I took pictures , keep hotel and receipts for boarding the plane , hope you got some screenshot of video of chatting before, I had his family write letters saying they know about the marriage since 2020 . have lots of document before , during and after . Let me know if you have any more questions. She doesn’t even have to meet 125 income requirements . She only need 100 . I did proxy . I don’t know about the Utah marriage itself . Good luck
  6. I did the petition while I was there . I can’t stay that long . I stayed 2 weeks and I go back for 3 weeks . I will just keep going back . It’s not approved but I got a message from uscis saying they are actively reviewing it after sending a k3 . Tell her do k3 as well when she gets back
  7. Just make sure she comes after the marriage and go back between the approval of the petition . You should be fine . Make sure you have all the message prior . I married on Feb 28 , 2021 . I went to see him 5/28/2021 . I go back feb 21, 2022
  8. My husband is from Gambia , Banjul . I talked to my husband 10 months before we did it .
  9. I married my husband without meeting . I wouldn’t listen to other people . I would do the best thing for you . Not sure ,why it would look bad.?She active duty and that a good reason to do it . It’s also cheaper . I say do it and just be prepared to explain it. As long as you meet after the fact . Why can immigration say? It’s not their job to be telling people how to marry . They need to be focus on making sure it real . They are looking at my petition now . I keep you posted on the outcome .
  10. She can use Obama care . It not welfare and that is what is for. if the job doesn’t offer it . You get a subsidies with the insurance that is not welfare . I am self employed and have it .
  11. I did the spousal visa and it was approved. It’s now at the nvc. It was approved and I only meet my husband once due to corona . I as well will go back the end the year . I am not sure what question they ask for the visa your seeking The online app never ask me if I meet him in two years . I had a letter wrote from a family stating that they picked me up on what date . My application was approved.
  12. I would go to the interview. To much time and money . He may change his mind . I wouldn’t be listen to these people saying give it up . Go to your interview
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