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  1. thank you so much for your help. .I appreciate that in the summer my fiance called before the system became automated and someone on the line by entering my fiance security code could saw our file but do you think if i can not see my case online it can cause missing my file? have you heard something like that before?
  2. hi guys, I filed my k1 visa since June I have been waiting for my no2 but the issue is that from that time till now we could not check our receipt number online every time the online system says the system does not recognize your code has any one have the same issue ? does anyone have any suggestions I am worried they might lost my file although I have paper receipt number in my hand
  3. thank you so much. have you been invited for interview? after joining how long does it take to be invited for the interview
  4. i am waiting for my no2 but soon i will be approved cause it is over 8 months. thanks for the guidance i know i should wait till my case reach nvc. do you know when is the deadline of pompeo lawsuit for the third round?
  5. thanks i am in europe like you same problem but waiting for my file to send to nvc in a couple of months
  6. thanks. if i collect medical documents showing that my fiance is not in good health then contact nvc and embassy without lawsuit am i able to get emrgency appointment
  7. yes i saw few of them italians but dont know how and how long did it take for them to get an interview from embassy
  8. could you please tell me what documents they ask you to make a lawsuit? should it be a medical documents showing that your petitioner needs you to be there
  9. hello, does anyone know for this Pompeo lawsuit what documents we should present to be able to get the right from court in order to get an emergency appointment from embassy if I collect medical documents showing that my petitioner is not in good health and needs me to be there would work for sure?
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