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  1. Hello all, many people telling about TOS of Tinder, i haven't found TOS, i've found only Terms of Use. Is it the same things?
  2. But if i put my short name they can send to us RFE for some officail documents for this name?
  3. I can show them: 1. Apartment ownership certificate. 2. Photo of apartment that proof my things are still there. 3. 2 bank accounts 4. Return ticket 5. Documentation for K-1 (include I-129F, of course), number of case in USCIS. 6. My intention to get medical treatment in Russia (Only in words) 7. I was in US only once before and stayed like i told only for 10 days, no violations. So it probably can help a little bit too.
  4. Hi everyone! We can't put N/A with "/" in form, because Adobe doesn't allow it. Should we use NA without "/" or add "/" manualy?
  5. Hi everyone! There's the question 10 part 2 (abour beneficiary) in form I-129F. I'm confused. My name is Anastasia in all official documentation, but i have nickmane (shorter name) and all of my friends and family call me by this shorter name and also all of mine pages on social networks has only mine short name. Have i write it to 10.b? Like for example William and Bill, should someone whose name is William in documents, but everyone call his like a Bill write it in this question? Provide all other names you have ever used, including aliases, maiden name, and nicknames. If you need extra space to complete this section, use the space provided in Part 8.
  6. No, i will have tickets for a round trip. Cause i'm going to go back home:) We wanted to stay more then 2 month if we would get permission, but i understood better it will be only two months. I have another question. My fiance is going to sponsor me all over the trip, so i will have only about 200 dollars on credit card. Will it work if he will write letter that he is going to sponsor me there? He will take me from an airport.
  7. Anyway we're going to add our photos and more proofs of relationships So i need advice, should our pictures be in collage form or separately? (In color for sure) I will add camera date, time and location. And the main question which concerns me is should it be his signature on the pages with proofs too? (Like page with photo collage, with scans of ticket stubs, call logs etc.)
  8. We don't have this intention now. I asked hypothetically for an case if it possible or not. But how i understood no. Ok, thank you)
  9. I thought that extention of time in US i can get from the same service and they can decide if they will let me stay more or not. It is not the same service? I mean we want to spend 2 month together now and it's true, but maybe we will fell that we want to be together more and if we can get this right legally. Is it bad? I'm not going to break the rules and I will only stay in the US for the permitted period. I don't want problems with K1.
  10. I also want to get dental and spine treatment in Russia when i'll go back home, becase it's much cheaper than in US. But i don't have referral from a doctor cause this treatment not vital for me and it means this treatment only up to me. I can only verbally tell them about it...
  11. Thank you! What can i do to show them that i have apartments? I have giant long document that i'm owner, i have to translate this document and take translation and scan of original document? or better to take original document with translation?
  12. Because i don't want to break the rules that can cause problems. I have my own apartments and family here. But that's it.
  13. I don't have a job now so i don't know what i can show them to prove... I have apartments here it's can be as evidence?
  14. Did see this topic while i was doing my own topic for this subject. 😊 So i'll repeat my question here. I've got touristic visa before i met my fiance in Tinder, now we putting together documents for K1. I want to visit him in US when we will have NOA1. I want to tell officers on border that i'm going to visit my fiance while K1 in process. I've heard a lot of people did this without problems, but some people was refused to let in US. I want to know some reasons why they can refuse and what we can do to not let it happen. I also want to tell them i would like to stay with him for 2 month in US (Then i'll try to extend my time in US officialy). Two month it's a lot and could it cause suspicion? Because i would like to spend with him all 6 month before to go back home for an interview if we will be able to extend my time there legally, because we're not going to break the rules. I mean if they will give me only one month there and we will not be able to extend it so i'll leave US in month. But probably if i'll tell them about 6 month on border i will not be let in for sure? What is the maximum time of stay in the USA so that there is no suspicion?
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