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  1. No, not K1, we got married in US with B-2:) so it’s for AOS I think to send them all forms with explanation of this civil violation right in I485 form on the last page and wait if they will send RFE or not(
  2. Hi, everyone! I answered “yes” in question number 25 and 27 part 8 I-485 I had civil violation about 5 years ago in Russia. Should i get and attach clearance certificate or something like this? I’m sure there is no even police records for this, cause it was time ago and it wasn’t so bad violation I’d just paid fine.
  3. Hello, guys! we have problem now, that instructions not very clear and in all sources have very different information. Someone can answer me for sure if we have to notarize birth certificate copy and translation or it’s not necessary? And the main question is who qualified enough to translate it? Should it be professional with exact certification or it can be me or my auntie, for example, who is English teacher in Russia. Should it be someone from US or we can ask someone from Russia (I’m in US now). Should it be wet signature of traslator on papers? Thank you a lot!
  4. Also we are collectiong bona fide proofs now, but we have couple of problems with it. 1. We can't open shared bank account in his bank until i have SSN, and other banks suggested to open debit account for us without SSN, but we have to pay 500$ for services (Bank of America). We don't have money to burn now. So i'm not sure that it worth it. 2. He can't write my name in his lease cause it will be very problematic for us - we will lose all profitable terms from his old lease. Should we give an explanation to them? What we have: 1. Our names on renter insurance 2. Our names in his car insurance 3. I'm emergency contact in his VA health insurance 4. We have some letters from hospital that were sent to my name in address where we're living. 5. Wedding rings checks. 6. A lot of pictures of two of us from travels, our picture with his father (his mother is afraid of covid so we haven't met yet) and video chat screenshot with us and my mother. 7. We can ask for his friend and his father to write letters that they know us as a couple and spend time with us (should it be certified by a notary, btw?) Will it be enough?
  5. Good evening to everyone! I got married in US and now we're filling out document for AOS. I have some questions. Part about Criminal acts and violations. 6 years ago in Russia my friend and I we were arrested for couple of hours (until the police filled out all documentation and gave us a fine) because we were drinking champagne on the street what is a CIVIL violation. I guess my answer is YES for question 25; NO for question 26; and YES for question 27? Will this situation be a problem? Should i attach explanation what kind of violation it was or just wait before the interview? Russian police doesn't even have a records for it, cause it was 6 years ago and they keep it for only 2 years. What should i answer for question 28 if we been escorted for police office and waiting there for them filling the fine documentation and then they gave us fine and let us go? I don't think it was arrest, but i'm not sure. And question 30, i don't know if this alcohol violation was related with "controlled substance"? Also idk what will be answer for question 49 and 50, if my husbund and me visited shooting range in US and i fired a pistol and i want to do it again in the future? I guess it YES for both questions? Thank you, guys!
  6. Thank you so much, for your patience. You are just amazing and helped me so much. ❤️
  7. "Documentation of immigrant category, such as a copy of Form I-797, Approval or Receipt Notice, for the Form I-130 filed on your behalf (unless you are filing your Form I-485 with the Form I-130 filed on your behalf);" What do we need from here with our situation? We have I-797 form for K-1 that will be withdrawn, but i'm not sure that we need it for I-485? And if we will send I-485 and I-130 at once we will not have I-130 receipt. Thank you all, guys, for helping me, i really appreciate it!
  8. Thank you all for the answers, guys! I have a question again. Now we're living in rent condo, but in a few month we're going to buy a house. In all forms i write down our address now, but what should i do once we moved? Will it be a problem? Because it definately will happen in the middle of process..
  9. Don't i need also to fill out I-944? I have a problems with question 61 in I-485 - i don't know what is it.
  10. Hello everyone! We have this siutation now: September 2020: we've got NOA1 for K1 Petition. October 2020: I arrived in US with my B2 visa March 2021: We got married in US. 4th April 2021: My B2 admission expires So. We have to send withdrawal of I-129F Fiancé visa Petition letter to USCIS, i guess? I heard that approve of withdrawal may be about 1-1.5 month. We also are filling out the forms for AOS I-130, I-435 etc. (My husband is US citizen) My question is can we send withdrawal of I-129F with AOS documents at once, or we have to wait for withdrawal approve and then send AOS forms? Problem is that when etimated aprovement of K1 process cancelling will be received by me i already will be overstayed in US. And then before i got AOS NOA1 it's probably will be about two month after admission expiration. What options do we have here?
  11. Do i need to fill out G-325A? I don't even understand what it for, but i found information in internet that it may be reqiured...
  12. And also we was waiting for NOA2 for K1 when we decided to get married. So my husband now is writing information about previous petetion for me that will be withdrawn very soon (we'll send petitions for adjastment when we will have K1 Withdrawal confirmation). So we send I-129F to Lewiston TX but now it's in California. What answer will be correct for part 5 question 3.a. of I-130? Dallas Texas, Lewiston Texas or Laguna Niguel California?
  13. Oh, thank you so much! Yes, my spouse is US Citizen. Can i don't send I-765 and I-131 if it's not neccesary for me because i'm not going to work or travel abroad before to get green card?)
  14. Hello everyone! We got married two days ago. I'm here with B2 visa. Now we are filling out documents for status adjustment. So i have some questions: 1. Should we sent I-130 and I-485 forms at the same time, or I-130 first then waiting for approval and then I-485. I believe girl i know sent it all at one time. 2. There is qustion In I-130 form "Beneficiary native written language...". I'm from Russia and i took my husband's las name here after marriage i'm not sure how my new American last name should be trasliterated in Russian documents. Should i type there what do i think it's supposed to be OR type there my last name before marriage. Kind of confused. Thank you!
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