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  1. Good morning everyone. ive completed all documents and paid all the fees for my stepdaughter. On 15July21 they were accepted. any idea on when it will be forwarded to the embassy for interview (Bangkok, Thailand) Or where do I look to find this information. appreciate everyone’s help.
  2. Filed for ROC for my wife August 2020. Biometrics waived in October. Just received I-797 today the 10 green card is approved. 7 months start to finish. Went through Texas service center. good luck all!!! Taking a break before we start the naturalization process.
  3. ROC packet sent 07August2020. Biometrics waived. 29March2021 received I-797 advising removal of conditions was approved and 10 year green card will be sent within 60 days. 7 months from start to finish. Good luck to everyone still waiting. They’re screaming fast now.
  4. USCIS acknowledged receipt of the I-130 July 7 2020. USCIS approved the petition March 2021. I’ve uploaded the I-864 and DS260 last week and as soon as I obtain the digital passport style photos I will be submitting all of it. Probably within the week. We also had an RFE at the end of January which we replied to within 14 days. So that added a little bit to this. I also had to do a removal of conditions in my wife’s green card. That was sent beginning of august and we just got the notice today they approved it and granted her the 10 year green card. That only took 8 months from start to finish.
  5. Yes. It’s the immigrant visa application. It’s from the way I understand is the catalyst that gets the visa, green card when they arrive in the states and gets the social security card
  6. Unmarried minor child is the DS260 and I864. Pay the two fees associated with those forms. when payment is processed it will unlock them and you can complete them all on the CEAC website. All documents and files are uploaded and submitted through the site as well. Scan and upload full color images of applicable. Front and back if that applies too. Talked to a couple people and they only had to wait just over a month for NVC to process their stuff. I think if you’re thorough and detailed it goes quick. Just my experience.
  7. Start gathering the documents. Youll get a NVC case Number and invoice number. with that you can go to CEAC and pay the two fees. Everything there is all electronic submissions so it goes as quickly as you’re prepared. I paid and it was processed in under 48 hours. DS260 and I-864 completed in under 72 hours with all the supporting documents as well. Now it’s in their court. Good luck. Keep a pile of the original documents. They’ll be needed at the embassy interview.
  8. Hey guys, one more question. My payment was accepted for both the I864 and DS260 within 48 hrs of paying. I’ve completed and submitted the I-864 with about a billion supporting documents. My question is regarding the DS-260. It’s completed but prior to the e signature it says the applicant/ beneficiary has to e sign it. Can her mother and I do this on her behalf. Daughter is 12 and not technically savvy to log into CEAC in my opinion. thanks in advance.
  9. Good luck with your process! We did the K1 and I can tell you embassy in BKK was super efficient, polite and professional.
  10. Dave, appreciate the feedback with your experience. I know the official stance stated it days a few days for you to be able to pay the fees then a few days for the payment to be processed. It literally took a day for each.
  11. Bro, thank you so much. I definitely didn’t want to get in over my head. The I-130 was pretty easy and I sent waaay more than I needed just to err on the side of caution. I am probably going to use an attorney in Bangkok to chase all the documents and get the translations done as it’s a lot cheaper and a quicker turn around to prepare packet 3 and 4. I sure hope they start pounding 8 hour energy drinks and it would only take a month or two for our daughter to get here. her father passed away long before my wife and I married so there’s no custody issues on that end. thanks again I truly appreciate the feedback
  12. Got the email today my I-130 for my step daughter has been approved. Now heading to the NVC. Couple more fees and an interview and one long flight. good luck everyone
  13. Good morning all, I have a question. I filed an I-130 for my unmarried minor step child who resides in Thailand. I am a US citizen and her mom is a LPR in the U.S. Questions are: 1 how difficult is the completion and submission of forms required at this stage? 2. What’s the average timeframe for processing at this stage in the game. the I-130 was processed through TSC
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