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  1. So my beneficiary still hasn't gotten her email and I have half a mind to resubmit the I-134 again. Is there a downside to doing that?
  2. My usual trick is: Tell the robot you need status on your green card application. It'll ask you some questions, along the lines of "did you do these steps you were supposed to do". You have to answer correctly. I forget what all of them were, but just think logically: answer that you don't have an online account, you didn't receive a receipt notice, it's been more than 90 days, etc. Any question it asks you, just the outcome that would logically mean that you need to talk to an actual person. After you get someone on the line, you get into hard mode. A lot of times this person will tell you that "this is the way it is" in terms of not having a response to your application yet. Sometimes it is indeed the situation that you have to wait, but sometimes these Level 1 call center folks don't know any better and you should try to prod them to see if you can get them to escalate the case to Level 2 where they are more clued into where the delays are and if they're legitimate or if your case is getting lost in the shuffle.
  3. Got approval (5/2) on the initial application (filed on 4/26), but my beneficiary has yet to hear anything.
  4. Since you won't be entering the country during the layover (make sure you're using the same airport for arrival and departure) it's not even a question really. You might want to double check the COVID restrictions for transiting passengers in the UK, but without looking myself I can't imagine someone from Ukraine will have any requirements.
  5. Thank you. 😐 Not sure what's going on then. That's what I was thinking, too, that we got our CONFIRM notice around the same time or before some folks that already got their emails. And I wouldn't think one beneficiary would be different from another in UfU since I don't think they do any kind of background check prior to sending out the email.
  6. Hey all, Can anyone confirm that they used Gmail for the email address of either themselves or their beneficiary and got notifications? It's been 20 days since the declaration of financial support was approved, and I never got the notification about it and my beneficiary never got the email explaining how to create the account. Both of us use Gmail. I'd be surprised if this is the case since it's such a popular service, but I just want to confirm it's not a glitch before I do any more sitting around.
  7. One other question. Could anyone here send me what they send the beneficiaries in the email (with personal info redacted, ofc)? I'm just wondering, if the instructions are generic enough, maybe my beneficiary can just start creating their USCIS account without having to wait for an email since the I-134 is confirmed.
  8. Just thinking ahead, I'm guessing I-765s will have the usual wait time, right? No special treatment?
  9. I-134 submitted - 4/26/2022 I-134 approved - 5/2/2022 Email received by beneficiary - Still waiting. 😕 I called them and they couldn't tell me anything. Guess I'll keep trying. Feels like a glitch if other people are getting their email in a few days. Come to think of it, I never got an email notice from them either. Maybe it's a Gmail thing? Anyone know if resubmitting the I-134 for the same person is allowed?
  10. Played around with a bit. "Never got my receipt notice" followed by answering the questions got me through. I verified the email address I listed on the application, but she wasn't able to tell me anything about what might be wrong or why it's taking so long. Something about "no timeline for this process". I might try again tomorrow. Seems like if it was a system glitch, no amount of waiting would make the email arrive sooner.
  11. What's the fastest way to get a person these days? I haven't called in in a while.
  12. I haven't talked to my beneficiary in a few days, but last time she had told me she checks her email everyday, and so far hasn't written me saying she got an email from USCIS. Our notice of CONFIRM date was 5/2. That seems like a long time compared to other folks here. I'm worried I misspelled her email or something.
  13. Like everyone here, worried about the EAD process. I had my I-134 confirmed on May 2nd, but the beneficiary still hasn't gotten an email. Wondering if it went to spam or something.
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