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  1. I mean, me personally, I wrote multiple times to them and got the same templated response as usual, except for the time we extended our I-129F petition. I can't speak with authority, but my guess is that, best case, they took note that MyLoveAZ was at the ACS town hall WebEx meeting. But it could very likely be that they were doing K-1 interviews unofficially on a very limited basis, and they were next in line, given that their NOA2 was so long ago. I have chatted with another fellow in the last few days that got his NOA2 in April, but the Embassy only received their application back in September, and they still haven't been able to schedule their interview. Like I said before, very opaque. 😛
  2. Ah, I didn't mean to imply that you were necessarily dragging your feet. 😅 My point is just that with this visa process, they're so opaque and secretive with everything that it's hard to tell what the reason was. Just out of curiosity, which email did they send the scheduling email to? Was it from the one you entered in the ustraveldocs site? Or from the one you sent your many emails from (if they're different)?
  3. It actually looks like they're scheduling interviews unofficially now: However, this couple got their NOA2 in May, which is a troubling sign, but other folks with NOA2 dates as late as August got scheduled for an interview by November. So maybe MyLoveAZ just dragged their feet on scheduling the interview when it was possible. Or maybe they got lost in the shuffle of bureaucracy, and the embassy was doing them a solid. In any case, I emailed them yesterday, and they were still toeing the line, saying they're not doing K's right now.
  4. Yea, I just asked him on one of the latest livestreams, and they said to not bother with a mandamus since it might be grouped with their class-action. I wasn't even keeping track of the suit during round two. Otherwise I would've joined, too.
  5. Oh man, you guys got your NOA2 in May. 😅 I guess they're working through the backlog haha. We got our NOA2 in October, so we probably have to wait some more. In any case, congrats! I definitely imagine the pain of waiting you've had. You've given me some hope.
  6. I should also note as a dual citizen myself (and I heard this straight from the Ukrainian consul in Washington while getting my Ukrainian passport with their direct knowledge that I'm a US citizen), there is no actual law stating that dual citizenship is not allowed. It only states that any Ukrainian citizen that acquires the citizenship of another country is still only a Ukrainian citizen until such a time that they renounce their citizenship within a 2 year period following you getting the second citizenship; it doesn't indicate what happens if you don't do so within 2 years. And he also told me that there's no well-defined way for Ukrainian citizens to renounce their citizenship, except for the President to do so for you under a declaration before congress (as you may know he's done for various more famous individuals). From a legal point of view, just know that you're not violating any laws. All it means is that when you're in Ukraine, you are subject to the full legal codex that all Ukrainian citizens are subject to and not the ones for a foreign national in Ukraine. I've entered Ukraine using either my US or Ukrainian passport and have not heard a word from the on-duty officer about it one way or the other. It's just in your interest to enter on your Ukrainian passport because you can stay longer than 3 months, should you so choose.
  7. I think maybe it's a more recent concern because of the public charge rule? I really don't have a lot of insight into why. But the whole visa process has been stressful, and I think just hearing this on some forum on the internet made me very risk averse to the prospect of a delay happening.
  8. Anyone else checking the Embassy interview availability page twice a day? 😔 NVC sent our application to the Embassy just days before the Embassy stopped processing K visas back in November. I'm starting to have dreams where I see appointment slots instead of the usual There are currently no appointments available.
  9. My fiance and I are sitting around in Kyiv, Ukraine waiting for K visa interviews to resume. We've been putting off getting pregnant (and moving on with our lives) earlier in the immigration process because I've read around the internet that a pregnancy on the medical exam could be grounds for delaying a visa approval pending a paternity test, and in addition to not wanting us to be here any longer than we have to, I didn't want to risk my fiance giving birth in a country with a less than stellar medical system (putting it mildly). Now though, we have no good indicator of when the Kyiv embassy will resume interviews. Some sources are suggesting because of the backlog of applications, an interview date could be months away even after interviews resume. So we're rethinking our strategy. Still though, if not getting pregnant means we leave in (let's say) 4 months instead of 13 months, we'd choose the former and not the latter. And so we'd like a conclusive answer to the question: can a pregnancy delay a visa approval because of the question of paternity? And is it absolute, or only in cases where it's suspected that the child isn't mine? And if it's the latter, what proof do I need to provide? Is there an Affidavit of Support I can fill out for an unborn child? If I need to provide proof of entry, will ticket stubs be enough? I am in a peculiar situation in that I have passports for both the US and Ukraine, and so I leave the US on my US passport and enter Ukraine on my Ukrainian one. And since neither country stamps their own passport, I don't have any entry stamps into Ukraine (or exits from the US) to indicate that I am in Ukraine right now. I do have an entry/exit stamp in my US passport from when I entered Turkey in March and hopped on a boat to Ukraine. I appreciate any advice!
  10. Can anyone provide some info for how to write up an individual mandamus for those of us in non-banned countries? Other than paying a lawyer, that is. What kind of info are they looking for?
  11. Thank you everyone and S nastupayushim! So we might go ahead and do the police records then.
  12. Our CEAC status says that we are ready for an interview, so we thought we'd start getting some of the prep-work done even though the embassy isn't doing K visas at the moment. I know the police report has an expiration of 1 month, but does the medical exam have an expiration? If we do it now, how long will it be eligible for?
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