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  1. Still waiting…. Tried the senator route as well… Didn’t really work out for us.
  2. They have covered DQs till 23 Feb 2021 so they'll cover March next month Inn-Sha-Allah... Unsure whether they covered all of 23 Feb or not though. More in August now.
  3. Sorry I mistyped I meant 14 but since you've seen posts till Jan 16 then that would be the latest DQ yet. What was the interview date for the person with 16 Jan 2021 DQ?
  4. So far they have issued ILs for people with DQ of 24 Jan 2021. Unsure if they've covered all of Jan 24 or partially. The interview dates covered are till May 19 which still leaves a few days open and maybe more applicants receive their ILs to cover those dates soon
  5. For the AOS documents, printout or photocopy is fine. Also, if you have uploaded those documents on the CEAC portal, they might not ask for them but good to have just in case. For applicants documents, they should have both original and a copy of all documents as well as whatever you’re submitting as proof of relationship and passport photos taken in the last 6 months.
  6. The email is your IL and you’ll have to take a print out of it with you to medical and embassy
  7. It’s Jan 4, 2021 DQ. They just reached 2021 DQs. Still a long wait for people with 2022 DQs
  8. Inform the CO before taking the oath avout change of address and any details you want to correct/change/update on DS-260.
  9. Congratulations… All the best for your journey ahead
  10. No. The DS-260 doesn't expire unless you don't contact NVC for a year or more. None of the forms expire once they've been submitted. The only thing to do would be upload a new AOS form but that should be done after receiving IL and only if you need to update your income.
  11. The interview will be fine Inn-Sha-Allah . All the best. They ask very few questions especially from women. Stuff like where does her husband live? Are you two related/cousins? What do you do? How many times have you visited? If you haven't uploaded, the latest tax documents and forms and pictures together then they will ask for that as well.
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