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  1. Oh wow so even after the second intetview they didnt give you visa still? That means we cant expect anything to happen in our case this year Because we r still waiting for interview (2nd one)
  2. You guys are waiting after interview (july). That was ur first interview or second? What is ur status on ceac?
  3. Congresswoman submitted an inquiry and she got a reply next day which says we will receive a call from embassy for fingerprint, oath and we need to submit medical again because its been more than a year since our first interview. I checked ceac but the case didnt update. I heard everytime they reply of an inquiry the date change. I dont know what to think. Is it because they need votes so they are sending me fake reply from embassy, so i will vote for her? Because i mentioned in an email which i sent to congresswoman that me anf my family will vote if you help us out with this case.
  4. It was proper wedding. They didnt ask for any pictures, video or chat history. Our case was in AP since 2018 and then they replied that our case is out of AP ( last 4 inquiries we submitted). The case date changed on oct 1 on its own and then i submitted inquiry, but they replied that case is in AP. I dont know if it is a good sign?
  5. I dont know...just telling u guys what others are telling us.
  6. I didnt get what u said about the voting. Can u explain further?
  7. Yes it is, but what about family of US citizen living apart from them. They must be considered priority as well because they are immediate relatives of US citizen.
  8. After the interview ofcr told my husband that everthing looks good and interview went well. She handed my husband a white paper and told him about the email they are going to send us. We got an email and replied them back with the work and residence history, siblings DOB and few other questions. Since then our case was in AP. They didnt ask for any doc. And I am petitioner (wife).
  9. But the embassy is issuing visas. Our case was in AP since nov 2018. Do you think we are near the approval? because i heard they are calling people for second interview.
  10. We were in AP after interview. Our case is out of AP now. Waiting for visa.
  11. There are no hours showing up on google for embassy, but it shows open over there. Since 2 days there is nothing which means they are not open. They are preparing the embassy to reopen I guess.
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