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  1. I think experiences are going to be a little different based on where you're located, but I posted a review of our experience in Los Angeles with time and questions asked etc. here: https://www.visajourney.com/reviews/index.php?cty=Los Angeles CA&page=1&dfilter=5&topic= Your location says Texas? You can read reviews from that office here: https://www.visajourney.com/reviews/index.php?cnty=&cty=Dallas+TX&dfilter=5&topic= Good luck!!
  2. Our interview was this morning, and my wife's green card was approved! Thank you SO much to everyone in this thread, made this process a hundred times better. I hope everyone who is still waiting gets good news soon!
  3. The interview notice that you'll get in the mail contains a checklist of things to bring. Good luck!!
  4. Congrats on your approval!!! We are also interviewing in Los Angeles next month and will be sure to bring a list of our documents, thanks for the tip! Was there anything that they asked for in particular?
  5. Just got a text message about a status update and lo and turns out case is now "Ready to be Scheduled for Interview". We'll take it! You can get a good sense of the average length of time from biometrics to interview for your local office (they're different for everyone) by browsing the VJ timelines and sorting by interview date. Here's a link to the Chicago IL FO: https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/aoslist.php?vtype=0&op8=Chicago+IL&interview=&xfr=&op1=6&op2=d&op3=&op4=1&op5=&cfl=0
  6. Unfortunately I think a lot of the civil surgeons are really in this for the money, and they see this as an easy population to overcharge. I got some fairly ridiculous initial quotes for the medical here that magically began to lower once they realized I knew how much things could/should cost. I think doing what you're doing to reduce the costs is smart, and make sure you shop around and call all of the civil surgeons in your area!
  7. Any other August filers waiting on a 693 Deficiency notice and/or your online 485 status to update to "Interview ready to schedule" after biometrics? Also, has anyone received random texts from USCIS with no status update? We received 3 separate "Your case has been updated" text messages at the beginning of the month, but there were no changes to the status online (Case still shows "Fingerprints have been applied" since 2/10). I assume it was a glitch, but concerned as our mail constantly gets mis-delivered to neighbors.
  8. This is a pre-interview status, and there can be a lot of time in between it and the actual interview scheduling, e.g. this person in San Bernadino was recently waiting months, https://www.reddit.com/r/USCIS/comments/k72tak/aos_interviews_at_san_bernardino_field_office/ I also don't think you'll get a straight no for the insurance, even if the dispute doesn't work out in your favor. Can definitely understand the frustration, though. I had a policy cancelled on me years ago because an employee misread something and it took me several months to unwind. My one piece of advice is do as much as you can in writing.
  9. Probably biometrics! Our envelope had identical lines showing through the window, same postmark date, etc. I wouldn't worry about the mail person not showing up. Mine regularly missed/delayed deliveries. Informed delivery is just exposing it now
  10. Another data point: my wife received a Biometrics notice today, scheduled for 2/10. (Notice was dated 1/16.) I was not expecting one until the summer given how backed up the LA offices have been, so this was a welcome surprise. Hope everyone is doing well and sees movement on their applications soon!
  11. Not building your credit profile now can cost you later in life -- one of the factors in calculating an individual's credit score is the average age of credit accounts, and another is number of accounts (they like to see a few accounts open). The best loan rates (including mortgages, if you ever do want to buy a home) are available to those with the highest credit scores. There are lots of pros and virtually no cons to ownership if done properly. You do not have to change your spending habits at all, or even use the card frequently. Keep it locked away in a drawer if you're worried about impulse control, just put a $5-$10 charge on it every few months, allow it to post a balance, and pay it off immediately so it doesn't get closed for inactivity.
  12. Great to see the Biometrics reports trickling in but leave it to the USCIS to ruin good news! 😂 How annoying. Hopefully their mistake works out in your favor and lets you "skip the line" at your local ASC but sorry you have to go through it! Good luck!!
  13. No personal experience with the Emergency AP but from the website it does look like you need to fill out a new app and pay a new fee if you go that route. But things may have changed since COVID (harder to schedule an appointment) so maybe they'll let you do it over the phone/mail or rush an expedite request instead and save you the new application. Give them a call and investigate getting a congress person involved if you run into difficulty, that seems to speed up the process. Regardless, I want to wish you luck in getting permission to travel and dealing with your emergency. I hope it is over soon!
  14. I’d be super surprised if USCIS is using a German based courier to send immigration documents but then again, it’s 2020 More likely some kind of gift, maybe from abroad? Missouri is a big shipping hub for imports due to its location.
  15. Excellent!! Have you submitted? I'm interested to see what the timing on EAD/AP is for you, that will tell us a bit about how they're approaching things.
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