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  1. Hello! Is this only for filipinos who wants to travel outside the country or also domestically?. I wonder if Visayas region can now travel domestically. Thank you.
  2. Simple. They only asked. I asked here because i dont know either. doesnt make sense to you then idc.
  3. The local police called me after lunch today. They told me my request for Travel Authority is not applicable for local stranded individual, OFWs and foreign ler who wants to go back in their home country. Ive been calling and updating them for updates because the issuance of Travel Authority has been suspended more than a week now. Im sad and disappointed. The purpose of Travel is my Medical Exam in SLEC, i wish they give me consideration. Does anyone has same situation also? Im from Cebu.
  4. Thank you 😊😇
  5. I would like to know the list of all banned visas until the end of the year. Like readinf the proclamation gaves me anxiety and migraine. I really appreciate if you can do it for me because my fiancés family is not getting it at all. Thank you.
  6. My friend has questions about his visa process. His dad is a GC holder and petitoned him in F3 Visa, he had his interview in Manila USEM March 03, his passport was given to him after the interview and asked to submit the affidavit of support. Now his question is, will it be a problem cos he will turn 21 yrs old next month without his visa yet? His status is "refused" but already mailed the document asked and never heard from USEM until now. He thinks he will be in long delay. Thank you!
  7. Thank you! Mine will be July 9,
  8. Hello everyone. Iam going to travel Manila next month for my Medical in SLEC. My question is will they going to delay my result or procedure if i have mensturation during the med exam? Thank you and Godbless!
  9. In my City (Talisay City) we don't have any updates or report yet that qp will be cancel. The Police station cancelled the issuance of Travel Authority makes me sick of waiting when we are under control quarantine. I got all my confirmed schedules and i hope they would let me out. everyday is getting crazy.
  10. Where in Cebu? Cebu city is in strict lockdown and im hoping that i can get a Travel Authority for my Medical next month. Goodluck to your fiancé.
  11. Hi guys! USEM Manila updated their website, Visa update. So is it possible they are reopening soon? I know nobody could answer that but if there is anyone here who tried checking the interview appointment can you share it here? Thank you and Godbless.
  12. https://www.philstar.com/headlines/2020/06/20/2022135/pnp-sets-one-stop-shops-lsis-travel-papers/amp/
  13. THE USEM in Manila is not reopening yet for interviews, iam only going to Manila for my medical exam in St. Lukes and hoping before i go back to my City the Embassy reopens and so i could make an appointment instead of going back and forth.
  14. our city is in GCQ, 1st week of July will be my Medical Exam in SLEC . Soo far i dont get any info that i need to do the 14days quarantine when Iam doing my Med Exam the next day in Manila. I will be having my Medical Cert and Travel Authority and Availability to Travel issued in our City and no need for 14days quarantine but i dont know for overseas and other officials. Thanks.
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