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  1. Wuozopo, Thank you for this useful info. We will be in London City. Any airlines you can recommend? Thank you Wuozopo, Thank you for this useful info. We will be in London City. Any airlines you can recommend? Thank you
  2. Hello VJ friends, I am planning to travel to London, UK, this summer with wife (newly LPR). Any advice as far as the Dos and Don’ts? Want to attend one of the Chelsea’s soccer game . Closest airport to the Stamford bridge locate in Fulham? What is your recommendation as far as travel requirements to UK (visas if needed), lodging, transportation (best airlines, cabs...), attractions in London city? Thank you
  3. Dear VJ members, Thank you to you all and to the VJ administrators, Today is a memorable day for us. The Almighty God has blessed our couple again. We had our AOS interview today and everything went well in less than 15 minutes. We arrived 10 minutes prior to the app time and as usual, we passed thru the security check point/metal detector system. Then, checked in with the Appt letter, had a seat and wait to be called. After 30 minutes of waiting, someone opened the door and called my wife's 1st name. Warm welcome from this friendly USCIS staff. got in the office and had a seat. ID checked and oath taken. The IO told me the interview is mostly for my wife. Went over some questions from the form I-485 with my wife for about 10 minutes. Then, turned to the computer, enter some info and said: " everything looks good. You will receive your green card in a few days. " We just said Thank you and That is all. We could Not believe. That is ALL!!!!! This was the end of another step for this long journey towards citizenship. PS: before, we got home today, the status changed to "My New Card Is Being Produced" Thank you again to you all for your kind advice. Good LUCk to those of you who are still waiting for their interview!!!!!!!!
  4. Hey folks, 1-For those of you who have been thru the AOS interview, do they require the 2020 taxes? Need help with this. 2-Anyone filed the 2020 with spouse having No SS card? I haven't filed the 2020 taxes yet because i was awaiting on my spouse's SS card. Now, the the AOS interview is around the corner. Will that be an issue? 3-We didn't receive the SS card with the EAD while we applied for it. And the SS office is not ready to produce one any time soon.what to do in this case? Thank you in advance for your kind responses
  5. congrats. when is your interview. got notified, but interview date yet
  6. congrats. we get the notification as well, but we don't know the interview date. hopefully soon
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