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  1. Sorry to everyone who has had their interviews rescheduled Try to focus on the fact that when everything goes back to somewhat normal, you will be at the front of the line for an interview So what has everyone been doing to stay sane/occupied during the quarantine? Interesting and quick way to test how compatible you and your new spouse are, being stuck together 24/7 indefinitely, that's for sure!
  2. I didn't! That must be it because my status for AP changed to that recently.
  3. Anyone receive a letter from DHS/National Benefits Center today? I saw there is a letter coming from them for my husband through USPS Informed Delivery but his EAD/AP statuses haven't changed. I am thinking maybe it has to do with the virus? I don't know why I feel so nervous
  4. For sure. The written offer should be on its way very shortly if you have already gotten verbal confirmation. otherwise you can always specifically ask for it! You don’t have to do the I-9 until after the offer is given. did they tell you when you need to complete the I9 by?
  5. Wow a massive congratulations to you!! And to be extended a job offer amidst all this, its an even bigger accomplishment! I think if you send the job offer along with a cover letter explaining why you need the expedite, hopefully they will grant it!! I would also mention that this job will help reinstate any financial loss accrued during the pandemic, and that it won’t affect your social distancing orders because it doesn’t start until the end of April. as always keep us updated!
  6. Nope, no update on EAD yet! Just looking forward to a few months from now hopefully when this zero income will turn to dual income! I am very lucky to have a supportive family thankfully to get through this tough time. but still sucks because my career is a personal thing you know? Besides the money aspect its still my career
  7. Haha I love these German sayings! What does it mean? i hope it doesn’t get pushed back more too. We are in Seattle though, the worst hit. But on the bright side we will also hopefully be the first to recover due to the strict shutdowns. How is it where you are? Is everyone working from home? Resturaunts shut down?
  8. I feel like we have a very positive and supportive cohort here. Shoutout to all of you for creating such a great space - sometimes VJ can be unhelpful and mean in their tone so I love how kind everyone is in this thread. sidenote: my job’s start date got pushed back to April 13th and even that is tentative. It’s so hard because I put in my 2 weeks on 2/28, when everything was still okay and a week later the cookie crumbled so to say 😭 i am thankful that I still have a job waiting and I wasn’t laid off, but it is still tough not to have a job currently.
  9. I know it’s horrible for everyone whose interview/biometrics/oath ceremony got cancelled due to all USCIS offices closing temporarily and I feel for you. But I think this might speed up processing of applications because more officers are assigned to applications since they can’t conduct interviews so it frees them up to work on cases. Anyone else agree or am I just trying too hard to find a silver lining? 😭😂
  10. Got that update finally for AP saying “Case was Updated to Show Fingerprints Were Taken.” Funnily enough my EAD status went to that too, it used to be “Fingerprint Review Was Completed.” Hope it’s a good sign, maybe it means they matched up both cases to the same person finally! @Letspaintcookies any updates for you for AP?
  11. Yess, new opportunity that I am really excited for But because of the virus my start date was already pushed back a week :/ My status for AP says that too, but my EAD status is "Fingerprint Review was Completed." Since it's a combo card sometimes the AP doesn't really update as frequently because the EAD is kind of the "main" benefit.
  12. Definitely! Use the job offer as reason to expedite the EAD. Make sure you get the offer in writing because we all know how much USCIS loves documentation. And congratulations!! I also just got a new job - today is my last day with my current company
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