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  1. Hahhahha exactly. I was telling my fiance how cold it was in the office and he asked "Whats the temperature?" I said 68°. He laughed his ### off. He said he will need to buy me a onesie and wool socks! Dork!!!
  2. Thanks sarge, its been a busy week renoviting the house and the room that my niece will soon take over. Lol say hi to Mrs sarge for me
  3. Sent Oct 2. Delivered Oct 5. Charged on card Oct 8 NOA1 Text Oct 9. Hard copy today. oh oh and I have cake 🎂
  4. Sent Oct 2. Delivered Oct 5. Charged on card Oct 8 NOA1 Text Oct 9. Im hungry!! Lol
  5. Sent Oct 2. Delivered Oct 5. Charged on card today. Waiting,,, 💤
  6. yeah I know but I don't wanna rely on him for everything. 👷‍♀️
  7. yeah. im actually focusing on work because i know i need a hefty amount to bring with me since i cant work until i get work permit. so far i have 270 dollars in my name. bwahahaahah (im rich in pesos not in dollars. eeekkkkk)🤣🤣🤣
  8. we did, it was actually delivered this morning (as per usps tracking)
  9. Thanks, and I promised i wont go crazy asking "whats the status" every freaking day. lololol. We're not in a hurry because we're still saving up for the big move! eeeeeeeekkkkkkkkk!!!
  10. eeeeeek!!! we are sending ours this week. so I guess ill follow this thread now! 🤓
  11. oh oh. I didn't know that. We were gonna use this BC because all pages of the passport seems to be a waste of paper. (bye bye trees) Ok imma tell him that. Thanks
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