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  1. I called them. They just say send a email. To acari_contactus+jm+Ivcase number+en@visaops.net . The supposed to respond in 3-5 business days. I still call every day. One lady said it’s a technical glitch in the system. I just don’t know if they ever gonna respond in time. Is there anyway to extend the I-797 approval time if I can’t get the glitch fixed in time ?
  2. Yes that is the exact site I used . It still says my case number is not ready to schedule despite everything else says it is .
  3. Hello , was you able to schedule your interview as of yet ? 

    1. Ieshamarie29


      Hi. No not yet

  4. https://ais.usvisa-info.com/ it’s says it ready to be scheduled when I check the case status. Kingston email the page 3 pack to me telling me to register and schedule on the above website . When I put in the information it says the case number not ready to schedule. My I797 expires may 19.
  5. I have my case number. I received the email with instructions/packet 3. I filled out the ds 160 . There is no fee to do so in Jamaica. I pay the fee when scheduling the appointment for an interview. But that ais site keeps saying my case number is not ready for an interview. But my application status says ready to schedule.
  6. I also check the status of the application on line it says the application is ready to schedule. Again when I go to the ais website it says this case number is not ready to schedule. No one else seems to have this issue . I’m not sure who to contact about this issue to resolve it.
  7. He petition had been approved in January! I have my 797, they are blocking my case number when I try to schedule on ais website
  8. I received the pg 3 package and when I go in to schedule it says my case number not ready to schedule. Is this what happened to you ? If so how did you fix it ?
  9. I received the packet page 3 from my embassy today but I am still blocked from scheduling an interview. I checked my case status it still says ready and is updated today. Nothing has changed . Has anyone experienced this ? And if so what can I do to make them release my case number to be scheduled?
  10. I wish that was the truth for me . My embassy put a block on my case number and said it is still not ready to schedule. I’m just getting my paperwork together and waiting in the meantime.
  11. They supposed to send you a packet 3 / basically instructions in what to do and how to schedule your interview
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