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  1. It's really interesting to think about how immigrants are able to stay in America, especially those who come in undocumented. I've been going through a lengthy process with my spouse K-1 visa, and it made me wonder how difficult it must be for people in illegal situations. However, when I came on here and spoke to people, I realized that my own journey with the K1 visa wasn't as hard as I thought. I can't help but wonder if undocumented immigrants would have an easier time if they had access to the proper information. It's just something that has been on my mind lately.
  2. If the person is undocumented with no family or employment to sponsor them. The only option is asylum ? Correct ? What if they marry a us citizen does that help or change anything for them ?
  3. So the can not file for AOS they can only file for asylum within a year or go home ?
  4. Hey everybody! I've got a question about undocumented immigrants who are already in the US. How can they go about applying for permanent residency? I've heard that a family member or a job can sponsor them, and they can also seek asylum. I'm curious about the types of cases that usually get accepted by the US Immigration Commission (USIC) and how difficult it is to gather evidence to prove the need for asylum. Also, what happens if an undocumented immigrant marries a US citizen? Can they then apply for residency with that reason? If so, which application should they use? Sorry for the jumbled mess of questions, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of information available on this specific topic. Thanks in advance for your experiences or insights!
  5. Hey there! Just wanted to share that my hubby finally finished his biometrics today! Woohoo! 🎉 By the way, I heard that the wait for work authorization is almost two months. Can you believe it? Anyway, I was wondering if you knew how I could check the status of the other documents I filed. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a bunch! 😊
  6. Hello has anyone missed their biometrics appointment? If so how do you reschedule it? my situation was that my husband had a family emergency in another state and he missed the biometrics appointment. He then asked to reschedule they rescheduled him but they wanted him to have the original document with did not reach him in time for the rescheduled appointment. Now when they call they just tell him to wait. But exactly what is he waiting for to be scheduled? Is there a specific person I can poke to get the process moving again ?
  7. do you have a job now? If not you may have to find someone to help you prove financially you can take care of the beneficiary. And then you can use their tax return from 2022. If you work now I would send my last tax transcript and my paystubs and a letter stating my employment.
  8. Congratulations on your appointment! Do you mind saying what your RFE was about?
  9. September 5th - Sent the application September 8th - Application received September 8th - Case Created September 13th - Notice Date September 25th - Received the confirmation letter
  10. September 5th - Sent the application September 8th - Application received September ?th - Case Created September ?th - Notice Date September ? th - Received the confirmation letter Cant wait for my letter !
  11. I was look for a AOS for sept 2023. I still don’t see one. Chicago received my package on sept 8th what should I expect next ?
  12. Good day all, , I think I have an issue but I am not sure. My spouse I-94 expired back in march. But we are stArting to fill this month. Will my spouse be rejected ?
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