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  1. To everyone, what is a common RFE or what is a RFE you missed and could have avoided the first time of submission. I am in the process of filling out my applications for my husband. And I need all the help I can get . Thanks in advance for all who give me some guidance.
  2. Question. Do you have to send each separate fee with each application?? I-485 , and the work and re entry app ? Or is is just AOS fee and biometrics only if u send all three together?
  3. Form I-864 Also needs to be submitted with I-485 form . Also, when submitting all three forms 765 and 131 do they become free? And do you include the biometric fee up front with the 485 ?
  4. Should the I-765 eligibility category be (c)( 9)( ) since we are filling it with the aos I-495 application. It’s an extra parentheses that is left blank . Is that correct. ????????
  5. I’m so overwhelmed. 😩 that initial check list is extensive and it can change at any moment. Omg ! So I started my I-485 form . I have a question, about the recent immigration history. Number 19 travel document number used at last arrival. Where so I get this number from ? number 23a. Place of last arrival in to the United States. There was a layover before the final destination. So do the want the point of entry airport ? Last think it says attach a copy of I-797 for underlying petition. I don’t think that was in the check list up top. many help and clarification is greatly appreciated! Quote Edit
  6. So 2 months after they will reach out if he passed all his drug tests. Look at the 221g form and start get the paperwork in order. They longest part was finding the Covid vaccination he can do that now tho if he already has not.
  7. What happened in my case was the last time the call to test was a month before a year ban was up. I assumed they were finished testing. But they kept saying they wasn’t. My fiancΓ© ban was up in April but his first random test was in sept . The did not call him from may to sept for no test. Sept 1 they sent a random email saying the testing was completed and to schedule medical examination. All this being said the month the random drug test began started get ya stuff ready.
  8. It’s finally happening! Submitted all the documents received a email that the embassy has received them. Hopefully next email is pick up visa at dhl. This has been a long journey. First started this caseFeb 2021.
  9. Hey all, I see someone was approved congratulations! I have a update on my case : they sent back the passport and said the drug test is now complete. Now need to gather all the documents on the 221g form and do medical on Tuesday. How much medical cost y’all for the second time around? Covid vaccine is needed ? Also the 221g form says to fill out I-134 form and a bunch of other forms. Can I disregard the other forms and just fill out the I-134 . And do I have to submit proof of the relationship again pictures and etc ?
  10. He started his random test in September 2021 because he initiated it in august 2021. His last test was in April 2022 he has not heard from medical again about a random test and they did not mention that it was his last one either. He calls medical and ask what is the timeframe or random testing and medical refuses to give any information at all and will either say wait to be contacted. Or contact the embassy.
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