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  1. That's a good question...It may be a bit more difficult to do since the green cards process at the local service centers I believe...
  2. May counts as of December 31: Total for this month: 45 Untouched, 2134 Approvals, 161 RFESs, 78 RFERs, 265 Denials, 3 Expedites(Denied: 3), 143 Withdrawals, 35 Others June counts as of December 31: Total for this month: 58 Untouched, 2789 Approvals, 219 RFESs, 139 RFERs, 356 Denials, 9 Expedites(Denied: 8 / Approved: 1), 159 Withdrawals, 66 Others Happy New Year everyone! I do hope all June filers still waiting on their visas will get them in early 2023 and we all get to start the year with our partners!
  3. May counts as of December 23: Total for this month: 45 Untouched, 2132 Approvals, 164 RFESs, 78 RFERs, 265 Denials, 3 Expedites(Denied: 3), 142 Withdrawals, 35 Others June counts as of December 23: Total for this month: 59 Untouched, 2784 Approvals, 232 RFESs, 135 RFERs, 357 Denials, 9 Expedites(Denied: 8 / Approved: 1), 158 Withdrawals, 61 Others
  4. May counts as of December 16: Total for this month: 48 Untouched, 2124 Approvals, 164 RFESs, 85 RFERs, 265 Denials, 3 Expedites(Denied: 3), 142 Withdrawals, 33 Others June counts as of December 16: Total for this month: 62 Untouched, 2775 Approvals, 252 RFESs, 128 RFERs, 355 Denials, 9 Expedites(Denied: 8 / Approved: 1), 155 Withdrawals, 59 Others
  5. Sure, the email address is nvcresearch@state.gov. They were responding within 3-5 business days, but I'm not sure if that timeline has changed recently. You should provide them with either the I-797 approval notice and/or with the USCIS case number, the beneficiary's full name and date of birth, and the petitioner's full name (I also included the petitioner's date of birth and email). I don't think I can link you to the nvc public inquiry page in the forum, but if you Google nvc public inquiry form, you'll find the page. The public inquiry form is the more official way to inquire but they do take a bit longer to respond. Either way they should be able to tell you if they received your case. We waited until the case was in transit for the beneficiary to fill out the DS-160 and submitted when it was in ready status. I have heard of others filling it out once they got their case number from the NVC, if they were able to obtain it early. In general, people are getting the case number and the case goes to "In Transit" on the same day (this has been every other Tuesday usually, and they shipped out on 12/6, so the next time should be 12/20). Also, the DS-160 saves for 30 days. You can save the application ID and sign back into it for 30 days before submitting.
  6. My case was just received by the embassy, so I'll give some of the information I have heard and seen. There are other forums on visajourney that discuss the NOA2 to NVC, if you want to take a look! This link is for September 2022 approvals. 1. It has been taking 60 to 90 days (sometimes more), but it seems NVC has slowed down a bit so I'm not sure if the times will go up. NVC posts updated timelines on Mondays, so we'll see tomorrow how they're doing. Our case took about 88 days. 2. I waited 6 weeks until I emailed nvcresearch and I had submitted a public inquiry after my NOA2 (they were taking 2 months to respond to public inquiries then, but they have caught up a bit on this now). I heard back on both inquiries on the same day and they had received my case at that point, but my case wasn't created yet. I think it's taking about 6 weeks for USCIS to send the case, but they do say it could take up to 60 days (I've also heard up to 90 days). 3. You can track the case and you'll see the status change from "In Transit" to "Ready" (which I've seen taking between 1 and 7 days). The embassy just received my case, so I'm still waiting for them to contact us. I think this depends on the embassy though. I know some hear within a few days of the case being ready, while others take longer. 4. I think this might be embassy dependent also. For our embassy, I'm expecting to receive an email to the petitioner since that's the only one on file and they don't send anything by mail. I have heard of people waiting for information in the mail, so maybe they get the beneficiary's address from the petition but I'm not sure. 5. You can submit the DS160 when the case is in transit or ready at the embassy. Or you can wait until you hear from the embassy (I don't think it matters). The beneficiary should be the one to fill out the DS160 since they will have to sign and submit that they filled it out on their own at the end. I wouldn't be surprised if things slowed down a bit later this month due to the holidays. My NOA2 was in September, so things may be changing now too. You can check out trends in processing times here if that would help:
  7. No don't worry! We never got an NOA1 receipt notice in the mail, so I think these things happen. I think you or your lawyer can submit an e-request to tell them you never received the I-797, and they'll send another one. I didn't realize we need it for AOS, but the NVC is okay without showing them the I-797 form. Whenever I inquired with the NVC, I provided the beneficiary's and petitioner's names and dates of birth along with the petitioner's email without the I-797. I think the I-797C would even be okay for NVC.
  8. He got it around the same time that I got the I-797C (which was about a week after approval). It's possible they forgot to send it or maybe it got lost in the mail. Ask your lawyer if you need the official notice. I think he can request another one from USCIS since he didn't receive it!
  9. Did you happen to file with an immigration attorney? We filed with a lawyer, and the lawyer got the official notice (I-797) and I received the copy (I-797C). They basically have the same information.
  10. Counts for May as of December 10: Total for this month: 49 Untouched, 2118 Approvals, 170 RFESs, 90 RFERs, 261 Denials, 3 Expedites(Denied: 3), 141 Withdrawals, 32 Others Counts for June as of December 10: Total for this month: 64 Untouched, 2764 Approvals, 266 RFESs, 127 RFERs, 349 Denials, 9 Expedites(Denied: 8 / Approved: 1), 155 Withdrawals, 61 Others
  11. Oh no!! I hope you can get scheduled as soon as possible and will have the visa soon!
  12. Great! Mine was created about a week after yours. Today is a shipment date, so hopefully we hear something today....
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