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  1. Thank you so much for the boost of confidence I was a bit worried, will do what you suggested.
  2. It doesn't though that's the issue we're off by a couple of hundred dollars but my current income does, however I can't wait cause time is not on my side so I have to file now. As long as my current income ( to be proven with my current w2 + job letter and paystubs ) exceeds the requirements we'll be fine right?
  3. It's just that my income looks a lot better in 2021 than 2020 but since proving my current income with a job letter and pay stubs is more important then you're right I might just do that. Thank you so much for the reply
  4. Sorry I meant that I haven't filed my taxes for this year yet but I'm about to Unfortunately we can't wait for the tax return because my husband's K1 is going to expire in 9 days. So I wanted to ask what you meant by i ( Use your 2021 actual complete tax return submitted for Qu 24a. ) ? Are you saying that we can put 2021 as our most recent tax year just by filing without needing the 1040? if so how? Thank you for your help!
  5. Hello everyone We're in the middle of filing our AOS and I ( the sole sponsor ) have not received my most recent ( 2021) tax return but I have the one for 2020 I do have the W2s for 2021 though. My question is should I put the year 2021 in question 24.a as my most recent tax year and provide the w2s and job letter and pay stubs to prove the income along with the 2020 tax return? Or should I put the year 2020 as the most recent tax year. Note my 2021 income is a lot more than 2020. Thank you in advance
  6. I wasn't given the DS3025 it was in the envelope that I handed to the consular and they only gave me the x-ray cd back
  7. Hello everyone, so I had my interview at the embassy in Egypt on August 24th and wasn't given my medical exam documents afterwards and I thought I would get them with the passport but the package only contained my passport and the sealed envelope. the problem is they're very backlogged and don't respond to emails so I have a couple of questions, 1. do I need them with me when I adjust my status or can I just see a civil surgeon in the states and wouldn't have an issue? 2. they said at the medical exam that the required vaccines aren't available in Egypt due to the pandemic so I need to get them anyway but now that I don't have their documents I don't know which vaccines I have and haven't taken when I was young so what should I do? Thanks in advance
  8. Thank you! I also posted a lengthy embassy review feel free to check it out.
  9. That's awesome good luck! I'd say be prepared for anything even though they literally didn't ask for much from me at all. also don't arrive too early at the gate unless you wanna wait like I did lol. My appointment was at 8:30 am I arrived at 6:30 they let me in at 8. Be relaxed and know that they've already made up their mind and that the financial requirements aren't as strict as they used to be because they didn't look at any financial documents I had at all even though my fiancee improved her financial situation drastically during the pandemic. ALSO please try your best to get as much sleep as possible I couldn't do that at all because of the nerves and it made me hella shaky haha. but anyways good luck and be ZEN lol
  10. Hi there hello quick update. Me and my fiancee have been calling ustraveldocs for like a month and still no fixing my account issue but when I called today she said I had 3 available appointment slots for August and I was shocked and she scheduled me for August 24th! I can't believe it tbh let me know if anyone else gets a date I'm so damn happy right now
  11. That's wonderful!! I'm so glad things finally moved for you and you'll be together in no time! that's so exciting and gives us hope! they better start processing more K1 visas though or else lol
  12. Still having the issue and still getting ignored by them lol
  13. No sadly it seems that the embassy in Cairo doesn't really care, the only updates you're going to get are from their monthly issuance of visas. Here's the link for it. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-statistics.html
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