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  1. Thank you! I also posted a lengthy embassy review feel free to check it out.
  2. That's awesome good luck! I'd say be prepared for anything even though they literally didn't ask for much from me at all. also don't arrive too early at the gate unless you wanna wait like I did lol. My appointment was at 8:30 am I arrived at 6:30 they let me in at 8. Be relaxed and know that they've already made up their mind and that the financial requirements aren't as strict as they used to be because they didn't look at any financial documents I had at all even though my fiancee improved her financial situation drastically during the pandemic. ALSO please try your best to get as much sleep as possible I couldn't do that at all because of the nerves and it made me hella shaky haha. but anyways good luck and be ZEN lol
  3. Hi there hello quick update. Me and my fiancee have been calling ustraveldocs for like a month and still no fixing my account issue but when I called today she said I had 3 available appointment slots for August and I was shocked and she scheduled me for August 24th! I can't believe it tbh let me know if anyone else gets a date I'm so damn happy right now
  4. That's wonderful!! I'm so glad things finally moved for you and you'll be together in no time! that's so exciting and gives us hope! they better start processing more K1 visas though or else lol
  5. Still having the issue and still getting ignored by them lol
  6. That's great news! congrats to both of you.
  7. No sadly it seems that the embassy in Cairo doesn't really care, the only updates you're going to get are from their monthly issuance of visas. Here's the link for it. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-statistics.html
  8. Thank you for trying to help but it's not about my browser or my computer it has to do with them locking my account for almost 2 months now and not even replying to my emails
  9. Ever since my June appointment was cancelled in April they told me to keep checking the site for scheduling another appointment, for the first couple of days I was able to with no problem until I checked it about 3 times one day and started getting this error, now it would be fine if it reset the next day or even after a while but... It's been over A MONTH AND A HALF and I still can't check for appointments, I sent them 5 emails and got 2 automated replies with no info on how to fix it, I even emailed the embassy and the immigrant section and got no reply. I've been trying to get a hold of someone to help me on the phone and it either puts me on hold or says I'm not calling during working hours ( when I am ). Please help we've run out of things to do and we can't get passed this error I've gone over a week without checking and nothing changed.
  10. Nope they definitely aren't, 3 K1 visas and 195 B1/2!!
  11. I agree and what's even weirder is that they aren't allowing me to check for available appointments... everytime i log in it tells me that I've " exceeded the amount of times I can check and it will reset tomorrow " and it never resets. they need to be more transparent with us.
  12. I'm so glad someone sees what i see! I've been very confused and upset because of that, like help me understand why they only issued 1 K1 visa the WHOLE of March but 300+ tourist visas... doesn't make any sense.
  13. Will do, I hope we all get out of this situation sooner than later.
  14. my appointment was scheduled for June 15th and on April 1st they emailed me saying they cancelled my appointment and to keep checking online from " April to July " to schedule another one, at this point i'm speechless it's the second time they cancelled my interview appointment and every day I log in to check for appointments and it's always " No appointment available ". anybody know what they even mean by that lol
  15. OH MY GOODNESS! you have my eternal gratitude because the embassy is not helpful at all. I just scheduled my appointment for June 15th because the fees were already paid since my appointment was canceled 6 months ago. Again, thank you so much and PLEASE start working for the embassy lol
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