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  1. Thank you for the info! I definitely need to do a little more looking because we asked one accountant and he quoted us $250 to get them, which seemed really high. If you have any recommendation for a Tax Professional, please do share. Thank you so much!
  2. Thank you for your response. I addressed this in the original post so these options are not possible for us. Thanks tho for your help
  3. Hello all, I am in the process of filling the paperwork for Joint Sponsor. My mom will be the joint sponsor for my husband. She is trying to get her tax transcripts online from the IRS. But there is a complication with the verification by phone number to set up her IRS account. Its just not working, we even tried to get another line under her name and still not working. Due to COVID, the IRS is not printing or mailing any tax transcript or the verification by mail form, so we are out of luck for that option. I know we can use Tax returns but the info is being mailed overseas and my mom is very uncomfortable sending her entire tax returns via mail overseas - the transcripts masks some personal data so she really wants to get them to send. I dont know if it would raise questions if she blacked out her personal data like Social Security number on her tax return if she have to mail her tax returns, I dont want to end up in AP and have her have to resend the tax returns. (Oh and she also wont send me anything digitally, she just really worried about her personal data.) I have read that a Tax Professional can access them from the IRS database and get them for me. Has anyone had a tax professional do this for you? Who did you use and how much did it cost? Any recommendation would be appreciated. Thank you!
  4. Thanks u! This looks like they will lift the State Department’s order to close the Embassies work wide. That is at least a big step forward
  5. This happened to us when we were approved for Expediting. Your case will now be transferred and the embassy will contact you. Wait two weeks and the email or call Them if u didn’t hear anything . It takes about that long for them to get the paperwork.... or at lest pre-COVID it did
  6. Thanks! Ya that’s what I’m wondering. Obviously the writer is giving outdated info since the calendar is closed (at least last I looked) I’m also wondering if you made a appointment for the CR1 visa on the system if it’s valid and if not why would they make it an option to schedule the CR1 visa. It’s a mystery No I haven’t sent them an email since June 1 Bc they said contact them in July.
  7. https://www.novacredit.com/resources/proof-of-domicile/
  8. Nothing, not a word. Where did you see the post about August dates not being canceled and to book new dates? Can you post the link or better yet post screen shots with link? I would like to see it. I have seen people asking the US Embassy in Cairo on their Facebook page when they are going to reopen and they answer the same to everyone. "All routine consular services remain suspended. That includes all visa interviews. We don't have any estimate as to when we will be able to resume services. When we are able to resume routine services, we will announce that on our website and social media." Which is pretty generic and not much different than what people are receiving via email. I don't know how well we can rely on the fb page honestly, we dont know who is answering. Intern? Officer? Social Media Manager? I feel the same about the email. I wish there was somewhere we can get information we know we can rely on. What bothers me the most is not that the embassy is closed (because its not surprising that embassies are closed here given COVID numbers in Egypt) but that there is zero communication and zero transparency. Even just a Facebook post once in a while saying they are monitoring the situation and etc etc etc. Im in Egypt so this lack of communication by my embassy is even more keenly felt.
  9. Congrats and WOW! We are STILL waiting here in Egypt for the embassy to reopen or make any announcements. Im glad things are starting to move at least somewhere! Congrats!
  10. Yes! But they leave it loose by saying "may include...", they are so unclear. We just need the embassy to open and then we can see! Soon, let's hope
  11. In regards to the second interview date, did you make it on the Visa Portal website or did they actually give you a new date. When they canceled ours in April they just said we will call u back to reschedule, and then hung up the phone without opportunity to ask any questions. (I was questioning if it was a fake call until I saw other people with canceled interviews.) I have one for scheduled for the end of August that I scheduled on their visa portal back in May. But let’s see, I have no expectations. We did the medical Before they canceled our appointment, I’m sure we will have to redo it if this keeps going on. Doesn’t the visa expire the same time the medical expires? (Medical is good for 6 month) still not clear on that either.
  12. That would be nice!. I know every embassy has its own criteria and are independent from the others, but let’s hope this will be an example. First Egypt has to open up borders and reduce COVID numbers. They are pretty confident about August 1 for opening borders and airports. Same
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