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  1. We had our interview today. All finished and approved. Literally was in our interview for 5 minutes. The Latvian embassy said the visa should be ready for pick up tomorrow.
  2. I'm assuming the NVC officers are not exempt from the government shutdown, correct? So if the shutdown is still in effect as of Wednesday the NVC will be closed? I hope they are exempt.
  3. I have emailed them three times. They took 2 times a week to responds and then third time they never responded. I find calling the NVC seems to be the quickest to get things updated or questions.
  4. Hello everyone, At the advice of our lawyer, my fiance and I filled out and submitted our DS-160 prior to receiving a case number from the NVC. We just put the USCIS case number assigned in our DS-160. I'm now concerned that we will need to refill the DS-160 again. What does everyone think? @Greenbaum can you help with this?
  5. From what I understand yes. You still need to do the ds160, medical interview, and get the documents all in order. My fiance already put everything together, we are just confused about the medical exam.
  6. We received our case number this morning (12/10/2018). Called them this morning, and the lady had the case number for me, I have yet to receive an email from them. Now off to the next step...can't wait for this to be over!
  7. Called the NVC today. They received our case on Nov. 23. Now we have to wait for them to assign the case number.
  8. Congratulations! How did you receive notification? We are three weeks in from our NOA2 date, but haven't heard anything yet. I called but they gave me the canned response of it could take up to 8 weeks to receive.
  9. I believe it only expires if you don't access it at least every 30 days. We filled it out but didn't sign yet. I told my fiance to wait until she gets closer and just access every few weeks.
  10. snowmeetssun

    May 2018 K1 Filers

    We received our NOA2 today. Woohoo! 178 days so far. NOA1: May 11 NOA2: November 5 We are so excited to be another step closer to being together. Hope we have alot of approvals for everyone this week.
  11. snowmeetssun

    May 2018 K1 Filers

    I'm filling out the I-134 right now. My primary job, which is well above the poverty line for the form I have listed. I also have a side job of being a Realtor, but the funds really fluctuate on this job. Do I need to list my secondary job, if my primary job satisfies the requires for support?
  12. snowmeetssun

    May 2018 K1 Filers

    Holiday mean Tuesday thru Thursday.