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  1. Thanks Moe. I will take your advice and do the same thing. I will have my son write a letter cos he knows all abt the relationships. And get it notarized in the morning. I will let y'all know what happens. Or just check my time line in a month to see if I was approved.
  2. Did you send in any supporting docs.?
  3. The rye says I should provide documents to support my waiver. But. I don't know where to find documents from so long ago. Back in 2007. And 2015.
  4. Hello everyone i recently got an rfe requesting that i wright a waiver letter because i filed 2 other petitions in the past. does any body have any suggestions on what to write? My first one just expired cause i broke off the engagement and the second one was denied cause he coukd not prove to the interviewer that he and his ex was not living together.
  5. Too late I have already involved them and they are working on it. I"ll let you know the outcome. so that others will follow my lead.
  6. I am an August filer and still have not gotten approved yet (noa2). Is it too early to involve my Senator?
  7. I am an August filer still waiting for approval. Are there any other August filers still waiting? I just decided to contact my Senator, still waiting to see what they are going to tell him cause everytime i inquire abt it they tell me that they are waiting on security checks. Wish me luck.
  8. I checked and almost every single petition filed near or on my date of receipt has already been approved so i know I m well out of processing time.
  9. Well that's what is probably causing it cause I had extensive international travel under 2 different sur names.
  10. No crimes, not even a parking ticket, but I have been married before under another name, so I'm still using that sur name.
  11. But the US is not a high fraud country. They are checking my security, before they send it abroad. I'm the petitioner.
  12. I sent in an inquiry abt mine. I've been waiting a little over 5 months. They say it's delayed because of security checks. But I will inquire again in abt a month and a half, by then 7 months will be have past. Waiting is all you can do.
  13. My case is past processing time so I sent in an inquiry about it and was told that it's delayed because they're waiting for security checks to get back. Has anybody ever heard of this happening?
  14. Does anybody know if you about $100.00 short of the poverty guide line will you still need a co sponsor for the affidavit of support ? To help you sponsor your fiance?
  15. Oh ok sorry, now that understandable. But i think she knows that if she ever sends her child here to the US that she never see her again. No mother would put that much trust into a man that she is no longer with.
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