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  1. We had this problem too. Someone suggested calling up deferred inspection to find whatever error is on the record. i don't know if that will work, but you could try it. Also, most people on the site seem to suggest going to the SSA as soon as possible to avoid cutting into your window for SSN assignment. The 14 days seems to be largely viewed as out of date with current electronic records. But who knows. From what I've read, application date doesn't seem to be related to who has problems or not. (I think that whether you go before or after the 14 days, if you have a problem, someone on this site will tell you it's your fault for not doing it the other way.) We just pestered the guy at the SSA until time ran out, and nothing happened. We checked the box on EAD for a number, but didn't get one in a reasonable amount of time, so we went back to the SSA to get a number issued, and he ended up with two SSNs which freaked out the people at the SSA. So fyi, your adventures with the SSA could go on a while. It was annoying and difficult. And my credit card still won't upgrade his status on the account with his new SSN.
  2. I don't think it's that unusual to not have an interview yet. Looking at AOS timelines from March here, it seems that more than half of the people haven't had an interview scheduled yet. But I'm just eye-balling that -- I didn't count them. Also, looking at average processing times for USCIS offices, it looks like there are more than the few you mentioned with times over a year. I see a number of offices with 400+ day wait times, while SLC is at 392. So, rest assured you are not waiting alone.
  3. Yeah it's super tempting to move to a place where the interviews happen quickly. And i think that even waiting out Portland won't push us past the 2 years of marriage mark to avoid ROC later. Yeah, i just mean no one's updated an interview on the timelines here. So I don't know if people are interviewing and just not updating their timeline, or if everyone is really still waiting...
  4. Yeah, that's why I was surprised you hadn't gotten yours yet. We did bio at Yakima, WA and not Portland so that sped that part up a bit. But no one has reported an interview at Portland since July or so, so I wonder what's going on there.
  5. Have you tried filing an inquiry for the AP/EAD?it seems like you are out of normal processing time on that... Oh, never mind, you have to wait a year, it looks like.
  6. Thank you so much! I will wait about a month for non-necessary things and I will try to get my HR to add him before the window closes. But they and my apartment manager have been extremely difficult about things, so I hope they will listen!
  7. Okay, cool, thank you. We have waited this long so it is no big deal to wait more, as long as my work will put him on my health insurance...
  8. Hi, After much waiting and many attempts, my husband's SSN finally came in the mail today. I tried to upgrade him to a full user on my credit card, and it said his information could not be verified. I double-checked it a few times. His name is correct on the card and his name and birthday are right when we put them in. I tried having him sign up to self-verify through USCIS, as some Google searching recommended, at https://myeverify.uscis.gov/ and that did not work. Is this normal? Should I call the SSA again? Thanks!
  9. There is no HR portal here. To make any changes, I have to call this person (head of benefits) in HR and she makes any changes in their system. She says she called the provider for me and they confirmed they won't accept anyone without an SSN. I think the only way is for me to somehow convince her to put it through with a dummy number or to keep calling higher-up people at the provider. But she doesn't seem too motivated to do either. There is a head of HR who I guess might help, but in the past when I had a different problem, she just deferred to the benefits specialist...
  10. Hello, I have had some problems getting an SSN for my husband. We tried when he arrived, but there was some mismatch and it never got approved in time. Then we checked the box on the EAD form to get an SSN through that, but it's been 7 business days since the EAD card arrived, and no SSN yet. I called the local SSA office, as recommended, but didn't get through to anyone yet, and I am still trying. My main concern is that I wanted to add my husband to my health insurance plan at work during the open enrollment period. I tried to do this right after our marriage, but the HR rep said it wasn't possible without an SSN. I sent HR a link (https://www.irs.gov/affordable-care-act/questions-and-answers-about-reporting-social-security-numbers-to-your-health-insurance-company) saying it was possible to add people to health insurance plans without an SSN, but I never heard back from her and just got a crappy/expensive private insurance for my husband up until now. I was really hoping I'd be able to add him easily this year. I explained the situation to the HR person, and asked again if it would be possible to add him without an SSN for the moment, since even if all goes well this time for once, it may take longer than the remaining open enrollment time for him to receive the card. Her response was that the health insurance providers are "lenient with us, but not so lenient that they'd take someone without an SSN, lol." So obviously, ideally, everything goes well at the SSA this time and he gets the number in time to be added, but what can I do to prepare if not? Does anyone know of any other links I can show that he can be added to a plan without an SSN? Can I call the health insurance providers myself to ask about it? How have other people convinced their HR representatives to add someone to a plan without an SSN?
  11. They keep it. It's important for your AOS after marriage.
  12. Congrats! You'll have the visa soon! Booking one-way is probably easiest. That's what we did and we had no problems. Plus with AP/EAD taking 8 or 9 months now, it's hard to plan a trip back.
  13. Oh maybe it is normal. There doesn't even seem to be a space on the timeline to enter an approval date.
  14. I got a notification this morning that a new card is being produced for EAD but AP still just says case received. Anyone else like this?
  15. That's fine. You only need to include savings if your income is too low. If you exceed 125% of the poverty line, then just give proof of income and recent tax transcripts and that's enough.
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