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  1. I’m praying for that too!! It’s nice to continue to see good numbers after all of the commotion yesterday with the 16.5 month estimate on USCIS!!
  2. 158 cases processed yesterday. Just 152 short of 1,000 this week 🙏🏾
  3. This would make perfect sense considering the numbers have been great!
  4. This makes so much more sense. We have seen mass improvement in the last 2-3 months so if they are counting from 6 months ago, I can see where the whole 16.5 month estimate comes into play. We shouldn’t lose hope. The proof is in the numbers!
  5. I’m trying to convince myself it’s too soon to do anything wedding related but I’ve accidentally picked out 10 different dresses I want to try on 🤪🤪. I also may or may not have chosen the beach we want to have our wedding 😅 no deposits yet, though. Just fun to plan!
  6. I have been on a natural high ALL DAY LONG after seeing todays numbers! There is NOTHING easy about this process but when you have an amazing community to lean on, it makes it so much more bearable!! I’m a November filer and I’m starting to not feel like being back with my fiancé is light years away 😅
  7. 35 cases were processed yesterday 😳. The most I have seen on a Saturday!!
  8. You make US happy!! Thank you for providing hope for us on a daily basis! It means so much! I going to have to give you a shout out on mine and fiancé’s wedding day 😂🥰❤️
  9. I have the Google spreadsheet app so I can look at it all the time! 🤣
  10. You are not alone in this! I have currently checked it 5,575,299 times today!! 🤣
  11. That’s what I would think too! Yesterday was fantastic so I bet that’s why today was just short but still good!! Tuesdays are my fave since it’s my day off lol! Either way I am SO excited!! These numbers are incredible!
  12. They were just shy of 200 cases processed yesterday but that’s still amazing!!
  13. Every single day I tell myself I won’t stress over numbers and then every single day I find myself…STRESSING OVER NUMBERS. Being cautiously hopeful is exhausting 😅
  14. Can someone post this spreadsheet please? I’m currently following one, but it doesn’t have these extra details you all are mentioning.
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