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  1. I took my I-797 (NOA) with me to the DPS. They did not even look at it and kept looking at us like we're crazy trying to get a state ID without SSN lol. I guess I will have to go to another DPS and try my luck there as others have mentioned above. It is pretty surprising that this is such a painful and vague process just to get an ID!
  2. A month ago we went to get my spouse's state ID at the Texas DPS but were refused because (1) she does not have an SSN and (2) she can't get an SSN Waiver even with the NOA1 (coz she has apparently already applied for SSN via the filed immigration forms?) I'm confused about point 2. When we check "yes" to the portion on the papers that ask if we would like to get the SS card, does that imply we have "already applied" for the SSN and hence makes her ineligible for the SSN Waiver? Person at the DPS said she would be committing fraud if she used the waiver.
  3. We answered yes for that on the I-765 but I'm guessing it would still take easily over a couple months for the approval and then how does issuing of SSN work - does it follow shortly after? Sorry, I meant US* Government-issued ID. If any country's unexpired passport counts, then we should be good (along with carrying NOA1 of course).
  4. This would be great. In that case, I should not be anxious or thinking about even a 5% chance of deportation, right? I do have another question - if we ticked the "yes" to wanting an SSN on the I-486, does the SSN automatically get issued to her with the approval of I-485 or do we have to separately apply for it with the SSA?
  5. Does security check if foreigner passport holders have overstayed their length of stay? Even if they do, would carrying the NOA1 be proof that this person's immigration status is pending?
  6. We have already applied for my wife's AoS (I-130 and I-485), I-765 and I-131 in September. However, my wife does not have any state ID (Texas). We went to get a state ID today with the Notice of Action (NOA1?) and other appropriate documents with our names and address but they refused it, saying we have to wait for her to receive the SSN until we can apply for her ID. We have travel plans for December and my wife does not have a government-issued ID. She has her passport but she's already overstayed - can that put her in a potentially unfortunate position while flying?
  7. Yes, they're private plans - terrible for value but I would basically be getting them to show USCIS that I have something. I would prefer not to wait till Nov 1 if I get the RFE within the next 2 weeks. Or is that the realistic timeframe?
  8. Sent in our I-130, I-485, I-131, and I-765 last week and was received last Friday. Now it seems like we should be expecting the I-944 RFE in the mail? I need some advice. Both my wife and I do not have health insurance. Yes I know, it's not good to not have health insurance, especially in the current pandemic. However, that is the current situation. Moving on, if we do receive the RFE, I would need to get health insurance. Would it be okay to show a short-term health insurance plan till November or December and attach a letter stating we plan to enroll in Marketplace insurance when it opens (or when my employer's health insurance eligibility period opens)? I have posted similar topic before but did not receive helpful input and then I was at peace due to the I-944 being put on hold. Guess that peace was short-lived 😅
  9. Did you have a strong enough reason for them to expedite it for you, that too, fairly quickly?
  10. Sent it our I-130 and AoS packet in the mail last Tuesday. It was received on Friday. My sister-in-law is expecting her first child in December and my spouse would really want to be there, but with the current delays in processing, is it even possible?
  11. Even though these letters come under the weakest evidence, I think if the couple is newly married and don't have many things together (depending on circumstances), it's still better than nothing. We followed the sample on CitizenPath. Attached. I-130-Affidavit-Sample.pdf
  12. This was my situation - I (US citizen) married my wife when she came here as a visitor but I did not have health insurance at that time. I was also not aware that I had 60 days after this qualifying life event to enroll in Marketplace health insurance and my employer's policy stated 30 days. Once I passed these 60 days post-marriage, the only way for me was to find private health insurance, which are really expensive. I ended up not getting anything - waiting for the new Marketplace enrollment to begin soon.
  13. So you recommend sending the tax return copy without the signature and date? Would that not cause an RFE?
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