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  1. I think the doctor in Romania said it would be easier here because some of the vaccines needed time to get results? Don't quite remember. Also, wouldn't health insurance cover any vaccinations she needs? Obviously depending on the health insurance I guess, but figured this isn't anything elective...
  2. We didn't submit our DS3025, our packet got accepted and we received our NOA's. The physician my wife met for the I-129 marked that she chose not to get the vaccinations (plus she already has a lot of vaccinations). The physician also said it will be easier to get them done here in the US. I'm guessing we should expect an RFE for this? And we'll need to have my wife go to a physician here in the US (one that's approved by USCIS)?
  3. Posting on this forum recently has been good luck. Got the NOA letters today. Exactly how I feel. Much less stressful once you get a case number.
  4. Congrats! That's great news! It'll be interesting how this all works once offices open back up and they have a backlog of people to get thru.
  5. Anybody who got their notifications either through text or calling get their letters yet?
  6. Mine start with MSC, i believe that is standard for everybody going through this. Package was delivered March 25. Received text message 12:30am today. Haven't received the packet yet in the mail.
  7. Checked the bank account, and the are withdrawing the money too.
  8. Good enough for me! Lonngggg wait to just get to this point. Feel way more comfortable waiting for field offices to open with paperwork approved rather than being stuck not knowing anything. Having case numbers feels so good.
  9. Literally just woke up to 3 text messages from uscis. All say documents were received i797. Please tell me that means we're approved?
  10. Here's to hoping! Congrats again on hitting the next milestone!
  11. Well, got through pretty quickly but the support person said "it can take 30 days so give it a few more days".
  12. Did you find instructions anywhere on what to call? I kind've get lost in the prompt for all the different options.
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