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  1. We checked the box on the work authorization form to apply for the SSN. So we got the SSN card about a month after the EAD card arrived in the mail. It happened automatically. Not sure if you can apply for an SSN before getting the EAD? I bet someone else has the answer.
  2. Update: We got the card and it couldn't be validated/matched with his name. After 24 hours of having the card everything worked!
  3. The specific error he gets is, "The Name and Tax ID provided do not match IRS records." For Clarification! This is for work. For a job he is applying for. It's frustrating that he has the card but it won't work.
  4. Hello all, we got the SSN card yesterday (19th) and we have the EAD card. But no online system will match the SSN to my husbands name (trying to apply for Twitch affiliate, also tried credit checking websites). Is there some delay with SSN and validating the SSN/Name with online systems?
  5. Were you able to sort out this SSN issue? We're having the same issue. We can't use the SSN for anything.... It doesn't match any records. We've called the SSN office and the info is all correct and they have it on file.
  6. Hello, we're going through a similar issue now. How long did it take before you were able to make an account? And is that 30 days from when they issue the card? THANKS!
  7. Here's an update just in case people find this. We filled out the new, non-expired form. Kept everything else the same, put the green sheet on top, and we were successfully charged by the lockbox. Seemed to work just fine!
  8. We just got a rejection notice stating that; "The application/petition has not been fully completed. Based on the selection you made under Part 2 Application Type or Filing Category, the Form I-944 and/or I-864/I-864EZ are required. Please review the form instructions for information." We included both the I-944 and the I-864 forms. What could we be missing?
  9. Have you heard anything? Did your CECA status change?
  10. Congrats! Did you do Canada Post for delivery? Also, do you know how your status changed on CEAC website?
  11. Has anyone gone for a second interview? K1 visa here and I wondering if we need to bring updated paperwork (I-134, signed letter of intent to marry, etc). Many thanks!
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