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  1. you can talk to a representative via Emma and ask the agent to schedule you for a call back from a tier 2 rep. tier 2 rep will tell you the date and even email you a copy or you can wait for the mail but i will advise you to contact them as the mail might come a week before the interview.
  2. Hi, for us here in Nj, we got scheduled on jan 2, it was mailed out on 5th jan and we got the actual mail by jan 20. So it took 16 days.
  3. I believe the necessary steps to rectify it is on your approval letter, read it through its in there. Which are but not limited to...mailing the EAD card back alongside a copy of your birth certificate.
  4. so we got two approval letters in the mail, one for EAD and the other for AP. No update online. EAD shows 'fingerprint were taken" while AP is still stuck on 'case was received" and I485 still stuck on 'fingerprint fee was received" .i have SSN card from applying when i first got here, do anyone know if i will have to get a new one or that is still good to go? thanks
  5. So i called the USCIS and after going back and forth with the representative i was able to talk to a tier 2 officer and i was scheduled for biometrics on oct 2. i was emailed the appointment letter after the call and i was asked to print it out and go along with it. is their anyone who as had to go for their biometric appointment with an email printout? can you share your experience? thanks.
  6. Honestly,it’s beyond us. We noticed the Change in date after we filled at that point we just hoped and prayed...lol😁
  7. Hello everyone, April 28 - Packet mailed via USPS April 30 - Packet delivered May 5 - Texts received We filled out the I-485 version with the 2021 expiration date. Check was cashed on May 6.
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