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    We met four years ago at a dance club. We danced the night away and exchanged numbers. I thought we would just be friends, i would never date outside of my country blah blah blah.. He had a girlfriend and i was single. Forward to 2016 we met up( he was now single) and kept in regular contact. By 2017 we were in a relationship. He is my sunshine on a cloudy day.

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  1. I don't think it will be a big deal.. you can explain if they ask you about it. I sent in ton of evidence and they didn't even look at it.. or our pictures. In our interview He just looked at my passport stamps since Ive been to DR 7 times and that was it. visa approved! Don't stress!!
  2. Hey Larry, Call the local border patrol close to where you guys reside. I had an issue with my fiancés I-94 and they corrected the issue, although it took like 2 in a half week to get a call back.
  3. Newark airport but i called them and they told me that i have to call the closest border patrol and it’s philadelphia but i can’t get ahold of a real person.
  4. Just Homeland security? Google that number? I’ve been calling phl border patrol and no one answers
  5. i keep trying and nothing. So today was the first time you could access the information?
  6. Hello all, my fiancé entered USA Feb 16th 2019. A month today!!! We have been checking online for his I-94 and it keeps saying no record found. IT does however show his history.. the date he entered just not I-94. I tried calling the POE and the lady was not hopeful at all. I also emailed CBP and it says they will answer in 15 days. Is there anything else we can do? We are planning on getting married shortly and then filing AOS, but to file AOS we need that o-94. Kinda freaking out here. TIA we have searched it using his full name, then we left his middle name out..
  7. I am so happy you finally heard something!!!! More waiting to come but hey this part is over!!! I hope the rest of the process is smooth and a breeze. You deserve it to be!!
  8. Enjoy love!!! My fiancé has been here a week and it’s like a dream come true!!!!!!! Still can’t believe it!! Enjoy your new lives together!’
  9. Congrats I’m soo happy for you!!!! @Sarge2155 waiting for you!!! Still praying!!
  10. I just had my interview on feb 6th at santo domingo. He received his passport today, You should list all children and then at the interview you just say that they aren't following at the moment. I had my last 3 years of tax transcripts, a work letter, and w2s. They didn't even look at my binder I had with all additional evidence, new letters of intent.. and all other stuff that I thought would be important to our case. Good Luck
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