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  1. You are technically right but I assume the CBP shares its database with USCIS. I agree with you, i don’t think that’s the case with her husband’s GC. A biometric appointment with USCIS is not needed for CR1/IR1 visas as far as i know. Hence, my second paragraph, she should open a ticket with them to set things in motion.
  2. I can confirm, at the Port of Entry, the CBP officer took mine. My status was/is IR1. Assuming OP paid the relevant fee before or upon entry, she might have to contact USCIS. I personally had to wait 6 months and only received my green card after contacting USCIS twice, second time to update my address. That seemed to set things in motion for me and i finally received it at my new address at around the 6th month mark. They are particularly slow this year.
  3. I just did. Thank you, i was confused myself, seems we are on the same page, but i guess I am mildly traumatized from the previous incident, which effectively barred me from communicating with people i was interested in having conversations. This too was a clear Trump effect. I hope this sub will be more open to people coming in and having conversations with old timers. Wouldn’t it be much better than having the same people dominating and suppressing the whole dialogue?
  4. Last time i stated an opinion here, got put on a stake and burned alive. i’m not taking any baits tonight. Well, but, good for you, too, good sir.
  5. DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD. %10 Of voters were naturalized citizens, voting for the first time. There will be more of us at the 2024 elections. We will not forgive or forget what this presidency stood for and all the people who supported it and emboldened by it. Be sure of that.
  6. Hi, The inquiry i put on the phone in earlyJuly never even got assigned to anybody, either. What happened was, i moved so i filed a Request for change of address online in late August, which did get an acknowledgment from USCIS via e-mail on Sept 1st, the day we moved. They said their records indicate that the card will be sent to production in 30 days. I did not call to verify change of address, i saw countless people who reported doing that and theirs still got sent to the old address. So i wasn’t much hopeful. Then the status changed to Card Being Produced on September 4th, then Card Sent on September 11th. I still can’t believe it myself, but against all odds, i received the card in my new address just yesterday. So for me it seems like the verification of change of address triggered motion and finally things started to move. i really wish i could give you a formula, some steps to do other than eventually contacting your representative( congressman or senator) so someone actually puts things in motion. Other than that, i suggest getting state ID without waiting for the card. managed to get a state ID with my visa on my passport , which serves as the GC for one year upon entry. Now i have to do it again in this state, but the state ID/ DL is good for applying for jobs together with SSN. Wish you the best luck with this!
  7. Hi, That is actually unlawful. Trump administration does not have the authority to do that without changing the law, but who cares about the law when its a bunch of immigrants, the scum of the earth, right? but as we know USCIS and other agencies under his and/or populist far right influence has been known to cater to his anti immigration stance by slowing down their work to a halt, which never was efficient in the slightest or immigrant friendly to begin with , giving dodgy answers , not responding to inquiries, “losing” documents. He weaponized an already incumbent and outright hostile bureaucracy to bypass the law. That worries me greatly. Don’t get me wrong USCIS was always incompetent, at times outright hostile or abusive, it is one of those agencies like ICE or Homeland Security always leaned right. I honestly wouldn't care if they did their ONE job. But thats exactly what i mean by weaponization of bureaucracy. All that aside, so they are saying they “lost” your visa packet and you need to have an appointment with a field office. But they refuse to give you an appointment even after the congressional inquiry due to COVID. Am i correct? What was your POE( point of entry) and the processing center if you don't mind me Asking? Mine was JFK and it was Texas, who already “lost” my application after approval once for 6 months during I-30 stage. I can’t prove anything but i have a feeling Texas especially *loses JFK packets * a lot.
  8. I am on the same boat, in fact even worse, my status is stuck at “immigration fee received” Still, my POE date was 19th of March. Looks like we are hardly the only ones. 😕
  9. "Without telling Congress, the administration has scaled back the printing of documents it has already promised to immigrants — including green cards, the wallet-size I.D.’s legal permanent residents must carry everywhere to prove they are in the United States lawfully. In mid-June, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ contract ended with the company that had been printing these documents. Production was slated to be insourced, but “the agency’s financial situation,” USCIS said Thursday, prompted a hiring freeze that required it to ratchet down printing. Of the two facilities where these credentials were printed, one, in Corbin, Ky., shut down production three weeks ago. The other facility, in Lee’s Summit, Mo., appears to be operating at reduced capacity. Some 50,000 green cards and 75,000 other employment authorization documents promised to immigrants haven’t been printed, USCIS said in a statement. The agency said it had planned to escalate printing but that it “cannot speculate on future projections of processing times.” In the event of furloughs — which the agency has threatened if it does not get a $1.2 billion loan from Congress — “all agency operations will be affected.” ... Normally, within 48 hours of an applicant’s approval, USCIS’s online system indicates that a card has been printed. Immigration attorneys across the country have been puzzled recently because these status updates never appeared. Many thought the delays were tied to covid-19, which has caused other service disruptions. One Philadelphia attorney, Anu Nair, said a USCIS officer let slip in early June that all contractors were about to be laid off and to expect long delays with paperwork. Memphis-based attorney Elissa Taub inquired about her client’s missing green card and got a cryptic email: “The system has to be updated so that a card can be produced. You will receive the [card] in the mail once the system in updated [sic].” See: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/how-the-trump-administration-is-turning-legal-immigrants-into-undocumented-ones/2020/07/09/15c1cbf6-c203-11ea-9fdd-b7ac6b051dc8_story.html
  10. You find out who your reps are based on your residential address, for instance we have two senators and a congressman representing us. Since it’s NY with a high flux of immigrants, both senators’ offices were slammed so we went with our congressman, who was Republican and even not- incumbent due to some insider trading. Their political affiliation does not matter much since this is legal immigration, they usually have someone in their office to specifically help with immigration matters. So you find out who your congressman / senator is and pick one with less foot traffic, most reps have privacy release forms online , which you can fill out and explain in detail which federal agency you are having issues with, in our case it is USCIS. Once you sign and fax / hand in these privacy release forms, the person in their office will put an official inquiry with the said agency. They usually have if i’m not mistaken 48 hours to give your representative an actual answer. In our case, it was basically what the hell they did with our approved petition and why they did not forward it to NVC as they were supposed to in 30 days or less. Now in your case and mine in very near future probably, the issue is they failed to produce and mail the green card, they dragged their feet to inform you why that is in a reasonable timeframe, now if i’m not mistaken, they say they “lost the packet” and again refuse to give you an appointment to rectify the situation and produce the said card. Now they have the Covid excuse, but believe me this is how they operate. One last note, If you got your SSn card in mail and manage to get a state ID with your visa on passport and other documents such as lease, bills etc, that should sort out at least the employment aspect of your life. State Id and ssn card should be enough for your future or current employer. You don’t need to show anybody your passport or plastic green card necessarily for that purpose. International travel, border crossing might be a different issue altogether. Keep us posted. I am bracing myself to have this exact nightmare to play out yet again. I know exactly how this feels, calling it Kafkaesque is an understatement.
  11. at this point, i think you should put a congressional inquiry through your senator or congressman. Our petition got lost after been approved for 6 months, we were given the same run around, made us lose 6 more months in the process. As soon as we filed with our congressman’s office and privacy release forms , the petition reappeared in the field office in about 10 days. We also filed with ombudsman, super slow and no use. i am pretty sure i am in the same boat. I am the non-USC spouse Paid fee on March 14, 2020 POE JFK March 19th, 2020 USCIS status never changed from “ fee received” as of today i have a feeling it’s the Texas Processing Center. I am waiting for the 120 days to pass, at this point I know nothing will happen on its own and I doubt any inquiries with USCIS will yield any results other than a throbbing headache. After the first inquiry i will put just to go through the motions , i am heading straight to the congressional inquiry route. i strongly recommend you to do the same. They have to answer to the representative’s office in about 48 hours by law. Seems like you have exhausted all the options, bringing in your representative’s office should set things in motion. Best luck!
  12. Hi, Tough situation, since the virus is now a pandemic and hits elderly populations the hardest, I think countries with aging populations should take serious measures regardless how it affects our own personal plans and in my case like many of others here, it did with more uncertainty and new risks. We have booked our flight at the end of February for March 25th from Turkey with Lufthansa, there is a two and a half hour wait and a connection from Munich, Germany. This will be my first entry, so no green card at hand, just the visa on passport, and I am a Turkish national myself, married to USC. So far no cancellations on Lufthansa’s end. Provided it stays that way, i can’t assess the right course of action. Lufthansa does not have direct flights from Turkey. i can try to cancel and ask for a refund and try to get a direct flight. Any suggestions? A minor correction, flights are not banned, certain foreign nationals who had been in the Schengen zone 14 days prior to their travel to the US will not be granted entry for 30 days. That was my understanding, anyway.
  13. Update: I carried a letter from the general manager of the company my husband is working for , forwarding information from Human Resources, that my husband is currently insured and I am qualified to get on his plan upon arrival. The insurance company was reluctant to put this in any written form. So we did get the letter from the company, on official letter headed paper. Consular officer never brought it up or demanded such information. I am at working age, so is my husband. I am glad we didn’t jump the gun and tried to get me on insurance before my arrival. I am not sure if that was possible, either, but the insurance reps made us believe so. Hope this helps people in a similar situation.
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