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  1. ☠️🐷🐽🐷☠️
  2. Hi, Tough situation, since the virus is now a pandemic and hits elderly populations the hardest, I think countries with aging populations should take serious measures regardless how it affects our own personal plans and in my case like many of others here, it did with more uncertainty and new risks. We have booked our flight at the end of February for March 25th from Turkey with Lufthansa, there is a two and a half hour wait and a connection from Munich, Germany. This will be my first entry, so no green card at hand, just the visa on passport, and I am a Turkish national myself, married to USC. So far no cancellations on Lufthansa’s end. Provided it stays that way, i can’t assess the right course of action. Lufthansa does not have direct flights from Turkey. i can try to cancel and ask for a refund and try to get a direct flight. Any suggestions? A minor correction, flights are not banned, certain foreign nationals who had been in the Schengen zone 14 days prior to their travel to the US will not be granted entry for 30 days. That was my understanding, anyway.
  3. Update: I carried a letter from the general manager of the company my husband is working for , forwarding information from Human Resources, that my husband is currently insured and I am qualified to get on his plan upon arrival. The insurance company was reluctant to put this in any written form. So we did get the letter from the company, on official letter headed paper. Consular officer never brought it up or demanded such information. I am at working age, so is my husband. I am glad we didn’t jump the gun and tried to get me on insurance before my arrival. I am not sure if that was possible, either, but the insurance reps made us believe so. Hope this helps people in a similar situation.
  4. what does a creature of ressentiment want? 

    "We can guess what the creature of ressentiment wants: he wants others to be evil, he needs others to be evil in order to be able to consider himself good."

    well, OK, BOOMER. 

  5. Are you a researcher or an academic? If you were only helping your friend out as you argue and was not compensated in any way, i say fight this. To be accepted to American academies is a privilege that many people here could not even dream of. If you were really helping and not violating your visa , get a lawyer and fight this legally. I was on F1 for many years, never heard of anything like this before. I never had any problems on the border or POE. Never worked unauthorized in any way, but that's besides the point. This is new and very unwelcoming for distinguished international students, who contribute so much to the American academic establishments, publishing and research. I don't get what makes people so cheery to hear such treatment.
  6. Hi, depends on the processing center I suppose. Nebraska has a particularly bad rep. Ours got approved from Texas in around 6 months, but then it got stuck between USCIS and NVC and only resurfaced at NVC around October 2nd, we did not request any expedite and now we are three weeks away from my interview at the Consulate. so, let's see from October 5th 2018 to February 2020, it makes a few weeks short of 15 months in our case. Ankara is not the busiest embassy, either, so consider that factor while making your estimations. Best luck!
  7. Jesus. Extortion/blackmail is a felony, a very serious crime, so is domestic violence. This is a country with the rule of law. You should save that e-mail for your records. He sounds very stupid besides being an awful person as he is leaving a paper trail of his extortion attempts. I am sorry this is happening to you. People here are giving you superb advice, though. Best luck.
  8. yea, i am the applicant. My husband is USC. Thanks for the reminder, should call NVC this morning.
  9. I quote : "Current case review time: As of 18-NOV-2019, we are reviewing documents submitted to us on 1-OCT-2019." so about a month and a half at NVC and then depending on the Embassy, ad another month or two. You can follow and get an estimate from here, they periodically update this info : https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/collect-and-submit-forms-and-documents-to-the-nvc/step-6-submit-documents-to-the-nvc.html
  10. Yeah, I will email NVC first then the Embassy , will also mention it before the interview just to be on the safe side. It's too minor , considering my youtube channel has hardly any traffic. Thank you and good luck w your application as well.
  11. Hi, AS the title says.. Because the form was timing out constantly, despite going over the whole thing multiple times, I somehow missed the Youtube option. Well, my main e-mail is a gmail address, which is the same as Google account. And, needless to say, my youtube channel is totally forgettable and benign. However, I ended up not disclosing the info. Now should i add the information, I don't know, on my side-load? Or, just leave it like that? Your input and /or 2 cents much appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Wish you a speedy recovery. Yeah, medical bills tend to be preposterous in the States. On the other hand, medical services and staff are very professional and you are treated with dignity, at least in my experience, gotta give them that. That's what I was wondering. Thank you, this information saves my husband from yet another dreaded call, we already had more than we asked for with those this year, multiple calls to NVC, USCIS etc . In that case, he should talk to HR about this, am i right?
  13. @geowrian Thank you for your prompt and detailed response. I'll ask him to call the Provider to give us a letter/ statement about the issue if they can. No matter what the court decides, I would rather be safe than sorry and of course i'd rather be insured than not. Note: I really recommend every prospective immigrant to get insured. A freak bicycle accident landed me a $6000 hospital bill when i was on F1, luckily we had mandatory insurance included in our tuition as international students and it covered the entire emergency, billed separately for ambulance ride, MRs etc. You really can't risk something like that especially just when you need to build up your credit score.
  14. Nope, not even close. We could finally make them send the approved petition to NVC by making multiple congressional inquiries. WE are at the NVC stage still, just submitted all forms and documents. We could ask for an expedite claiming USCIS clerical error, but we really don't wanna jinx it at this point.
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