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  1. Ok, so I scrolled up and saw that NVC acknowledged they received your case number on July 23rd. Well, in that case something is not in order. Try to reach a supervisor on NVC call line , shoot those inquiries via mail , but also contact your senator/congressman and sign those privacy release forms so they can request your case number in your name. All of these will take some time, too, so keep calling NVC, try to reach a supervisor but also don't wait any longer to contact the senator's office, email inquiries. We did wait and lost months. So that would be my thoughts to you. Good luck.
  2. So, when did they receive it? Their webpage says, "Current case creation time frame: As of 16-SEP-2019, we are working on cases that were received from USCIS on 16-AUG-2019." ( see: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/the-immigrant-visa-process/after-petition-approved/begin-nat-visa-center.html ) If they received your case before this date, that is August 16th, you can inquire by emailing nvcresearch@state.gov or put a service request via their website : https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/ask-nvc.html?wcmmode=disabled According to their website, "As of 16-SEP-2019, we are responding to emails received on 19-AUG-2019. (https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/national-visa-center/nvc-contact-information.html ) You can call again, try to reach a supervisor, as well. This did not work for us for USCIS, I doubt it would work with NVC, but who knows ?
  3. A cat with a passport, just thinking about it amused me so much. I guess that would be one thing I would actually not resent doing all the paperwork for, just so I could have it. I hope the said passports are as endearing as they sound. Thanks for the useful question and information, btw, much appreciated for future reference.
  4. I am really sorry to hear you've been put through all this, especially while expecting a child. And, as a US citizen none the less. It's been 4 months for us now and NY senators' office are slammed with similar requests. I hope we will see some result soon. I hope the rest of the process goes smooth for your family from here on.
  5. I am really hoping you are in tip top shape and at the peak of your reproductive fitness, otherwise a bit too rich, don't you think? Then, talking about your "tax dollars" and whatnot. So you are sweating your precious tax money funding untraditional marriages, which you of course mean gay marriages not just poly-amorous ones, but somehow you don't care as much when the said money sponsors poorly justified wars. By traditional marriage what do you mean? You mean those with men having affairs with their secretaries and personal assistants, women lately doing the same with their personal trainers or worse, their son's high school friends? You've either never been to an affluent American suburb, or just here for ideological panhandling. I thought so, too. We are a monogamous couple, so hold up before you come to yet another poorly formed judgment, it makes sense when you are straight for various reasons, but it never once occurred to me to pass judgment over those who practice other forms of union. "Gamy" comes from gamos, meaning union, nothing more. If you are so into flaunting Latin, here you go. Immigration offices run with fees immigrants pay not with federal money. So you can keep your pocket change and your "opinions". Maybe it's time to lay off that scotch for a while, I heard it does wonders to one's mental clarity. By the way, you can't have the cake and eat it, too. You are lucky. Now England is a local country for local people. You can always kindly make your way back if the US laws are too progressive for you.
  6. I felt such relief for you once I read this, because honestly after living in London I can't possibly even imagine what crash landing it would be to find yourself in * the peak Bible Belt, deep south, which they affectionately call the heart of darkness over in NY. So, yeah, absolutely, getting out is a great idea, working towards it is even greater motivation. I lived in Ankara and Antalya- two big cities and the latter is just gorgeous with beaches and Greco-Roman ruins, my entire life, even the graduate student life in a liberal college town on the the Rust Belt North East was hitting heavy on me back then. That's why we decided against AOS despite the whole situation in Turkey. I started working out like a beast during this time, really really helps with anxiety, at least I can say I am in the best shape of my life. Also, probably would help keeping those insane calories of southern cuisine off, it is really *really easy to gain weight in the US. Gyms in the US serve as social gathering places like pubs in the UK or religious congregations. You might make some new friends, not all would be gym rats, either. Just a thought. I really felt you, best luck!
  7. Most excellent news, thank you, I called NVC yesterday, still no dice. I will update as soon as there is any progress. I know what you mean, we feel pretty beat ourselves. We started calling NVC and USCIS since 11th of July. It should never be this difficult. I am really glad we didn't do AOS, any glitch in the system would have more serious consequences. Best luck for the rest of yours as well and thanks for updating.
  8. We did not before the 90 day period ended because we doubted the senator's office would help before case becomes officially "taking longer than normal processing times". Then we wasted another good 20 days with the call center. Those service requests also triggered new grace periods. So we tried to do everything by the book and with patience and only got punished for it so far with further inaction. Yeah, you are right, thank you for your advice, which is most accurate, btw. Their offices do help, multiple people reached out to me to suggest the same thing, as long as they are well staffed about the immigration issue. Our congressman also turned out to be a garbage person so we had limited options. we finally contacted our senator, which required further coordinated attempts at even more red tape. Privacy release forms required both signatures, so the document had to be bounced back and forth between USA and Turkey, it required a chain of sign-print-scan-send-sign-scan-send. lol, you can't make this up. But her office looks well staffed. I am hoping to see results this time. Even if they "lost the case" whatever that means and we have to restructure our petition, at least we will move forward. Will update as soon as I hear anything. Good luck to you, too! For the unlucky future petitioner with the file missing: Do not wait or believe USCIS will honor its own guidelines or rules, they won't, just reach out to your senator.
  9. Oh, that means in a few weeks tops, you should be assigned a case number. That's good news.
  10. Contact your senator/congressperson, they have forms dedicated to dealing with federal gov agencies. File with ombudsman. Don't wait. They are not gonna anything on their own. Calling was not only useless but also frustrating.
  11. AS i go deeper and deeper into VJ archives, I see the same story recurring and it was an epiphany. Same fruitless calls, dead end service requests , same rudeness. Same frustrations. We are hardly the first people who ended up in this situation. Now I see why experienced people on this forum are amused and annoyed by people like us, they have been there. and saw countless went through the same torment. I filed with the ombudsman's office, btw. Will wait a bit, then contact our senator. Really, these may take time but at least you can get results. I am curious whether these "service requests" tier-1s put work against us. Experienced members advise us to try to talk to a tier-2 person, but to reach them is a challenge, convincing them to listen to you carefully or actually help you is another. There is a catch to maneuver this call center. even articulate people cannot always make progress. You probably have to use proper terms in a certain sequence, phrasing your question in a particular way. I am also curious if this last response we got with plenty of factual errors is a way to roadblock the senator's office to request the exact location of the file. I have no good faith left about this part of the process anymore, they squandered it. Honestly, this feels more like text book psychological abuse and your survival depends on anticipating the next move of a malignant sociopath. People answering questions here are not only giving solid advice but also often fulfill the role of trauma counselors, no joke. I hope they are getting financially compensated for their efforts.
  12. Thank you for your kind words and your quick, helpful response. I calmed down after 4 days of frenzy. Filed with ombudsman, will reach out to the senator. I think this year call center is particularly bad. I will remember what you said earlier at every roadblock from now on: "Just a delay,  soon to be a slightly unpleasant memory." .What you guys are doing is so much more than sharing extremely useful information, it is also much-needed emotional support. Cheers.

    1. USS_Voyager


      Yep, we immigrants stick together. May your journey be smooth after this. 

  13. Haha, no, I meant losing your( figuratively) composure and getting into a verbal altercation with people on the phone. Please, do. Will do the same. I hope things move forward for us all who got stuck in this limbo.
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