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  1. The 14k+ was an obvious hyperbole, not a scientifically measurable difference. And Trump did say "ban all Muslims", didn't he? Do you seriously think his ban had nothing to do with this promise? I am not defending Biden. I believe women. But Trump is worse, much worse. Yes, degrees of badness matter.
  2. It looks like we all got two notifications a day apart. If have no idea why but it seems to be the case. You were probably transferred to NBC in Lee's Summit like the rest of us. I just saw your local office is Santa Ana! I'm also in Orange County, you'll probably receive your letter pretty soon!
  3. So was what I said a lie or not? Yep, I'm celebrating having a normal president, no more "very stable genius".
  4. I mean, Trump basically was a joke himself, comedians did have it easy. They didn't even need to write jokes, they could just play his exact words and it was already funny (anyone remember him wanting to buy Greenland? I had some belly laughs on that one one). Still, I'll take less comedy for a better world.
  5. There's no evidence? Absolutely everything I said is true. Michael Cohen is in prison because of the money he paid to Stormy Daniels. Is this a lie? There is a tape in which Trump is bragging about grabbing women. Is this a lie? Trump said "ban all Muslims" and then created a ban based on this promise (very incompetently at first). He also famously said that Mexico is "not sending their best". Is this a lie? He's on video. He's also on video saying how he fell in love with Kim Jong Un after he wrote him beautiful letters. Is this a lie as well?
  6. No more mad man in charge, no more toddler in charge, no more incompetent narcissist that's only concerned about his own ego at the expense of literally anything else, no more sore loser who's ego can't handle a loss and incites his cult to attempt a coup.
  7. Yep, hearing this sounds so good. Finally no mad man in charge! Finally no worrying that he might start a nuclear war out of spite! Finally no overgrown toddler in charge!
  8. I have, but Trump actively bragged about storming in the changing rooms of 15-year-olds and he bragged about grabbing women by the genitalia. His lawyer has also been convicted of paying off his porn star mistress. Plus all the xenophobia and racism ("ban all Muslims" followed by a ban that was pretending to not be a Muslim ban, fear mongering about Mexicans, etc). It's not even close. And come on, where are all the celebratory posts? Fellow non Trumpers, join me!
  9. The president himself said those things (literal quotes). What his daughter and son-in-law have done is not a secret.
  10. You guys are not celebrating at all. Trump is 14588x times more racist and sexist ("grab them by the", "I assume some are good people"). Also his corruption is on another level (selling pardons, getting his son-in-law clearance that he didn't qualify for, his daughter making millions while he's in office, etc). The bar is on the ground.
  11. Cannot be worse than Trump, this is what we're celebrating. I'm not a big fan of Biden, I'm just glad Trump and his horrible policies are gone.
  12. 😂😂😂😂 Trump sure did. Most definitely. And the truly tragic thing about foreign intervention is the local civilian deaths and destruction. But this is a post to celebrate the removal of a dangerous president, let's enjoy this for now. Who else is celebrating?
  13. Even if the time lines do indeed increase (yet to be seen), there are things more important than my personal desire for faster processing. I'm celebrating that the US and the world is rid of Trump and his horrible policies. 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
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