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  1. US education is not important for all employers, many don't care at all. It makes a difference in some fields, but not others.
  2. Yep, you can't really get a good white collar/office job if you're unauthorized. Many blue collar jobs, skilled or unskilled are also off limits, especially at big companies. But there are many low skilled jobs that just take anyone.
  3. They will need to make their own scores then. Still kind of ridiculous in a country with a dysfunctional healthcare system.
  4. Credit scores are useful tools for lenders to assess risk and determine appropriate interest rates. They're developed and maintained with that purpose only. You can't really use them for other purposes, such as determining who is a good citizen. There are many problems that arise when you use "proxy" measures that measure totally different things. Not to mention the possible religious discrimination. Some religions don't allow credit and building a credit score is not something that everyone should be interested in anyway. Some people don't intend to get a mortgage, etc., so they don't have to care about building a credit score (hint - credit scores are for credit purposes).
  5. He doesn't say crazy things at times, he says crazy and stupid things all the time. He can't even talk about a hurricane properly ("one of the wettest from the standpoint of water"). Trump has nothing to do with the current economic situation because 2 years is not enough time for any influence to show, not to mention that these things are very complicated and don't have a simple cause. North Korea - well, Trump said that he fell in love with Kim Jong Un after they exchanged letters, so I don't know what to even say about that (he literally said that, you can find the video if you don't believe me). The South Korean president is the one actually making changes with North Korea. Trump had the world laugh at him, literally (the UN leaders couldn't help it when he was bragging like an idiot). Trump is a charismatic liar who talks to crowds and tells them whatever they want to hear and then goes ahead and says the exact opposite thing on the next day. Also, there are many accounts from people working at the White House saying that Trump barely does anything and works no more than 3 hours a day. He also apparently doesn't read intelligence memos and he doesn't listen to any reports. So he's not doing any work that has substance, he's just talking and tweeting.
  6. Of course not. Illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities are also under the jurisdiction of the US. If they commit a crime, they will be arrested, if they're a victim of a crime, they will be protected the same way a citizen would be. They're not like diplomats from foreign countries who can literally get away with murder and suffer no consequences from not paying parking tickets or running red lights.
  7. The Supreme Court would, too. If it was that easy to change the constitution, then they should just remove the outdated 2nd amendment which no longer makes sense in the modern world. There's everything wrong with Trump outright lying that he can change the constitution with a an Executive order. "It was always told to me that you needed a constitutional amendment. Guess what? You don't. You can definitely do it with an act of Congress. But now they're saying I can do it just with an executive order. We’re the country in the world where a person comes in and has a baby, and the baby is essentially a citizen of the United States for 85 years... " It's just wrong that he can change it with an executive order and he's shamelessly lying about it. He's also lying that the US is the only country with birthright citizenship (although, of course, it's the only country that gives people a US citizenship but it wouldn't make sense for Brazil or Japan to give US citizenship to people born there, so either the president is terrible at expressing a coherent thought or he's making meaningless statements). I don't understand why so many people are defending this conman. He's a proven crook and liar and he contradicts himself all the time. He also says stupid and nonsensical things all the time. Nobody should ever pay attention to his rant about how he will end birthright citizenship because it's pure nonsense. If he wants to start a conversation about it, he should try doing so in a more intelligent and honest way, without outright lying and spreading false facts ("alternative facts").
  8. We all know that only the most talented and professional people go to work in CBP, TSA and the DMV, so I'm not surprised they are are not consistent.
  9. But Trump is not just a lying, he's shameless about his lies and he doesn't lie just occasionally, he lies all the time.
  10. Yes, correct, just keep in mind that the window for applying starts 90 days before the 2 years are up and you should definitely send your application before the 2 years are up.
  11. It wouldn't be the first time he's doing that or the last one. He's a professional liar, the only thing he's really good at is lying without any shame. He doesn't even flinch. And his base doesn't care.
  12. No, if at the time of approval you're married for more than 2 years, you get a 10-year card, if you're married for less than 2 years (even by a day) then you get a 2-year card and you'll have to remove conditions in 2 years.
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