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  1. abum

    5 pass

    which DV have you entered? and talking about? did you get selected?
  2. 1. Cert of Good Conduct, leaving those info would not affect anything, they want to see if you have any records against you - that is the point of the cert. 2. Medical should take 1-2 weeks max. When you want to schedule an appointment with the clinic, the receptionist would ask you the date of your interview and would give you around 3-4 weeks prior to the interview so that when the medical is ready, you will not run out of the validity soon after your interview. Depending on the day you have your appointment at the clinic, you will get the result 4-5 working days. It that was due to the TB test. If you're not required to take the TB test, i think it can be ready earlier than that. Cost - you can ask the receptionist, set aside up to RM600++ i think, especially if you need to catch up on your vaccinations. No vaccination = lower the cost.
  3. maybe you can search on forums of people's success using INA 322. I think i read a post/thread on this topic somewhere on one of the forums i participated in (cant recall which one) However, this does not mean he would not have to have US domicile, keeping up with filing his US taxes, and meet the required income level when he needs to petition for you. For this, it will have to go through the same route IR-1 and there are tons of threads on this topic. US taxes should be easy, esp with UK US tax treaty - though i am not sure if he will have to pay some penalty to IRS, and if he qualifies for Foreign Income Exclusion for every year he forgot to file (if he qualifies, then it would be good as he would not need to pay anything).
  4. @MamaB2019 have you looked into getting the kids' citizenship via INA 322? I think your kids might qualify if: 1. your husband is a USC by birth (easier to apply this INA 322 than citizen by naturalization i think), 2. one of his parents is USC and fulfilled the 5 years physical presence requirement, 3. your kids are under the age of 18 4. your husband has full custody of the child (doesn't matter in this case as you're both living together). 5. and you and your kids are staying abroad. https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-12-part-h-chapter-5 This URL has some good explanation on the INA 322 http://myattorneyusa.com/section-322-naturalization-for-children-born-and-residing-outside-of-us-includes-usc-grandparent Please have a read, it might work for you! (if the kids can have their citizenship this way, then your husband needs to only petition you - which is way better than petitioning the kids as well)
  5. i already got the re-entry permit , 2.5 months after biometric, and around 4-5 months (after biometric) at the embassy of my choice.
  6. i do not follow your premise but that is just me. Good you quoted Politifact! Might worth to then do a comparison between the 2. https://www.politifact.com/personalities/donald-trump/ One even got awards TWICE for Lie of the year. and one, majority of the statements were found to be false , somehow that is acceptable as a leader eh? Okaaay. Anyway, i spent too much of my time here, kinda tired replying with the same points but never gotten through, so wont spent much time replying again. And the last comment - that is a clear case of a "manipulated american's gullible a____ "
  7. because you were trying to put words into my mouth - hence i have to quote what i had actually said here and you quoting your own question , i am not sure how it proved the following claim you made so tell me which bit, based on the chain of comments there, where i said "i did not care about previous 22 shutdowns" ? And tell me the answer to the following "So in order to feel outraged for something, you have to go way back in history, read everything up, feel outrage for all of seemingly similar events and then the current outrage is justified?"
  8. https://www.forbes.com/sites/stancollender/2018/04/15/on-the-deficit-gop-has-been-playing-us-all-for-suckers/#75e43e8b4694 on Economy, i believe small thing too.
  9. urm not sure what to respond to this - though i have seen any piece/news/comments that criticized Trump, will be met with the usual "Fake news" response, along with name calling, labels and shortform T something something. "You must be right. Pelosi and crowd have nothing to do with the shutdown. It's all Trump's fault." thank you for admitting that. Maybe we all can help the effort in pushing and pressuring Trump to just approve the budget that had passed the House (have to push Mitch to do his job too).
  10. 1,2: by repeatedly saying Obama this and Obama that without bringing any proofs, that felt very similar to the guy and his people in the current administration on twitter throwing accusations here and there with no facts to back it up, got proven wrong countless of times. not gonna entertain this. 3: hurm i am not that interested to share my feelings here too so thank you for not asking - though i have been sharing facts on the shutdown that kept being twisted repeatedly (you have to admire the effort to twists facts) and how many lives had been impacted - poor those Americans , their livelihood being taken hostage, for a Wall that had the chance for at least 2 years to be get the funding approved - but no actual plans, budget, projections had been made for the past 2 years, considering the Wall was soooooo important to cause the shutdown now) As for that comment of yours, might be worth to quote our previous comments: "Should i be outrage for the past shutdowns? Which i clearly asked: "So in order to feel outraged for something, you have to go way back in history, read everything up, feel outrage for all of seemingly similar events and then the current outrage is justified?" (not sure where you got the idea of "i don't care about the previous 22 shutdowns under multiple presidents because I wasn't affected")
  11. maybe what you say here is true, and i believe a lot of people wanting to see "Lock her up" chants coming true, 2 years already passed, kinda slow to "lock her up", or indicted, and surprising amount of people from that team chanting "lock her up" got locked up. Funny right? so we should trust Mueller or not? based on Trump recent tweet in the last 2 days, Mueller and his team has the credibility (and their statements can be . And trump's pick for Session's replacement have said Mueller is not involved in Witch Hunt (against what Trump had been ranting on Twitter).
  12. the mother won't be working the whole time we are here in the country. i've been curious of what retirees were required to show, graduations/commencement might be the only popular yearly event where old people would be willing to travel to the USA, but for sightseeing, not sure. i guess I will see if it will go smoothly for us.
  13. haha, this is tough, even after giving proof that it was Trump who single handedly caused the shutdown PROUDLY, him and his supporter would still want to point finger at others. Now sure how many times it can be repeated but if one chose to not understand, what can i do. Maybe i can just share this sequence of event: A QUICK CIVICS LESSON: Just before the government shutdown began, the Senate, led by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (a Republican) overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan bill that would have kept the government open. (Dec 20) The then-Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (a Republican) refused to allow the House to even vote on that bill knowing it would likely pass with a veto-proof majority. For those who might not know, if a president vetoes a bill, if two-thirds of both the House and the Senate vote against that president’s veto, they can override it, thus enacting that bill. That’s called “checks and balances,” a key component our Founding Fathers put into our Constitution. Fast forward a few weeks to when Democrats took power in the House of Representatives. They passed essentially the same exact veto-proof bill the Senate had overwhelmingly approved just a couple of weeks earlier that would reopen the government. Only now, the same Sen. McConnell who let the passage of that bill before, won’t allow the Senate to vote on it — because he knows it would pass, thus forcing Trump to veto it, which would embarrass the party and expose their incompetence. Keep in mind, this all centers around a lie Trump repeatedly told during his campaign (and even now) that Mexico was going to pay for his stupid wall, a wall he now wants the American taxpayer to fund. Republicans controlled all of Congress and the White House for the past two years. If funding this wall was such a major issue, they would have done it — they didn’t. Repeatedly, his own party refused to pass spending bills that gave Trump money for that pointless wall. This isn’t about border security, no matter how many time Trump tells that lie. This is about his ego and his pathetic attempt to distract people from the constantly-growing list of scandals, legal troubles, and embarrassing administration departures he’s been dealing with over the last several weeks. If our government was functioning how our Founding Fathers meant for it to, our government would have never shut down. First it was a Republican, Paul Ryan, refusing to let the House vote on the bill the Senate passed. Now it’s hypocritical Sen. Mitch McConnell, a Republican, doing the same thing with the recently-passed House bill. Two frauds who refused to allow a bill to be voted on to keep the government open/reopen it, not because they opposed it, but because they were afraid it would pass and embarrass their party’s “president.” This is not how democracy works. This is not how our government is supposed to work. Donald Trump and the GOP are the only ones to blame for this political stunt.
  14. I guess one can start using trump and his "Manipulating America's Gullible A...." flock logic: this can be among the phony and fake polls. The one that shows support for the Wall, or how people are feeling happy with the administration, are all true, no rigging there.
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