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  1. Someone who responds to years old posts made by members who no longer visit the site should probably avoid bringing up the subject of not aging well.
  2. It is, but nobody ran the preacher over with a car for breaking the law, nor would it be legal or moral to do so, so it's difficult to see arrived at that comparison. Now if you said people getting arrested for protesting in the street, then yes, that would be a similar situation.
  3. Not sure, but there have been some. Circulating antibody diminishes after some time, probably a significant range of time variation in different people. I'm more interested in whether reinfections are less virulent. The hope would be that even if the immune response diminishes over time, the "memory" effect of the acquired immune response would cause it to ramp up faster next time, get rid of the virus quicker, and not have as much collateral damage that occurred with the less specific inflammatory response in (some) people who contracted the virus for the first time. That has been the pattern with many viruses and bacteria that were introduced to human populations. Separate from the herd response is that our immune systems are designed to deal with pathogens that way. We have trouble with novel ones that we have never encountered before as a species, but we do tend to adapt over time in many cases, but not all. Depends on the virus to some extent too.
  4. Anecdotally, many people who had Covid thought the first vaccine shot was worse than the second. Maybe the first vaccine was acting more like the "booster" in that case, and stimulating an already strong existing immune response.
  5. Some people are comparing this to the holocaust online so I do give you credit for holding back. It's illegal to run people over under any circumstances, so no, no comparison with police arresting someone for repeatedly violating the law despite numerous warnings.
  6. At some point yes, just as vaccinated people may also require a booster at some point. Four months I believe was considered a time frame where most people would still have antibody circulating after recovering from infection. IIRC, that was only a recommendation when vaccine was difficult to come by so they could more effectively use the limited amounts.
  7. The science behind immunology tells us they should be doing that. The initial vaccine guidelines even said people who had recovered from Covid in the previous 4 months did not need to take the vaccine at that time because they already had an immune response.
  8. Not with most people. I have family in Alberta. These guys certainly have some supporters but most people think they are acting like self centered selfish idiots and bear the overwhelming majority of the blame for the ridiculous outcome. The police were not looking to make this to happen. The pastor was.
  9. The penalties for violating public health orders in Alberta are clear. These guys wanted the publicity. Now they got it.
  10. We are currently discussing the most epic moments of CEHST. That discussion is taking place right now, thus it's a current event. If we keep it up, it could also become a hot social topic.
  11. Vaccines are not available to anyone under 16 yet, and it's unlikely we will reach herd immunity until they are. The preceding comments were on CDC guidelines for wearing masks, not which municipalities choose to institute a mask ordinance. Many place have dropped mask requirements, or will drop mask requirements in the near future, but the CDC guidelines are not likely to change until enough people acquire immunity.
  12. Think about that one some more. The answer is right their in your question.
  13. Do they blame Biden for the record high the Dow hit too? Or was that just a Trump thing.
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