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  1. Thanks for the info, that sucks, which means we have to wait the whole process again, and if her EAD will be voided, she will have to quit her job? what will happen to her social security number? Will be voided too?
  2. If I have to file I-130 does she have to exit the USA to wait? If so, I will be a mess, we have a 2 months daughter, I can’t imagine being without my wife and daughter for that time, especially when she is so little 😕
  3. My wife entered the USA on March 5th 2020 as my fiancé K1, 15 days later everything was closed in NY, and pretty much nationwide, city clerk was closed, we couldn’t go to get married anywhere, later NY was accepting virtual marriage through the “project Cupid”, when I made the appointment they only have available for almost 2 months after, August 8th, which is already past 90 days timeline, we got married on that day, I called USCIS yo explain the situation, they subject me to file the AOS anyway, well I was worry but I did, yesterday was her interview, the officer told us that we got married after 90 days and that’s a problem, he couldn’t make a decision and the case must continue to see if there is a waiver, that we have to wait for a notice in the mail, I explained the reason why we got married late, it was out of our control, he agreed but same conclusion, also we have all in order, she is working paying taxes, never have an issue with the justice and we have a 2 months beautiful baby, I can’t believe we have to go through this for something we couldn’t prevented 😕
  4. I just spoke to an USCIS Officer and explain to him my situation, he told me, they haven’t make any time extensions for the 90 days timeframe, but he also told that he understands that is not our fault and What I should do is send an email to them with the appointment that I already made for the marriage license so that I have proof that is not because I fail to meet the deadline. Hi there, I’m from the Bronx!
  5. Hi everyone my fiancé enter the USA on March 5th, we haven’t got married yet because everything is closed on NYC, now on the city clerk website they put a project Cupid, which is letting people get their marriage license online, I managed to do that, but the closest appointment to sign the license online through a video chat with the clerk is by the end of July, which I choose, my concern is that by then, the 90 days period would be ended, i don’t know what else to do, is not like is our fault no getting married on time, all our plans has been changed, at this point we just want to get married even with no celebration at all... any advice pls, thank you.
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