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  1. Yes, I called the USCIS, they are not helpful...
  2. I just spoke to an USCIS Officer and explain to him my situation, he told me, they haven’t make any time extensions for the 90 days timeframe, but he also told that he understands that is not our fault and What I should do is send an email to them with the appointment that I already made for the marriage license so that I have proof that is not because I fail to meet the deadline. Hi there, I’m from the Bronx!
  3. Hi everyone my fiancé enter the USA on March 5th, we haven’t got married yet because everything is closed on NYC, now on the city clerk website they put a project Cupid, which is letting people get their marriage license online, I managed to do that, but the closest appointment to sign the license online through a video chat with the clerk is by the end of July, which I choose, my concern is that by then, the 90 days period would be ended, i don’t know what else to do, is not like is our fault no getting married on time, all our plans has been changed, at this point we just want to get married even with no celebration at all... any advice pls, thank you.
  4. Thanks for the info, Amid the corona virus I’m not planing on doing a celebration, that can be done any other time when things get better, Don’t want to put family at risk, I just want to get married and the city clerk is CLOSED until further notice, so I can’t get married right now, hopefully everything reopen soon before the 90 days period.
  5. Thanks for replying, If I’m not mistaking that means paying another application fee!
  6. My Fiancé entered to the USA on March 5th, she haven’t been able to apply for SSN, and getting married is on the unknown field since everything is closed, what might happens if the 90 days period ends and we can’t get married? thanks
  7. Thanks, So, how long did you wait? 10 calendar days are fine?
  8. Hi there, my fiancé traveled to USA last Thursday March 5th, I saw somewhere I can’t remember, that is best to wait at least 10 days before applying for SSN, is this correct or can I go with her and do that anytime now? thanks.
  9. They ask me a couple of questions, why do we want to get marry in the USA, for how long we know each other, What we like to do together, where we go together, when we stay together, who cook, and that was it! I respond to all the questions and she approved the visa! i guess is just a requirement to be both at the interview.
  10. UPDATE! I went to the embassy today with my fiancé and the visa was approved! 😊 thanks everyone.
  11. Hi there, since you got approved, pls let me know how fast she gets the passport with the visa! Thanks
  12. Yeah, must be a requirement over there, my fiancé told me that everybody was with their fiancé, I felt so bad😕 I just wanted to go with all my brothers and wives that loves her and after celebrating a couple of days over there, bring her with us! might still the case if she got approved 🙏
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