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  1. My green card just arrived Thursday but I came here to the US on October 19, 2019 so you may have a little while longer to wait.
  2. Thank you. Ok great, yea better to have and not need. I had a thick folder of documents and they only asked to see about 5 of the documents but I had them all just in case. My tip would be to answer questions concise and not offer too much more information than what they asked for. Not that you’re trying to hide anything, not at all but sometimes saying more than you were asked about can open the door to even more questions and a longer or potentially more complicated interview.
  3. Visa approved today, everyone!!! So so happy. Thank you all for your support! Did not need to have a new I-864 after all. Since my husband got a new job I thought we needed to do a new I-864 to show his new income etc (we were using assets to meet requirements) but it was overkill apparently. I advised that he got a new job and that I had the job offer letter with me but the officer didn’t need it. He asked questions of how we met, how many people were at the wedding, what my husband does for a living and where we are going to live and made small talk. Whole thing felt more like a conversation really. Glad to be done. Feel free to ask me any other questions!
  4. Hi there. You said he ‘can’ take a new i864 and wondering if that means it’s not necessary? Sort of a similar situation, my husband has just changed jobs and making more income. I was going to just have him email me the offer letter to take to the interview but a new i864 means he would probably have to courier it since it’s signed and embassy would need original. Thanks!
  5. Congrats! Yes. I got IL on the 12th for interview October 1st!! Did medical last week Wednesday so just the wait for interview next week. The embassy did end up delaying it seems but they moved the notice down from the site and look like they’re back on schedule! How long does it take to get your passport back once they approve?
  6. Took over 3 weeks for them to review the first time in June/July then almost 5 weeks for them to review 1 document I resubmitted after that. It looks like they’ve gotten little faster now though.
  7. Got IL this morning! Interview 1 October DQ 19 August The Bahamas And here I thought it was going to take a while because of their notice! Praying for everyone to get IL very soon!
  8. Yay!!! Finally. Glad you got DQ! Yes I pray we all get our ILs soon I'm doing ok. Nassau where I am and where the embassy is located did not get a direct hit thank goodness but I believe they cancelled scheduled interviews to focus on those who were directly affected. Thank you for the well wishes! Thank you I am I like to be hopeful also so I hope I hear something soon too 🙏
  9. My cc is August 19. A hurricane passed through the Bahamas early last week and the embassy announced some appointment cancellations so I would be waiting for IL a little longer than I thought.
  10. Gee why would they post something like that on their website and don’t contact you if so. Yea I feel that does be my luck too 😄🤦🏽‍♀️. Sigh. Yea call them.
  11. Hey. I haven’t gotten an interview appointment yet. Still waiting on NVC to schedule my appointment with the embassy so I haven’t done anything yet. I say let me check the embassy website to see if there’s any notice relating to the hurricane and their operations (although I don’t think there should be any major effect in Nassau with them) and see this notice: Please be advised that Immigrant Visa Interviews that were scheduled for September 10th, 2019 have been cancelled. Also note that responses to routine inquiries are currently suspended and will be delayed in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. We appreciate your patience and consideration during this time. https://bs.usembassy.gov/visas/ Do you know when your appointment will be and this prob mean I would be delayed also...
  12. Hello my dear friend:) Hope you are safe and sound?!  This weather in this world is getting scarier:( 

    Just wanted to share the great news with you also. I finally got case complete/DQ yeyyy

    Thank you for the prayers! Hoping for both of us an interview date soon! Please do share the great news...

    God is good!🙏 Take care and be safe friend! 

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