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  1. Agreed. You choose if you’re logging in as applicant, petitioner, or attorney before you log in. My husband logged in to upload his financial info and I logged in to upload my civil docs. We both have logged in numerous times from 2 different countries. Plus NVC does put in the notes why they are rejecting it. Lawyer reasoning doesn’t seem totally honest. Maybe he wants to prolong it a little to make a little more money? 🤷🏻‍♀️
  2. Hi, you prob can. I took a picture with my phone of my household member’s passport and NVC accepted it. I took a picture because I read somewhere on their website that taking pictures of the docs is acceptable (and I didn’t have a scanner nearby at the time). I don’t know where I read it on their site, but you can google it and check. All of my docs were accepted except my police certificate (they said it was not right side up), I resubmitted it yesterday July 18. Praying it doesn’t take long to be reviewed 😓
  3. Thanks. I could try that in the morning and see. Hope you get yours soon
  4. Submitted on 23 June and just heard back from NVC today! All the documents were accepted except for my police certificate. They say it is not the right side up but it IS. I’ve checked it a dozen times now, opening it up on several devices and it’s opening up horizontally, it’s also under 2mb. So I’m going to rescan it and submit it again. I guess another 3 week wait for them to review it 😔.
  5. Oh good, I pray that you get it this week coming!! I'm still waiting on the first review, I submitted everything 23 June. I see they are working on 3 June so I hope they speed things up and I hear something soon!
  6. How long did they take to review when you submitted the first time?
  7. Hi, yea it says an hour but in my case took over 6 hours before it was added 🙄
  8. Hi all Just wanted to let you know my timeline so far: NVC received my case 29 May. Got case number 14 June. Paid AOS and IV fees same day. Submitted IV docs 19 June and AOS docs 21 June. Waiting on NVC to review. Hope to hear from NVC soon.
  9. Hi, my noa2 was 9 May and I just got the NVC welcome email yesterday 14 June. USCIS sent to NVC on 20 May and I called NVC around 3 June to find out if they received my case and they said they got it 29 May. Now I got email with case # yesterday! So you can prob expect a wait of around 5-6 weeks after noa2
  10. Hi. For those who are getting vaccines done, is it because you don’t have your records of having them done or is the embassy still making you do the vaccines no matter? I have my old vaccination record but just trying to see whether I need to potentially budget that amount of money for the medical. Thank you.
  11. Yes they have started working on this month, so let’s hope it keeps moving at this pace.
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