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  1. We also stayed at that Best Western. My husband’s interview was at 9:30 so we asked if we can get a later checkout time and they extended it to 1:00 for us. Tell them you’re there for your immigration interview and they should do that for you. We left everything in the room and picked it up after and left.
  2. Sorry again for the delay..Yes I was residing in Canada and was a permanent resident of Canada and intended to reestablish domicile in the US, which I have. My husband and I retired so we were not looking for jobs in the US. Not sure if that helps, feel free to ask anything, if I can help I will.
  3. Thanks! Sorry for the delay but I’m not on here continuously as I was before we got our approval. We used my income, which was minimal but enough and also posted all of our assets but they seem to be only concerned about the income no matter what your assets are. Luckily they didn’t ask for a co sponsor. We finally moved to the US on June 1 and couldn’t be happier! Best of luck to you, it’s stressful but worth the wait!
  4. Finally finished with our journey! My husband had already activated his GC a few months ago at the border before the mandatory Covid testing was required to enter Canada from the US. We crossed on Tuesday at the Peace Bridge at Buffalo/ Fort Erie. Our van was packed full as the movers had already picked up all of our furniture. I had prepared a detailed list (4 pages) of all of our possessions that we were taking over with us. Got to the customs booth and was asked for my passport and husband’s GC, what was our citizenship and what state we were moving to...that was it! He didn’t even look inside our van or want to see my list which I told him we had. The only thing he was concerned about was importing our vehicle so we had to go inside for that, which we were prepared for. 15 minutes inside and we were good to go! Easiest crossing we’ve ever had and so happy to be near my family again! We have to give a huge thank you to everyone here in VisaJourney as you guys have been a lifesaver through this whole process. I’ve also made a couple of good friends through here as well. Best of luck to all of you!!!
  5. You should renew it before the interview. There is an expedite service to get it right away for an additional fee.
  6. Congratulations on completing your journey and finally joining your husband! I am interested in the link you provided regarding the exemption on state tax however when I click on it there's nothing there. Would you mind providing the actual web address? Thanks and best of luck to you!
  7. My husband had his photos taken at a UPS store. They all have them and they should be open as shipping parcels is an essential device
  8. Yes you will have to quarantine. We went to the Peace Bridge crossing to activate my husband’s visa, we were there for about 30-45 minutes and crossed back into Canada afterwards and had to quarantine for the two weeks. You have to install the ArriveCan app on your phone and they send you a report daily to fill out during your quarantine. But.... since then they’ve imposed showing a negative Covid test that has to be done in the US 72 hours before returning so I don’t know how that will work.
  9. My husband’s police certificate was due to expire a few weeks after his interview and he had no problem, they didn’t even mention it.
  10. My husband and I went to Montreal together but I stayed back at the hotel and waited for him. With Covid going on I don’t think I would have wanted to be there amongst everyone, and Montreal was also in a lockdown when we went..They’re just playing it safe.
  11. Sorry but why are you always so doubtful when many people here have already had interviews since the consulate reopened? As @Hawk Riders mentioned 'read the FAQS'. I've noticed you are the same way in other forums asking the same thing over again and doubting people. Not trying to be rude but it's very obvious and you can get so many correct answers to your questions on this site by searching them..
  12. Ours took about 3 days before we could register. It’s very frustrating waiting but just give it time.
  13. We also stayed at the same Best Western but only stayed one night as we drove in the day before from Toronto and left the next day after the interview. Our room was clean and no issues except Cora’s was closed because of the lockdown, we were there end of Jan. Literally a 2 minute walk to the consulate, just around the corner. I would recommend it...Very close and inexpensive..
  14. Ours was by courier and they left it in the mailbox..no signature.
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