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  1. Hi all, I have a question about crossing the border to US. We are planning to cross the border soon, but we are thinking of going through the border and activate my visa and visit family quickly and then come back to pack up and make the move. The thing is I am PR in Canada, and the big question lingering on my mind is would they allow me to enter back in Canada? I know Canadian citizens can do this technically, but they would lose the provincial healthcare. How about PR holders? Does anyone here have any previous experience doing this? Thank so much in advance. I would greatly appreciate any input.
  2. Hello everyone, I was just wondering if anyone used a cross border mover when moving to the US? I would love to hear if someone share their experiences.
  3. Hi I live in Vancouver. My interview was on July 19, and my visa status was changed into 'issued' on July 21. I received the email saying my visa being sent on July 23. Picked it up yesterday. Hope this helps!
  4. Received my passport with visa yesterday!! Yay!!! It feels great to be finally at the end of this long odyssey!
  5. approved!! Thanks! Wrote a recap of the experience. Will update the timeline soon.
  6. Hi I did the same, and it worked out. I had my interview yesterday morning and left the consulate around 12 noon, and walked to my hotel, picked up my bag and went directly to the airport. My flight back home was at 3:15 pm and I was at the airport way early. To answer to your question, no, you don't need to come back to the consulate at least to my experience. Good luck with your interview!
  7. Hi @B&Grr My visa status is as same as yours..... I am surprised as I just had interview yesterday. I was wondering if you have received your visa/passport and, if you did, how long it took.
  8. Hello All, I had my visa interview yesterday at the Montreal consulate, and just want to give my account here before I forget the details. I arrived at the consulate about 40 minutes before my interview. There were a few people standing outside waiting. When one of the guards came out to let someone in, I talked to him and he told me to come back 10 minutes before my interview. So, they wouldn't let you in early even if you come early. Once I was inside, and went through the airport-like security at the ground floor and put my i-phone in a locker as one of the guards instructed. I brought all my massive 3 folders full of documents, and a small purse with me, and I was allowed to bring all of it except my i-phone to the interview hall. They sent me upstairs to join others sitting and waiting in a hall. At the first window, they took my passport, and nothing else and I sat down and waited. I think this wait was at least for 40 minutes and the longest. Then they called me with my number on the screen again. This time, they took the necessary documents, which were as best as I can remember: -Original birth certificate -original marriage certtificate -W-2s and 1040 for 2020 -i864 -Police certificate from Canada -Police certificate from my home country -my Canadian PR card Then they sent me back to the waiting area to wait more. This time, I didn't need to wait long as I was called again shortly afterwards for the interview. I was interviewed by an older gentleman, who was polite, friendly even. He asked some questions related to my marriage after taking an oath: -Who is your petitioner -Tell me how you met your husband and where and when you got married -What does you husband to for living -Where you will you be living in US? -Have you ever arrested? -What is the longest time you stayed in US? -What do you do? -Do you have children? It felt more like a conversation, rather than an interview. One thing to note here is I brought a letter from my mother-in-law stating we will be living with her in her place and we were welcome to stay as long as we like. She actually had the letter notarized by a public notary in California and attached her driver's license to it. When he asked where will be living in the US, I pulled out the letter and gave it to him and after he looked at it and said 'It is very complete and good. It really helps.'. I actually took someone's wise and informed advise here in this forum and asked my mother-in-law to write me a letter and have it notarized. I thank this forum for it! The interview was for about 5-7 minutes in length. In the end, he said that he was planning to approve my visa, explained the procedure etc. and gave me the welcome letter. I thanked him and left. I was inside for about 1 hr and 40 minutes. It was generally a good experience. The security guards were polite. Inside, there were only 4 people were working, 2 taking documents and other 2 interviewing. I thought they were efficient. I wanted to thank all the wonderful members in this forum. You all have been an enormous help during a challenging time. I would have been in the total dark without any knowledge as to what is going in regards to the application/interview schedule without this forum, and would probably have driven myself mad. So, thank you all!
  9. Hi all, I was just looking at my i864 which was filled about a year ago. The form itself hasn't expired yet, but as it has been roughly a year as we filled it out, it hasn't reflected my husband's 2020 income info. I am bringing the tax return papers with me for 2020, but I just want to make sure I am doing it right. Do we need to fill out another i864 to reflect the latest info? I know the FAQ mentioned you don't need to fill out another one as long as the form itself hasn't expired. I am just curious to know what other people did and what their experiences in similar situations. Thank you very much in advance.
  10. Another quick question. I will be bringing my small sized travel bag with me to Montreal. I am staying at Best Western which is 2 minutes away according to Google maps. I am wondering if anyone had experience of asking the hotel to keep the bag until I come back from my interview. Since my interview is 10:15, I don’t think I would have enough time to return before 11 am checkout time. FAQ mentioned that there is a locker in nearby mall. Has anyone used locker before there? Would it be big enough for s travel bag? thanks a million in advance.
  11. Hello all, I have a quick question. The US consulate website says that the applicants must bring medical examination results in sealed envelope to the interview. I specifically asked Dr Cheema's staff the other day about this, and they said medical results will be sent to the Consulate through email, and I didn't need to pick it up there. The FAQ also said that the panel physicians will be sending the the results electronically to the Consulate. Does this means that I don't need to bring the med exam results with me to the interview? Dr office mentioned that a CD will be sent to my home address.Do I need to bring this CD? Any replies are greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance!
  12. Hi I communicated with them today through email. They asked me which day I prefer and I said July 1, but they were going to be closed on July 1. So they gave me June 29 app. From my experience with them, they seem to be flexible. Just make sure you send them an email as soon as you receive your IL and you can call them on the phone if you don't hear from them in a day. When you call them, make sure wait until the message ends, and then it will go through and someone picks it up. I didn't know this, so first I thought it went straight to voice message.
  13. Hi I am in Vancouver and I received my TD shot at local Shoppers pharmacy the other day. It was very easy... It took only 15-20 minutes in total. I didn't need to get any appointment in advance.
  14. Hi Thanks for your reply. Hopefully someone will be able to confirm.... This new one looks like the one I obtained in July 2021 except a few things. It says 'Criminal Record check for personal use' which is the exact wording in the requirement listed in FAQ. So I hope this is the right one.
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