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  1. Did you choose to get your SSN automatically when you filled out the DS-260? If so, it should arrive within a couple weeks.
  2. Ours arrived last week, just over 2 months after we crossed.
  3. In the past passports have been sent out on Fridays, so if you were approved I wouldn't expect to see a tracking number until then.
  4. X-rays are for your personal records. You don't need to show them to activate your visa.
  5. Like @rainbow-skies mentioned we stayed at Best Western - Hotel Europa. It wasn't fancy, but it was affordable and just 2 blocks away from the consulate. The bus from the airport (line 747) also had a stop a block away from the hotel so it was easy to get there.
  6. My wife's SSN card arrived on Saturday, 9 days after we entered the US. Now we just wait and see if the green card shows up! And for folks who will be living close to the border and continuing to work in Canada after moving, she has had 0 issues so far in crossing the border for work and returning to the US with her stamped visa.
  7. What state did you move to? I'm only familiar with Washington, but you should be able to sign up for a monthly policy with any major provider in your area - if you're in Washington you can use wahealthplanfinder.org. Moving to the US from a foreign country is a "qualifying life event" so you're able to sign up for insurance outside of the normal signup window. You can then cancel that plan once you start your job and get coverage through them. Basic "Bronze" level plans in Washington are around $500/month for a married couple with no kids.
  8. Check the FAQ: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1k927pE5wqzTN5n0lPYZ1JQxgbmnzmNWX5hSteyii0BY/edit
  9. Crossed the border yesterday with all our stuff and activated my wife's visa - we are now living in our new house! Since a few folks were asking me about our moving process, here's the details: I am a dual US-Canada citizen and have worked in the US for the last 5 years (even while living in Canada) so on Tuesday morning on my way to work I imported my pickup. I had all the paperwork filled out ahead of time so I was in and out of secondary inspection in less than 5 minutes. At the end of the workday I drove my pickup to my parents' house and got my brother to drop me off at the UHaul rental site, where I picked up the rental UHaul truck and drove it across the border back home. They had a few extra questions for me than usual (where did I rent the truck from, when did I rent it, did I still go to work, when will we be moving back down) but I got across with no issues. We spent the day on Wednesday packing up the truck, and then first thing Thursday morning drove to the border. We crossed at the Lynden POE, so per the signage on the highway before the crossing I drove the UHaul through the commercial lane while my wife drove her car (with our cat) through the regular lane. No lineups so we both pulled right up to the booth. I had my Nexus card and a list of everything in the truck - the agent in the booth said since it was a rental truck, I was a US citizen, and the truck was full of household goods I could've used the regular lane. The only question he asked was what our new address was, and then I was good to go (he didn't read the list other than a cursory glance, and never opened the truck). I parked the UHaul in the old duty free parking lot on the US side and headed inside to join my wife in secondary. Secondary for her was very straightforward, although it took about 20 minutes because the guy who was processing her paperwork was being trained. The vehicle import was what took the longest, but in any case they didn't ask her any questions at any point (other than the address where she was moving to), they were just going through her paperwork and filling out forms. She had a health certificate for the cat from our vet, but they didn't even ask about that. Overall a very smooth process, and everyone at the port of entry was super nice and helpful!
  10. Passport is out for delivery again today (wasn't delivered yesterday according to Purolator because of a "sorting error", ie the delivery driver didn't want to drive out to our place at the end of his shift so he pretended he didn't see the package in his truck). We have a u-haul truck booked and plan to move on Thursday. I imported my vehicle into the US on my way to work this morning since I'll be driving the u-haul on moving day. I had all the paperwork (HS-7, EPA 3520, compliance letter, bill of sale, and vehicle registration) all filled out and in order, so I was in and out of secondary in 5 minutes.
  11. I would suspect that that should be more than enough. I was able to prove that I maintained domicile in the US while "temporarily residing" in Canada for close to 6 years with a combination of bank account statements, credit card and retirement account statements, US employer paystubs and W-2s, US charity donation receipts, and home ownership (we purchased it after we were DQ'ed but haven't moved in yet).
  12. Back from Montreal and at work (the only computer that has my VJ password saved 😂). My wife was approved at her Monday appointment! She was in the consulate for over 2 hours, which stressed me out a bit. She said it was over an hour and a half until she was called up to give them her documents, then she was called up for the interview 5 minutes later. Interview itself was very straightforward - she was told that the fact that I uploaded a new 2020 i864 made things easier. My proof of domicile while residing in Canada was also accepted, so if anyone else is planning on that I can give you more details. I have to go back through the thread now and figure out where to get the A-number to pay the fee (or do we have to wait until we have the passport back for that?). Hopefully moving next week Thursday!
  13. Impossible to know, really. Best guess would be next week Friday (August 13) but the consulate isn't exactly consistent about releasing the interview schedule. Based on the spreadsheet, I'd say it's close to 50-50 as to whether or not you will be included in the next round of interviews (the color blocks are estimates), but either way if you follow this thread everyone posts when they receive their interview letter so you'll find out when they go out. Spreadsheet link in case you haven't seen it: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LvnDvX95_tfWtTvsJJM49PDPPvPKal0WG2rgdZHhsz0/
  14. My wife completed her medical exam with Dr. Cheema on Wednesday and she said it was really quick and easy. Her words were "felt like being on a conveyor belt the way the doctor ran through his steps." She also said that she paid for 2 hours of parking at the x-ray place thinking there might be a wait, but she was in and out in 10 minutes. We got an email the next day from Dr. Cheema's office that the results had been sent to the consulate.
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