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  1. I checked the Visa Status by using the case number and I see the same message. "at NVC" I don't really know how long will it take to be in transit but I will be optimistic and say about 2 weeks. ( I am trying to expedite because my residence permit expires soon. I am informed that the consulate will decide if they can expedite or not. ) I guess invoice number is needed to pay the fee before the appointment. But I am not sure. It's interesting that you didn't receive invoice number. But I am sure if that's a mistake, they will correct it soon.
  2. Yes I did. It says it’s a non-immigrant visa but i couldn’t find how to do. I sent an inquiry on Tuesday by using the form on the website.
  3. Hello everyone, Good news ! I just received my case number + Invoice ID number from the NVC today. I couldn't log in on the CEAC website. Is it normal ? "You will be notified once this case is forwarded to the assigned US Embassy/Consulate General." is also written in the email. I suppose I should wait ? NOA1: October 02 NOA2 : December 14
  4. I am a Turkish citizen living in Germany for 5 years now. I applied to the American consulate here in Germany. They asked three questions - how long have you been living in Germany ? - what do you do for living ? - why do you want to go to the states? I said i was going to see my fiancé and his family. He simply said it’s approved. I had some documents with me to prove my “strong ties”. The officer never asked or wanted to see. There were a few teenagers before me and they are all denied. ( everyone in the room could hear all the conversations between the officer and the applicants ) What i know is every person has a different situation. Prepare yourself for a negative result as well. But I’m hoping you can get it. And get to see your fiancé soon. 🥰
  5. Hello there, i did and got the visa. Have been to the states 2 times last year and didn’t have any problem at the customs.
  6. Hello everyone! I sent another inquiry afterwards and received an email today from nvc. Apparently they got our case . I hope latest end of February we can get the case number.
  7. We got an email from NVC. But it’s weird. I guess either we did something wrong or there’s some error in the system.
  8. we ‘ve just sent it today. But I’m assuming that NVC got it already.
  9. Hello everyone! our noa2 date is 13.December. We are planning to send an email to nvc in 15 days to be sure that they received our case. embassy is Germany and I’m expecting to get the visa in my hand in April. Am i being too optimistic?😅
  10. We just got the approval. After I checked the app thousand times today, finally I saw the approval. We are sooo happy 🥳 NOA 1 is dated October 2. And we tried to expedite a few times because the fiancé is in active duty and stationed overseas but the requests denied immediately. i hope everyone gets their NOA2 very soon. 🥰
  11. Thank you for your post Kiana or Katarina But I think there is something missing here. I am not sure if there is no activity in the first 2 batch or it is missing but there is 2 more groups before "WAC - 22901000" Here they are : WAC - 22900000 WAC - 22900500 ( I belong to this group and It doesn't seem fair if they skip us ) Are they originally on your list ? Thank you again ! Ezgi K.
  12. Just like I was expecting, the uscis increased the processing time to 15 months. At least they are honest.
  13. Hello everyone! I see all the other groups including December 2021 Filers are very active in the forum. But I don't see any comment - posts under this topic. From my understanding everyone is waiting patiently Our case hit 14 Month ( we sent the documents at the end of September but received NOA1 on the 2nd of October ) and I guess USCIS will have to update the processing times on their website soon. (It's still 14 Months) How are you all ? When do you expect to see NOA2 ? I am guessing, in January they will start processing October 2021 cases. There is still ca. 2000 cases from August and 2500 cases from September before us. And it seems they process around 500 cases in a week. So roughly it makes 9-10 weeks. But I am hoping we will get a good Christmas present. 🤞
  14. I am absolutely sure. I was actually wondering from which month did they start giving the number starting with "22900" that's why i was so happy to see that chart. But I guess the majority of some of the numbers are missing. Because I can say there's at least 500 files starting with "22900" just like mine.
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