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  1. Thanks newbutold but this doesn't exactly work for my situation. K1 is faster but is it really faster if my future husband has to sit here in the states, wait on employment authorization and AP. If I move to South Africa now, I would be moving as someone who is getting married not living as a fiancee. I understand your post but it isn't ideal for my case. I was already planning an international move this year but happened to meet him so plans just had to be rearranged.
  2. Thank you! He's a South Africa resident so he'd be going there. I gotta think this through. Thank you! Thank you! I told him it's a long process and we can make a decision whenever it processes.
  3. No issues here. I own a business so I am pulling more than the minimum amount required.
  4. Ok thank you! I have all of this so no worries. I am keeping my house so I have HOA and more. Is the CR-1 entry date generally 6 months? I think that's where I was confused.
  5. Good day everyone. I currently have a pending K-1 but I am thinking of withdrawing it, just getting married, moving overseas in the interim and filing CR-1. I know I have to establish the US as my domicile which is no problem as I still have property/assets/business/etc. here. If I go this route, what I haven't been able to find out is after approval of CR-1 when would my by that time husband have to be in the states? I am familiar with K-1 as I know with that process after visa approval, you have 6 months to enter the states and marry within 90 days. CR-1 I am not sure when you have to leave... does anyone know? I tried to search the threads and I apologize in advance as I did see some threads but it didn't address this question. Thank you in advance!
  6. Heyyy!!! No pressure!! We made it!! I just got back from South Africa on Monday from visiting my honey. We meet again in Dubai in about 7 weeks. I can't wait. Wishing you and your love all the best!
  7. That's what I meant lol.. the required minimum as income can far exceed the mins!
  8. In this case, I'd do the CR-1! Have the wedding this year and file right after you wed.
  9. I think the issue is do you make the required income per year is probably what they are looking for. As long as your retail experience and freelance 1099 equal to or exceed the required amount, you should be ok.
  10. Definitely!! Much love to you all as well! May will be here before you know it!!!!
  11. Thank you so much! My honey is also Nigerian but he lives in South Africa. Both of us are professionals so finances are not an issue for us. I have a lot of vacation time (equivalent to about 2 months a year) and I also own a consulting company which all of my business is overseas. This process is challenging but worth it in the long run. We are committed to meeting up every 6 to 8 weeks if possible wherever we can. It's hard but we don't have a choice for now. In due time, all will be well with us and also to you and your love! Best wishes!
  12. This is a a great question. We filed for K-1 but by the time our interview comes around, we will have met at least 8-10 times in a year's span.
  13. Hey peeps! Just checking on you all.. we made it through January and about to make it through February! I just got back from visiting my fiance. Jetlagged and tired but glad I got to visit. How are you all doing?
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