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  1. Got a reply to my email from KyivIV. They said yes, come next Friday instead but no need to bring a new appointment confirmation. I told my fiancee to print off that email and bring it with her next Friday.
  2. I don't expect an email back before Friday because they are at end if business today, closed tmw and supposed closed Friday too. The thing that I don't like is nothing is showing a rescheduled appointment and even calling the embassy they don't know news they are canceling Friday interviews. And also the fact the day they say new interview is is full on traveldocs (I'm sure they can force schedule and interview) but without confirmation I just think is interview really next Friday now? It makes sense for a long weekend, but the short notice is garbage. Lucky I wasn't in your shoes Tasty and travelled all the way out there for the interview only to have this stunt pulled.
  3. My fiancee just received a call from embassy saying that the consul will not be there on Friday, so her July 5 interview will be next Friday. She was in middle of Maidan so had terrible time trying to hear, and didn't think to ask follow up about appointment confirmation because of the shock. I call the embassy scheduling and they say all I show in my system is interview is still scheduled for July 5, for more information you need to email kyiviv@state.gov. She called back to the number that called her and got the same information. Ustraveldocs still shows a July 5 interview, and next Friday when they say her new interview is doesn't have any open spots. I send an email to Kyiviv, but they take 3 business days to respond so with the holiday that's next Tues of Wed. All I can say is what the heck is this #######!!??!!
  4. Thank you for the responses guys!! I received the email early this morning so looks like all set to go this week! She travels to Kyiv tomorrow for medical on Wed and interview on Friday!!
  5. I thought of you Tasty when I received this info but figured you would be having the original since you were going to be at the interview, but yes absolutely positive wet not required. The "checklist" does say original is required however, but I'm guessing this is old and not updated. On the other hand, should we be worried we haven't received an email from the embassy yet? Our case left on 6/11 and arrived 6/14 and 6/17 updated to ready. We scheduled interview for July 5, this is three weeks after case arrived. Everybody else I am seeing got an email within a few days of case arriving. Should I call embassy to confirm interview? @Shiran
  6. Just went ahead and called the embassy for clarification on this. While their directions make it sound there are 2 confirmations to print, 1 for interview and 1 for delivery, they are both on the same confirmation to print. He said for other visa options it can be different. Also, perhaps an answer to an even more ambiguous question...I did get confirmation that a wet signature is not required for the I134, at least at Kyiv. A copy is sufficient. I have seen this asked many times on here with no sure answer, and was wondering the same myself as I didn't want to DHL 8 sheets of paper for $120 if not needed.. I called the embassy on this and who I spoke with literally said "I don't know" and to email the IV section and ask.
  7. Can't tell for sure, but is the interview confirmation and the passport delivery confirmation both on the same confirmation page you print on ustraveldocs? The instructions make it sound like two different confirmations need to be printed, but I can't find an option for the passport delivery confirmation. The interview confirmation has her address on it for passport delivery.
  8. Thanks for the responses, and honestly every one make sense!! That's what makes it difficult choosing the correct option. I guess strictly "legally" saying, if I fill out the form accurate as of 7/1 and date it as such, and something happens after that the form is accurate. If I fill out the form on 7/1 with how "I think" it will be on 7/5, I am actually filling it out inaccurate although I am trying to be honest and have full disclosure. I think I will make it as accurate as possible as close to her interview as I can. If I close 2 days before her interview, there isn't going to be a way for the embassy to see or question this anyways as loan and titles take a few days to settle and be recorded anyways.
  9. As the title says, couldn't have timed this any better and my land purchase/construction loan will be closing on the same day or within 2 days of my fiancee having her interview. This makes some questions on the I-134, difficult to answer correctly in regards to cash on hand and property ownership. Do I just answer the question how they will be on the interview on 7/5, or do I answer accurate as of dating the I-134, say if I send to her on 7/1.
  10. Thank you for asking all these questions...you are saving me the trouble🤣
  11. Please spare us the bikini pictures, we believe you🤣🤣 On the other hand, thank you for taking the dive for the rest of us and ensuring some openings in July now!!! In all seriousness, I'm not even really looking for an earlier interview. What we have booked with still work with the timeline we were hoping for marriage, and to stress out 3 times a day checking for an opening that probably never will come ain't worth it. If something falls in my lap we would of course take it, but I ain't really looking nor expecting. Looks like we will both be getting our good news a day apart!!
  12. It's not only K1s, but all immigrant visa cases. There is a lack of timelines on here showing interviews in June or July which is suspicious, but it is all user reported info so understandable. Yes I agree with you...best to just expect the interviews will be as scheduled. Kyiv embassy went to among the fastest to the slowest overnight it seems.
  13. A friend of mine (who's wife is a K1 through Kyiv) talked to a Consular Public Liaison Officer yesterday and he said there are indeed interviews in June and July, but they are full purely do to increased demand. Take that for what it is worth, but it is the best info we have so far. CPL said only hope for an earlier appointment would be through a cancellation as there won't be anymore interviews opening in June or July. In regards to Sept and Oct, this sounds correct as they probably haven't opened that calendar yet for scheduling. Edit: He also told me do not mention what I did (scheduling the interview without receiving email from embassy) or they will cancel it. Said show up with interview confirmation and all documents for interview and will be good to go. They don't have anything that will automatically cancel my interview.
  14. Nothing chaps me more about this when you want to book a flight from US to KBP and it cost $1300, but the exact same dates (and flight numbers) with destinations flipped are $700😵
  15. My fiancee's mother just spent 7 nights in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt in a Hilton hotel. All-inclusive with airfare, lodging, and food was $375 USD. Nothing shady to speak of really and great deals to be had!
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