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  1. Thank you for making this thread! We just sent our I-129F for our K-1 visa today! We're so excited 😊
  2. Since it requires the photo to be taken within 30 days, do you just recommend to write the date the photo was taken himself and print his name on the back of the photo?
  3. Hello everyone, I was wondering whether the 2x2 photos need to be stamped with the date and the location where it was taken. I am the beneficiary (from Canada) and I mailed my fiance my photos that were taken here and I have a stamp of date and location on my photos, but my fiance (the petitioner) just went to Costco yesterday to get his photos taken and they didn't stamp anything on the back of the photos. He went back today and asked them if they could stamp it with the date, but they said they don't stamp the back of passport photos with dates. What has everyone else done through experience? Does it matter? Should he write the date in with pencil and write his name? He has a copy of the receipt that he took it, should we attach that also. Or should he go somewhere else. Thank you.
  4. Hello, I've been reading through threads on Visa Journey and have been getting mixed messages on whether I should be including how I originally met my fiance. My fianc and I met back in 2012, but the question is asking only about meetings in the last 2 years. Do you guys recommended including how we originally met? If I do this, then I will also probably have to include additional information about the website that we met on and how it isn't an international marriage broker. I'm just wondering what recent applicants are doing? Thanks!!!
  5. Thanks everyone! Yes, I'll definitely be putting both. I just wasn't sure if they were asking for one response. Thanks again!
  6. Hello, My fiance and I are filling out the Beneficiary Information section of the I-129F form and came across question 9 "Country of Citizenship or Nationality". I was born in Canada, have lived in Canada all my life, but recently, my parents applied for Iranian citizenship for me and I have an Iranian passport because I visited Iran a few years ago for my sisters wedding. Under this section, would I put just Canada or Canada and Iran. Thanks
  7. NSJT

    Omegle an IMB?

    Hey, Did you ever end up getting a response from the person you tried to get in touch with at Omegle? My fiance and I are applying for our K-1 and we met on Omegle 6 years ago. So far we're basically writing what you have mentioned above, but I'm not sure if that's sufficient enough. Thanks.
  8. NSJT

    Ontario Birth Certificate

    Hello everyone, I know there are multiple threads out there about the long form version of the Ontario birth certificate but I was wondering which "long form" I would have to use for the interview. On the Service Ontario website it says there are two types of "longform" certificates. Would I have to use the birth certificate with parental information OR certified copy of birth registration? I'm getting many different answers from different threads. Thanks!!!
  9. NSJT

    Ontario Birth Certificate

    Hi, Did you figure out which type of long form birth certificate you will need? Is it the Certified Copy of Birth Registration or Birth Certificate with Parental Information. A bit confused on which one would be used at the K-1 interview.