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  1. I think soo when 2nd time medical is requested then AP is finished and working to issue the viza
  2. We are in same boat we are also F31 and in AP from 14 months and lastly after all the DNA stuff done before we submitted documents in MAY and after that we got 2 updates firstly our case shows expire soon then he changed back into AP after 1 month then we got updated yesterday and now today only principal is updated
  3. Mine also same generic reply got inquiry reply but ceac status didn't updated
  4. Yes bro don,t know why they are slowing the process soo much already 15 month in AP and and 3 months gone after submitting 2nd time additional documents done with DNA all the stuff and now they even bother to review the case every time I send the inquiry I think soo it's generic reply that our case is pending for review rest assured we will finish this AP as soon as possible every time I got this respond don't know why they are not reviewing or even replying the inquiry in the proper why I have contacted with my congress man in US they email me attached letter to fill info and singled and fax them then they will do inquiry on my case but I am waiting for embassy think soo if they send me any response if not then I will fill and send the letter to Congress
  5. Did you know after how much time they review your case and respond you after sending them documents mine is 3 months submit documents on 8-may-2019 after that not even getting response of inquiry I am freaking out is there any thing wrong with my case why they are not even reviewing the case and respond??
  6. They are not even responding inquiry of also mine it's almost 3 months I don't know what they are doing in backend
  7. I have already a law in the us can that attorney file the wom i have contacted with them earlier he says when you case is in AP I can't inquire on my behalf soo you need to wait plz tell me if that attorney which is already also registered in me DS260 as a DS261 hiring a attorney can file a WOM?
  8. I contacted with congressman i got this reply can you plz tell me about how to file law suit and whats the procedure of that to whom i my contact?
  9. My case family immigration case is in AP from 14 months i also contacts my congressman they replied me as attachments below
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