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  1. We are in AP since long long time. We have submitted 2 medicals but after second one corona came and it expired as well. Now ceac shows this thing. Do u have idea what it means most probably and what we have to do now. Also the doc we uploaded like birth certificate etc have vanished

    WhatsApp Image 2020-06-10 at 12.37.13 AM.jpeg

    1. MUmair


      There must be some other events happend with your applicants with IV status 'Re-opended'. Why only one is still showing incomplete.

      I must say here to recheck your all things even sponsor and co sponsor  current situations or tax related matters of last 6 months. 

  2. Hello. My family was in Administrative Processing since 9 months. We were asked for 2 medical examinations but after submission of 2nd one corona came and it expired aswell. Now ceac website shows this RE-OPEN thing also the documents we uploaded on our behalf like our birth certificates have also vanished. Butt the documents uploaded by petitioner who is my uncle are still there. Anyone knows what it possibly means?
  3. Hello There. We are in administrative processing since 1 year , after our first medical expired we were asked for 2nd medical exam. Shortly After we submitted that corona arrived and then 2nd medical also got expired. There are no updates on ur case since 2.5 months but recently i saw a word "RE-OPEN" written on CEAC website. The place where we submitted our documents before it used to be written "COMPLETED" but it just changed too "RE-OPEN" .What does it mean? anyone got any idea? Also the embassies are closed how come all of sudden our case got reopened. 😢 Is this something goood or bad we r just hopeless
  4. Ok here i go again. Its been very long since we are going through this whole process. Coming to the point My mothers brother has filed for our visa (F4 CATEGORY ) . Half of my relatives have already reached and settled in US. When it was our time our interview also went smooth, all went well but the interviewer girl gave us 221g that we need co sponsor. We said okay its totally fine we provided them a co sponsor till then our case was in ready status and then it moved into administrative processing ( :"( ) Anyways our case was showing regular and very frequent updates. Our first medical expired. Then we were asked for 2nd medical. We did that and submit it but CORONA BROTHER SHOWED UP FROM NOWHERE and then ...2nd medical also GOT expired. Its been 1.5 years since my family is in this AP processing with no GUIDE and (my other relatives IN US are doing party and sending snaps sigh ) ANYWAYS RECENTLY ON CEAC SITE we saw a word RE-OPEN. Likee where we submitted our documents before it used to be written "COMPLETED THERE:" but now its written "RE-OPEN" What does this re open means? Do we have to submit our documents all over again? We didnt receieved any mail its just a tiny small word which got changed from completed to re -open. What u guys sujjest what it means. Should we be happy and think any poisitive thing or we should now forget america and move on with our lives. Also the embassies are closed so why its showing re open all of sudden. Also do u think we will get our visa as its F4 category (green card) because now we are thinking to get my sister maarried. but we are waiting for visa. what u guys think PLEASE HEEELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. :""(
  5. Hello.. We have applied for F4 visa. Our case was in administrative processing since 8 months.. but we were very happy as we were getting updates regularly! We thought they are doing work on our case 😭 BUT ' recently they asked us to submit NEW MEDICAL EXAM.. we sent that and now after month OUR CASE STATUS HAS BEEN CHANGED TO REFUSSEED? DUHHH??? why is that so? I always heard they never refuse F4 Visa. My mother is very tensed. Idk what should we do rn. Please heeelpp!!!!!😭😭😭
  6. Hey Dear! Please re read My Query , i ve asked if after submitting our second medical reports theres any chance of getting our visa issued soon? Is this a good sign if embassy asks for new medical exam Because previous one got expired in august but they asked for new one in December!
  7. We are in **ADMINISITRATIVE PROCESSING** since 7 months while our passports are still with embassy (they took at the time of interview) ' then We were asked to submit our medical again as previous one got expired nd now we are waiting again😭 Is there any chance of getting our visa isssued soon??? Its been 2 years since our process started

    Now asked for medical redone!

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    2. Hamna


      Nop... After one week of our remedical corona appeared and since then All immigrations cases are showing refused status and now trump has also suspended the immigrations. Now if immigrations open again we will go for 3rd medical.

    3. HM4774


      Your visa wasnt approved after 2nd medical? If your spouse is a US citizen,  you will not effected by trumps new ban, in sha Allaah.


      And pls tell me why you were in AP. My wife is in AP since December 31 2019. Because they claimed "travel doc" was not printed clear enough, even tho it was.

    4. Hamna


      No Sir. We are on F4 visa. My mothers brother applied for us. And we got this news from embasy links that we ll get our visa issued soon but within week corona was here. I dont knw about trump latest policy and how is it gonna effect our case. We are just hopeless now. 😭


      They wanted joint sponser documents .. and we provided that within week but still its been more theb year we are in AP and without any reasson. 


      Also we didnt needed any joiny sponser still they asked for it. My khala is in AP since 2 years cz she traveled Libya once. So they dont need any particular reasson. They take time 

  9. No no this is report my father got from medical centre.
  10. Hello Everyone. Our case is in administrative processing since last 8 months. We got our first medical expired ' now we were asked for our medical redone. We are 5 family members .Everyone got their medical clear but my father was called again for his saliva Test. After 2 months we got hus medical reports but on ENVELOP there are three lines drawn with PINK YELLOW GREEN HIGHLIGHTER. in our first medical there were no such lines and also the staff told my father nnot to change his envelop. Though his medical is apprently cleared. This is making us very worried if ots something we need to worry about? 😭 Also how many chances are there that we ll get our visa issued this time thank u!
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