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  1. Last month we got a letter saying we have got the AOS interview scheduled on Jan 15th in Baltimore. I did not expect to get an interview date within 6-7 months of submission of my application, but I am not gonna complain about it. Right now we are assembling a bunch of folders/documents to make the strongest possible case during the interview. I have gone though a bunch of threads that have discussed such documents/packages. So I wanted to get some feedback on what I have assembled so far. Additionally, I could really some suggestions on how to make a strong case in the light not living with my wife right now, and a lack of joint finances. Despite the fact that we have had a strong relationship for close to 7 years, these factors will very likely be detrimental to our case. So I need your help on how to mitigate these circumstances, if possible at all. 1) My wife and I are living in different states since early December as I moved from MD to CA to start a new job. I just could not find any suitable job in my area, and this job was a once in a lifetime opportunity. My wife is from CA and her family lives there. I plan to move back to MD after a year or so as CA is just crazy expensive to buy a home. I am sure this will count against us in the interview. It seems like cohabitation is a big deal. Can anything be done to downplay this? My wife changed her last name to mine, and I got on her health insurance. 2) We don't have any joint finances, no joint accounts or joint tax filing. Financially we have always been very independent. We are beneficiary's at each others work. When we were renting an apartment together, we have the leases to show for it. Since my wife purchased a house, I pay for part of the mortgage by transferring money to her bank account. I don't have any clue what to do about it. 3) We did not keep photocopies of the submitted forms (I-485, I-130, I-131, I-765, I-864). I do have the saved PDFs of the filled out forms, which I plant to print out and bring to the interview. I do have a copy of I-693 that the doctor gave me. In hindsight I should have kept photocopies of submitted forms, I don't know if the interviewer expect me to bring them. What should I do in this case? Thank you in advance! List of documents/evidence supporting marriage: Folder 0: AOS Related Forms - Prints of forms submitted to USCIS - Subfolder containing all I-797s Folder 1: Petitioner's US Citizenship and Identity - Birth certificate - US passport - Driver's license Folder 2: Petitioner's Proof of Income - W2 of last three years - Pay stubs of last 3 months Folder 3: Beneficiary's Identity - Birth Certificate - Passport - US Visa - EAD combo card - I20s from college (old) - I94 - Social security card Folder 4: Proof of Family Relationship Between Petitioner & Spouse Beneficiary - Marriage certificate - Social security card showing wife's change of last name Folder 5: Proof of Cohabitation (past only) - Title of car owned jointly by me & my wife (for last 6 years) - W2s of me & my wife showing same address (for last 6 years) - Health insurance cards - Car insurance cards (both our cars under same insurance) - Apartment lease with our names 2014-2016 Folder 6: Proof of Travels - Copies of wife's visa to India, immigration stamps on passport in India - Flight tickets from CA to MD during Christmas break to visit wife Folder 7: Photographs (making it pretty extensive) - Photographs of us over the years - Photographs showing both of us in important events in wife's family (weddings & etc) - Photographs taken during Indian ceremony in India - Photographs taken during wedding in USA Folder 8: Screenshots of FB posts of important events - Prints of screenshots of FB posts (with date & time) showing us over the last 6 years - Prints of screenshots of wife's communication on FB (with date & time) with my mother
  2. Go through the office of your congressman or senator. USCIS had denied my expedite request and told me that I will have to wait for a month before I can apply for another expedite request. The congressman's office called, and not only did they accept the expedite application after a couple of days of the original decision, but also issued me an EAD within 4 days or so of receiving the expedite request from the congressman's office.
  3. UPDATE: My EAD was approved, I saw it in my mailbox yesterday. Yayy! The status on USCIS website had not changed until yesterday, but this morning it says that EAD card was delivered. The expedite requests were filed independently by congressman's and senator's offices. I had requested them to check my status for the original expedite request, but they ended up filing the EAD expedite requests on their own. Nope I did not have any unpaid loans, just regular bills. My wife makes enough to cover for both of us, as per I-864. I never got any notification/letter about the rejection and the filings by congressman's and senator's offices. The EAD arrived in my mailbox yesterday. The status had not changed until day before, since my application package was received in July. This morning I saw that the status says card delivered by mail. The first person I reached over phone (officer who spoke after the call was forwarded) on (09/17) while making an inquiry was quite rude, and be honest could barely speak English. The next day (09/18) I called again to try my luck in finding someone who was more polite. This person told me that my EAD was rejected. This same person told me that I could apply for EAD expedite again after another month. Congressman's office filed for my EAD on the same day (09/17), but I came to know about it only on 09/20. And then senator's office mailed me on 09/24 saying they have also requested for EAD expedite. I had requested their services just to make an inquiry on my original expedite request, but they filed for expedites on their own. I don't know under what category they filed the requests. In my letter I had mentioned that I have no income other than salary which was going to stop. However I had made it clear that the position I had was a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with one of the most well known researcher in my field. Yes, the offer letter I had an expiry date in June. The documents I sent to congressman's office were exactly the same documents I sent to USCIS the first time.
  4. I did not get any notification.Called yesterday and they refused to give me any update. Called today and was told it was denied for not being a valid reason. Filed under financial loss. I had sent them job offer letter, letter from future boss and a cover letter.
  5. USCIS denied my EAD expedite request saying it was not a valid reason. I am distraught. I don't know what I am gonna do.
  6. I faxed the documents supporting my EAD expedite request to USCIS on last Friday (09/07).. I did get an okay confirmation when I faxed them. But I have not seen any update on my case status, nor did I get any email from USCIS. What should I do ? Fax the documents again ? Call them ? Contact a senator ?
  7. An update on my EAD card expedite request. Just got an email from USCIS asking for supporting documents. Still does not show anything on the USCIS site (egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/mycasestatus.do) though. I will be sending (1) the job offer letter, (2) letter from future boss and (3) a letter from me stating why this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to USCIS by fax tomorrow. "Upon receipt of your request for expeditious handling, your case was reviewed and a determination was made that we need additional information to make a decision regarding your request. Please fax proof of your financial loss, such as proof of a pending job offer, to the following number: 816-***-****, Attn:*********. Please include this notice with your fax. Documents should be submitted with an official letterhead.
  8. So my future boss wrote me a letter to support my request to expedite the EAD card. Called USCIS this morning and asked the agent to submit a request to expedite my EAD application. I was given a request number (T1********* MSC). On another note, how do you check progress on the EAD expedite request ? Do you use the old I-765 receipt number or the new request number given over phone ?
  9. Wow, 8 days was fast. If I expedite a request and it gets turned down, then will the processing get delayed further ? I was discussing it with someone from my lab and that is what I was told. Would you mind sharing a template of the letter you sent USCIS ?
  10. So I contacted the future boss in research organization (in the school) which is hiring me, and the forwarded me to the HR. Now HR told that they as an organization cannot offer a letter mentioning financial loss to them as they would not truthfully experience a financial loss with the delay of your hiring. But the boss might be able to write up something separately. Does that make a difference ? I think the boss is a bit nervous about this. Darn, this has put me in a tricky situation.
  11. Thank you for your input! I will get started on it tomorrow.
  12. Yes, it is a research position. Will a letter from the future boss in CA stating my importance to the projects do ? I don't know if I can get a university official to write one for me. Couple of other questions. What do you reckon I should approach this expedite request ? Call USCIS first and send letter from boss if asked for or gather the letter first ? Right now I am in MD. Should I approach a CA or MD senator ?
  13. So I have no choice but to request USCIS to expedite my EAD card. I got a job offer in a major west coast university around mid June with a joining date of Oct 3rd. I was planning to relocate from MD to CA in mid September. But I am not sure if I will have my EAD card before my tentative moving date if I don't expedite it. I won't be able to claim financial duress as my income was not included in the I-864. My spouse's income was sufficient enough to cover it. What can I do to justify my EAD expedite request ?
  14. Thanks guys, I sent the tax returns and the updated form. The documents have been accepted and status changed to "ready to be scheduled for interview".
  15. So we have been asked to submit the for I-864 (affidavit of support) again. The letter mentions that the submitted I-864 ays one of the following deficiencies A) Not signed by the sponsor (my wife in this case) B) Missing pages C) I-864 revision no longer valid (this is the issue) We have been asked to submit the following. 1) I-864 (revision date 03/06/2018) 2) Sponsor's (wife) income tax return for the most recent year 3) Tax documents like W2, 1099s, 2555s & tax schedules We submitted an earlier version of the I-864, with the W2 and 1099s. We will file with the updated I-864. But we can't find the 1099 now, we searched everywhere in the house. All we have is a bad photograph on a phone. The 1099 was from a part time (10 hr) gig, which is not essential to sponsoring me as the salary for her full time job already exceeds the amount necessary. In the I-864 we are putting just the numbers from her full time job, but we are not sure if they want all documents that were mentioned in the tax return. Can this be an issue ? What if they find another mistake ? I am quite worried about this.