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  1. I also want to add that you must not have your EAD or greencard to get your drivers license. All you need is the NOA1 for the AOS application. My hubby got his Texas Drivers License using NOA1.
  2. Hi fellow Texas. Please note that you can even get your driver's license with just NOA1. My hubby did and he was given a license with 1 year validity. My advice is that you insist that a second verification be done on the NOA1 document using your Alien Number. The documents that can help when making your argument is the DPS Verifying Lawful Presence Guide (https://www.dps.texas.gov/international/Forms/DL-62.pdf) and the Homeland Security REAL ID Act (https://www.dhs.gov/library/assets/real-id-act-text.pdf)
  3. Hi everyone living in Texas, I want to let you guys know that you can apply and get your drivers license even if your K1 visa (i94) validity is expired as long as you have applied for adjustment of status. My hubby had applied for drivers license with his K1 visa and was given a driver's license that expired same day his visa expired. Then he applied for renewal using the NOA1 he got after submitting the AOS documents. The office then sent the NOA1 document to DHS for second verification which took a week. Verification came out positive as the DHS confirmed he has a pending AOS application and therefore has legal presence in the US. He got a letter in the mail confirming this. He then had to go back to DPS with the letter and complete his driver's license registration. I am told certain DPS officials don't accept the NOA1 and will tell you to come with either EAD or greencard before they can attend to you. My advice is that you stand your ground and insist that you meet the requirements for Driver's license since you have a pending AOS application. Request that they do a second verification. Request for the supervisor if they are stubborn. You can as well try another DPS location if the supervisor is also ignorant. My hubby got his in Mckinney DPS office. There are two documents that you can use to make your argument. One is the DPS Verifying Lawful Presence Guide and the second is the Real ID Act document (they are both pdf documents and can be foind online). I had to post this as there are conflicting info on whether one can get his or her drivers license with the NOA1. Regards.
  4. Can you create your timeline? This will enable us know the advice to give.
  5. Hi @Vans and @juggy_11, can we know the detail of th RFIE that you got?
  6. Hi guys, My fiance had only one MMR shot before his visa interview. He however completed the second MMR shot before coming over to the States. The second shot was not written on his DS3025 but a Code B was written on the document for the MMR shot. My concern is that the USCIS guys and the CBP guys don't have record of his second MMR vaccination. I'm told that the DS3025 is the only medical document recognised by USCIS and we only have his vaccination card (gotten from the clinic) as the evidence that he completed his MMR vaccination before coming over. So is he supposed to go see a Surgeon General to fill Form i-693 or is the Code B on the DS3025 form okay? Looking forward to your kind assistance. Thanks.
  7. We were able to book an interview date! January opened up some weeks ago.
  8. ***UPDATE*** Hi Guys, we followed through as adviced. My fiance scheduled a K1 Interview using his previous profile. The challenge that resulted was that his old DS-160 form which he used to schedule a B1/B2 Visa was what was showing on his appointment letter when he finally scheduled an interview date. And he couldn't change it to the recent DS-160 form number on his own. We had to write to ustraveldocs and they changed it asap. So we are good to go! Thanks PS: We had to post this so that others with similar case as ours won't make the huge mistake of not correcting the DS-160 number. This is because they will be turned back at the embassy. The DS-160 number on the Appointment Letter should match with the number on the filled DS-160 form confirmation page.
  9. Hi Guys, My fiance has scheduled his K1 Interview date with the US consulate in Lagos, Nigeria and we are contemplating the right time for him to go for his medicals. Should it be a month before his interview date? 3 weeks? Or 2 weeks? Please we need your priceless advice. Thanks.
  10. Hi Dwheels, Please when do you advice someone goes for his or her medicals? A month before interview date? 3 weeks? 2 weeks?
  11. Hi Guys, Please I need assistance with this. My fiancee's interview date is January 2019 while his intended flight to the States, if granted Visa, is March 2019. He just obtained his Police Certificate in preparation for the interview. However the issue is that the Certificate issued has a 3 months validity. So it inevitably means the Certificate will be valid during his interview but won't be valid when he intends entering the States. Will this be a problem? I note that most embassies, include mine (Nigeria), state that the Police Certificate should be issued less than one year. That's the only requirement they stated. So does it mean that even though my fiancee's Police Certificate validity is for three months, the Certificate is still valid for one year in the eyes of the US embassy? Or do I need to get a new Police Certificate as the interview date approaches? Is the Certificate required to be valid only during interview or both during the interview and at the Port of Entry? Sorry for the multitude of questions, don't want to make any mistakes.
  12. ***UPDATE*** We ended up emailing the consulate on the 19th of October and got an interview invitation in email on the 26th of October!
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