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  1. Mine changed to ready to schedule an interview this morning too, Columbus OH. No update on new website, only old. Seems to be a common theme!
  2. I’m Columbus, Ohio and managed to find information. Looks like it’s between 2 and 6 months after biometrics until interview date.
  3. @Pooley I have my visa in hand and am flying out in a week and I still haven’t received packet 3😂 definitely not necessary
  4. This is what I've done for all 5 of my DS160s and the embassy have been absolutely fine with it every year so (for London specifically!!) it's totally acceptable to do this and just take it with you to the embassy
  5. they just asked about how we met, how often we'd seen each other since and how the vacations we took with her family were and that was it! Nothing complicated
  6. Great! The actual interview lasted less than a minute and my visa got issued today 😊
  7. I had my interview on Thursday and they didn’t even look at the confirmation page of my ds160, only the appointment confirmation page so I wouldn’t stress too much 😊
  8. Would greatly appreciate anyone who would share with me the following; 

            How long was it after your medical exam in London that the Embassy sent you an Appointment Letter? 

            Once you received the Appointment Letter how many days was it until your Interview ? 


      Many Thanks, 



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    2. Coulter


      Thanks for the swift response, how will I know the case is at the Embassy?


    3. Coulter


      and where do I find the link to sign up please ?

    4. KirstyMcDonald


      You will get an email from the NVC when your case ships. Cases ship every two week and the next shipment I believe is this coming Tuesday. Once it is on its way t the embassy you’ll be able to book your medical by calling the medical office number given on the embassy’s website and once that is complete you can book your interview. The process is all on the US Embassy London’s website 

  9. Visa approved today in London! Interview is so short it’s sort of anti-climactic after all of this process but this part of the journey is complete! Thank you to everyone for all of your help and advice! Now on to marriage and AOS!!
  10. The question posed by the OP was: and you said no, but then you say you booked yours before you got the letter from the Embassy... I assume by packet 3 we are all talking about the same letter for the US Embassy that tells you how to book your interview? If that is the case, then @Kerri and Myles you can book your interview etc without having received the letter- I know because I booked mine when my status was 'in transit'. From reading other people's experiences at London, I haven't seen anyone having been asked for the letter the Embassy sends: they have been asked for the DS160 page and appointment confirmation which are not included in the P3. I have my appointment next week (status has said ready since 24/4/19) and have not yet received anything from the Embassy and am not worried. If you look on the Embassy website, there's nothing there about taking the letter they 'supposedly' send you, so I wouldn't worry about it. I'm not an expert, but that's a combination of my experience (not my first dealings with the US Embassy in London) and what I have deduced from other people's experience.
  11. That was my understanding, too, so glad we're on the same page. I think if you have everything that is listed on the US embassy London's website (which doesn't say anything about I129F) then you'll be good! Best of luck!
  12. @Erin86 what envelope are you talking about? I was under the impression the closed envelope is received with the passport and visa once approved and to be taken to the POE? Also, can you clarify which embassy you're filing at? I have my London embassy appointment next week and have not received a copy of the i129F and have not seen anyone else going through London receive this either
  13. Oh no, I'm sad to hear that! It seems odd they didn't tell you why though😕 Remember it's not a denial, it's just sent back to the US, who already approved you, so try not to be too deflated! Hopefully they'll look at your case and see it as approvable, just as they did when they saw it the first time.
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