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  1. Hi there! My wife and I are in the process of divorcing. We are still collecting paperwork and I wanted to ask if anyone knows if it is required to have a DIVORCE or whether a dissolution will be okay. In Ohio, divorce and dissolution have the same legal implications, but the process is different. In dissolution, both parties agree on everything and present it to the court jointly and the court signs it off and dissolves the marriage, just like divorce without the proceedings. My wife and I would be comfortable with this as we agree on everything, but I wanted to make sure that a decree of dissolution will be interpreted by USCIS in the same way as divorce ie legally terminated marriage- has anyone got any experience with this? I read a case that said they would interpret based on state law, and since they are considered the same in OH, I hope USCIS will also consider them the same, but will go through divorce if having the word divorce instead of dissolution is preferable for USCIS. Thanks for your help!
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