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  1. IT’S IN TRANSIT!!! U.K. filers there is hope!
  2. I have one this Thursday and then may 10 and 15! When are yours?
  3. Exactly the same for me 🙈🙈
  4. Same here! We got our case number march 27 and hoped our case would have shipped April 2 but it didn’t so REALLY hoping it goes today! I’m uk too so I hope that isn’t a sign 🙈
  5. It’s Tuesday!! Everything crossed that today is the day our cases ship out to their respective embassies 🤞🏻🤞🏻🇺🇸❤️
  6. Got our case number today! Not sure when it was actually assigned, or when the case was received (NOA2 March 8th) but we called and after holding for 54 minutes we got our case number 🤩 One step closer!!
  7. On the new website there is a way (can’t remember exactly how you get to it) in your setting to select to receive bi-weekly updates from USCIS about your case if there are two weeks of inactivity. I think that is what this email is
  8. I know the feeling but I'm UK - USA too, and a fairly simple case so hopefully yours will be soon, there's really no reason for it not to be!
  9. WE GOT APPROVED!!!!!! NOA2 dated March 8!! Checked on Friday and Saturday and no update on either website but checked the new website just now and we got approved on Friday! NOA1 October 18, NOA2 March 8.
  10. NOA1 either October 18 (old site) or October 23 (new site). Country: United Kingdom. p.s. thanks @brandonflude1 ! we appreciate you!
  11. I agree! My question is how can they say they are processing July when the date they list as being the earliest date out with normal processing times is July 29th? Surely they must be processing later dates if the very end of July is out with normal times? I know this is the standard response that might as well be automated with the number of times they say it, but it is clearly not accurate: July is out with normal processing times, not the date they are processing. Wish they would understand that we get it's a long process, but they really do keep us in the dark and all we want is some accurate and reliable information!
  12. Thank you @brandonflude1 ! I'm sure everyone can agree that your statistics are so helpful and very much appreciated! It was very quiet on here yesterday, hoping that it was just a quiet day because officers were catching up from the weekend and not a sign of the approval rate slowing down! I've got everything crossed that the rest of us October filers will hear soon!
  13. My fiancee called the California office this morning and got a call back from a rude Tier 2 agent who gave a standard speil and then hung up on her as she was asking for his badge number. He told her our case is pending and that they have 88 more days to make a decision before our case goes outside of normal processing time, at which time he might be able to help her. He said he could not tell her anything else because they still have 88 days and the speed all depends on the case load of the duty officer dealing with our case. So.....we learned nothing by calling. NOA1 on the egov website October 18, 2018. NOA1 on the myuscis website October 23, 2018. We're in no different a position than we were before we called but it seems more frustrating because he was so rude!